Keep Your Organization Connection During the COVID-19 OUTBREAK

The sudden spread of COVID-19 has interrupted many lives, communities, livelihoods and businesses worldwide. As an entrepreneur, you have a vital role to play to ensure your organization is connected and able to access every business communication services as per their requirements.

Vitel Global Communications addresses the importance of a proper communication channel among employees who spread across different geographical locations. We provide a unified solution for business communication that can ensure an appropriate connection with both employees and clients. We are offering a 15-days free trial to access our excellent features. Vitel Global provides a central portal where all business processes can be performed efficiently.

However, you can enjoy absolute control over management, proper supervision, well organized live call reports where you can track and manage your agent’s calls from any location. We have the best Internet and data services that enhance your business speed, and your customers can depend on reliable internet. Hence, you can reach your customers with the best solutions that properly fit all sizes of organizations, and you have better control and management of business expenses as well.

Our unified communications provide powerful integration of high-quality voice, data, chat, presence and applications, with a variety of advanced features such as click to dial, manage conference bridges and much more all to use a web interface. Our cloud PBX and VoIP solutions come with a proper alert and notification tool so that your employees never miss an important update. Our smart voicemail system sends an email as soon as a voice mail arrives. You can access the ring group feature that allows you to configure multiple phones to ring at the same time. So sign up today to enjoy our 15-days free trial and give your business a boost and the best solution to stay connected during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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