Now Enjoy Simultaneous Ring On Multiple Devices Configured With Vitel Global’s Business Communication Tools

With the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the whole 2020 has been passed with so many troubles. Throughout the year, business organizations had to endure the huge impacts of the crisis over its business communication efficiency, productivity and economy as well. But at last we figured out how to manage the business communication during these tough circumstances, engage employees to work from far off places, manage their tasks remotely and track your employees performance.

During this time the importance of cloud communication emerged rapidly and the business organizations and enterprises from all over the world adapted the cloud communication tools for their business communication and collaboration.

Cloud communication tools allow you to connect with your employees remotely so that you can collaborate with them even when you are not at your office and also connect your employees with the customers for seamless communication and making more business opportunities.

When it comes to making more business opportunities, the importance of every single business call can not be neglected. Those businesses who want to increase their business opportunities, give priority to every single business call. In this way, you can not miss any of your business calls as you never know how badly it may affect the productivity as well as profitability of your business missing your business calls.

Vitel Global Communications Cloud Business Phone System gives you the versatility to work through the various devices including mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. With this versatility your business calls simultaneously ring on your devices configured with Vitel Global’s business communication network. So, while working from home, you do not have to be worried about missing your business calls as you can flexibly use your comfortable device to interact in your business calls.

Take the advantages of this versatility, minimize your missed calls and increase your business opportunities in this pandemic crisis.

Faster Business Communications Improves The Reliability Of Your Business

Where there is a will, there is a way! If we have a difficult hurdle in our way and we have the desire to cross then there must be a way to pass it. In this way, if we have a tough situation of Covid-19 then on the other hand we have the latest technologies to fight against the crisis and do our things easily.

With the faster integration of latest contemporary technologies within the past few years business communication has been cultivated vastly. And if there is another reason behind the upgradation of business communication, that must be because of the requirement of the current circumstances. The 21st century is a digital age where technologies are changing day by day and rapidly changing the trends and modalities. Where on the other hand the Covid-19 crisis is demanding different ways to get the business communication done.

In both the ways you need to update your business communication as per the requirement of the Covid-19 crisis and with the adaption of latest technologies.

Vitel Global Communication’s unified Cloud Business Phone System is empowered with the latest technologies and enriched with numerous efficient business communication tools, so we make it possible for you to take advantage of the latest technologies and of the robust business communication tools that enable remote communication for your business.

Faster business communication’s improves the reliability of your business for which we are providing cloud VoIP solutions and web or app based configurator to configure your employees device (mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet) and transform them into a powerful extension of their office to make your business communication potentially viable for remote work. Faster and continuous business communication helps you to boost the efficiency of your business communication so that you can increase the productivity of your business.

Vitel Global Communication’s various communication features are bound together within our Cloud Business Phone System to make your business communication faster, mobile and more efficient.

8 Reasons Why Choose Vitel Global As Your Cloud Business Phone System Provider ?

Cloud communication has become a perfect solution for all type and size businesses to engage their agents to communicate and collaborate from far away while it is necessary to maintain social distancing in the global crisis of Covid-19. The reason behind this is that Cloud Communication forms a virtual platform where you can connect with your employees/agents and all your employees can work from their places, communicate with the customers and seamlessly collaborate with their colleagues.

Vitel Global Communications provides the best Cloud Business Phone System that fits best in the needs of all types of businesses which they require to move their businesses frictionlessly during the time of Covid-19 crisis and even afterwards. Here are the reasons, why Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System would be the best choice for your business:

  • It requires no physical infrastructure to deploy this robust business communication system as it configures all your employees devices wirelessly and connects them with Vitel Global server and in this way a Virtual net is spread between all of the devices that connects any two or more devices together to collaborate.
  • It is based on a Solid Cloud Technology programmed by our best engineers that enables every single feature within your employees’ devices and gives your unlimited data and voice. In short, it is bound to accelerate your business communication in every situation consistently.
  • Provides a Secure Cloud Database to save your business’s input-output and customers’ details and an uptime network that improves the Reliability of your services amongst your customers.
  • Our Cloud Business Phone System comes with an Instant Configuration module that configures your employees’ devices in just a few steps within a second.
  • A Live Call Reports system is inbuilt in our Cloud Business Phone System that Gain Your Employees’ Visibility and allows you to have an Insight to track your employees’ performance.
  • Most importantly, it enables you to have more number of remote staff to encourage your Remote Workforce and in this way you can appoint as many employees as it is required to communicate with your customers to run your business faster.
  • Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System is based on merging different tools to provide you an integrated communication & collaboration platform thus it seamlessly integrates with your CRM, ATS Systems and the Browser of your employees’ devices for an improved experience of Cloud Telephony.
  • Where a traditional PSTN network based business communication system requires many devices, technical team to install all the wired devices which also takes more time which also needs maintenance time to time, on the other hand Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System is a complete wireless business communication system that is configured through the internet network and does not require any maintenance, so, it is a Cost Saving communication solution that helps you to reduce your business expenditures.

Essential Business Phone Features You Need In 2020 !!!!!!

2020 is really an unforgettable year for everyone as people have witnessed unexpected changes in every field of life due to Covid-19 pandemic. Business communication system has not left unaffected from this pandemic situation as work from home or telephony became the trend to engage employees to work in order to move forward the business.

In this scenario here are 7 essential Business Phone Features you need to run your business gracefully in 2020:

IVR : Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automatic and computer operated phone system. With this feature you can engage a Virtual attendant to interact with your customers that allows your customers to type different inputs to reach out to the relative representatives of the concerned department.

