Unified CRM Integration Tools Improve Your Relationships With Your Customers & Increases The Viability & Productivity Of Your Business or Enterprise !!!!

Though most of the companies want to increase the effectiveness of their agent’s interactions with the customers, in this scenario they need to increase their agent’s productivity for which their agents need to be up to date with the most recent information of the interactions with the customer. But, how might it be done to upgrade agent’s information at the same time handling a client.

Well it is now exceptionally easy with Vitel Global Communications CRM Integration platform to make your employees go through the recent contacts of a customer seamlessly while your agent is engaged with the customer on call.

Vitel Global Communications is collaborating with many service partners to give you an integrated business communication platform which holds all kinds of communication highlights at just one stage.

With regards to increasing your agent productivity, our CRM integration system works flawlessly and automatically stores the collective data of the past communication with your clients. While your agent is engaged with a client, CRM integration automatically shows the highlights of the past contacts with the client and in this way all the details related to the client (eg. orders, shipping status, recent issues related to the order and its related conversation) is visible to your agent screen.

Providing your agents the collective data and records of the customer implies that your agent can give the reliable information and satisfy the customer. Using the unified CRM integration tools improve your relationships with your customers and that increases the viability and productivity of your business or enterprise.

Now what is click-to-dial and how does it work?

Click to dial is typically a highlight of the web based configurator of our unified CRM integration, which can be configured  within your web browser.

When your employee clicks on a customer’s contact on its browser window, our CRM Integration system automatically makes a call from your representatives communicating device in this way your employee does not have to dial the number manually into the communicating device. Thus Click-to-dial saves your employee’s time and increases your agent productivity.

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