Business SMS : Also called as Bulk SMS. It is a feature that allows you to send a msg to a large number of audience at the same time. Business organizations or enterprises that want to promote their products or services can use this feature so well.

Call Recording : Enables your employees to quickly record incoming or outgoing calls. It also allows you to automatically record your inbound calls that are the witness of your customers interaction with your representatives, store your customers data and also allows you to analyse business sales data.

Conference Bridging : It is required to conduct business meetings to collaborate with employees and partners to discuss new services and plans. Conference bridging allows you to conduct and host Virtual Business Meetings on cloud platforms with the enhanced video quality for boosting the effectiveness of your virtual meetings.

Mobile/Desktop app : Mobile or Desktop application which is called as SoftPhones makes your employees devices into an extension of their office desk by allowing them to seamlessly use all the features of our Cloud Business Phone System from any place.

Call Barging : It can be defined as a call monitoring service. It allows you to collaborate between calls while your agent is interacting with a customer to ensure reliability for your customer and assure that they meet their needs.

CRM integration : CRM integration works to integrate your CRM systems with our business phone system and helps you to develop new and enhanced services which your customers desire to select. Moreover it helps you to build better relationships with your customers.

Vitel Global Communications is a leading business communication system provider that provides customizable plans which you can select according to your business needs and our all plans comes with bunch of robust business communication tools and highlight that accelerates your business to meet its goals.

Manage Your Task’s & Work’s With Vitel Global Communications Remote Communication Solution!!!!!

Have you been bored sitting at one place while you are working from home in Covid-19 pandemic situation?

At the point when you are at your office, there is a working environment where everyone is doing their jobs and in that working environment you get a motivation to do your job as all are doing so you do not get bored. But in the case when you are working from home and sitting at one place for quite a while you might get bored as you are distant from everyone else in that environment, in this situation you need to manage everything by yourself i.e. your time management, work schedule and task management etc.

Vitel Global Communications robust Business Phone System empowers your business with Remote Work Tools that allows you to access all the robust communication features in all of your and your employees devices to make a better work environment by uniting your employees from for off locations so that you can associate your employees and customers remotely and team up with one another adequately while working from home in this way you do not be alone as you can commute with your colleagues whenever you need.

Looking forward to your comfort while having effective communication and collaboration flawlessly when you are working from home, Vitel Global has included such huge numbers of integration tools for you business communication. Along these lines you can easily integrate your devices in your business communication system and make them usable for your office work at home. In this way you can use any of your devices accordingly to move around when you are tired and bored of sitting at one place. You can easily flip your calls to your desired device and walk around while communicating with your customers.

Manage your task and work in comfort with Vitel Global Communications Remote Communication Solution’s !

Vitel Global Communications Virtualizes Your Business Communications……

It is well known that the year 2020 will be one of the biggest chapters in history as this year becomes the time period where many conventions are changing so far whether it is social, religious or it is about business trends. As a result of the global crisis, “Covid-19 pandemic”, the trend of “being contactless” has started because maintaining a standard distance from others is necessary to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus from person to person.

Currently the term “contactless” is being used everywhere so as it is being used in businesses too. Along these lines there is a trend of contactless trading and business which has become the requirement of businesses in order to improve the economy as we all know this deadly virus has hardly hit the economy of all the countries in the world which are in the grasp of the Covid-19.

In this scenario where social distancing is required to be maintained and there is a trend of contactless trading everywhere, what about your business communication and meetings? What are the ways to make your business communication able to maintain the standards?

Well you’ve hit the right spot here!

Vitel Global Communications Virtualizes your business communication from the top to bottom that means Vitel Global’s business communication tools creates a Virtual Platform for your business communication and collaboration. With the help of our robust Cloud Business Phone System a Virtual Communication Platform is created where you can connect with your employees virtually and you don’t have to be physically present in front of each other.

Engaging your employees through the Virtual Communication Platform becomes very helpful for your business to maintain your business continuity during the crucial time of Covid-19 pandemic while your employees can work from there home and seamlessly be connected to each other to collaborate with the team.

But that’s not it, virtual meetings are also the part of our Cloud Business Phone System with the help of which you can effectively host a business meeting or take your part in a conference on a virtual platform through the Vitel Global’s “Conference Bridging” module.

So virtualize your business communication with Vitel Global Communications to normalise your business communication with extraordinary features to fight against the pandemic and improve your profitability.

Merge Your Mobile, Computer & Tablet Devices Together To Create An Efficient & Integrated Platform

On account of the analysis of the serious situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown has been imposed all over the globe and all businesses had to be closed for stopping the spread of the virus to everyone. After the situation went long and the economy went suddenly downwards all the business had to be started to provide support to the economy. In Covid-19 pandemic a new era of business started as all business organizations had prepared their employees to work from home.

In that case they would need a communication system which can fulfil all the requirements of a business communication and collaboration, so that all the clients can collaborate with each other and get in touch with customers as well.

Here is the best business communication platform for you that can be used comfortably and is able to make your business communication more influential to boost the productivity of your business in every circumstance.

Vitel Global Communications is a leading business communication provider for small and mid size businesses and helps to lead your small business to reach the standards of business communication to transform your small business into a large enterprise.

Our business communication system has got marvelous integration tools that can merge all of your mobile, computer and tablet devices together to create an efficient and integrated platform for your business where your employees can collaborate with each other more effectively and can reach your customers to communicate with them about your business plans and services.

In addition our business communication has got tools which have been built on the basis of making it more comfortable to communicate with the customers while working from home. You can easily switch calls between your devices and select your preferred device to just walk around when you have become tired and bored sitting at one place for a while.