Vitel Global Communication and Collaboration Tools Increase The Productivity Of Your Employees & Business……

With the successful evolution in Cloud Communication it can now become a stage where you can enjoy voice, video and data features seamlessly without the help of any other technique. In this way Cloud Communication has become a very attractive platform amongst business organizations which are geographically distributed and it allows businesses to have more remote offices and staff in different locations. The popularity of Cloud Communication is because it serves you as a hosted Cloud VoIP platform where you can avail the best telephony features and seamlessly be integrated with your colleagues as well.

Vitel Global Communications serves you with the Cloud Business Phone System that opens all the four ways to you to access the seamless and integrated features of the best Cloud Communication Solution. It helps you in both IT services and Telecommunications to increase your business productivity. Vitel Global Communication’s Cloud Business Phone System make it easy to communicate and collaborate with all the below three factors:

Cloud Computing : Connect with your employees device through the cloud platform over your internet connection and communicate with your staff remotely and seamlessly with the project reports on your screen, it is like discussing your projects getting together on a virtual platform.

Cloud Collaboration : Cloud Collaboration refers to the sharing of knowledge and ideas through the use of cloud computing. Cloud collaboration enables you to collaborate on documents and project reports and also makes you able to reform your document.

Document Collaboration : It enables sharing of files and documents on different devices and even to the more than one at a time. Our document collaboration tools allow multiple people to work on the same file or project and together make a final conclusion over that.

With these collaborating factors we make your communication and collaboration unexpectedly efficient to increase the productivity of your employees and business.

Click-To-Dial Allows Your Employees To Auto Dial The Customer’s Numbers, Increases Your Employee’s Productivity And Also Saves The Time Spend To Dial Customer’s Number !!!!!!

Vitel Global services provides you numerous integration tools to flawlessly connect your employees with your customers, in this sequence we have got a configurator for your browser, which allows you to configure your Mobile or Computer browser with Vitel Global’s unified Cloud Business Phone System. Configuring your device’s browser with Vitel Global network let’s you access all the required tools on your browser so that you can perform your business communication effectively.

As our browser configurator works in all browsers in any of your devices that means you can now engage your employees to work in every condition, they would just need a device with internet connectivity and with just one gadget and one browsing software your employees can perform their best at any time.

Click-to-dial is a plugin included in the browser configurator. It works as a bridge between the browser which is configured with the Vitel Global network and the employee’s Vitel Global number. With this browser based plug in, your employees don’t have to dial numbers on their phones again and again, Click-to-dial allows your employees to auto dial the customers’ numbers with the configured browser.

Working methodology of Vitel Global’s Click-to-dial plug in is not so hard to understand, it is as much easy as that, when your employees click on a customer’s phone number on their browser window, they instantly receive a call on their communication device through their number linked with the Vitel Global’s network in which they are asked to wait for a while and at the same time your customer’s Phone number is automatically dialled with the Click-to-dial plug.

Click-to-dial not only just increases your employee’s productivity but also saves the time which they spend to dial customer’s number, this ensures more calls per day which enables more business opportunities. Get these robust tools for your business immediately and work consistently

Get the Best Business Communication System that helps you to cut your Business’s Expenses…

You always look up ROI based services for your business but what about your business communication system?

Does your communication is based on ROI so that it could benefit you more than you invested in it?

Well if you haven’t thought about it yet you must consider it now because it is necessary for your business to have a business communication system that helps you to cut your business’s expenses on different communication tools.

Let’s see what you get when you have Vitel Global Communications Business Phone System:

Better host : Vitel Global’s business communication is a whole hosted Cloud Business Phone System where you get all kinds of Hosted telephony services for your business communication including Cloud PBX (stands as the usp of Vitel Global) and Cloud VoIP Solutions. But that’s not it you also unlocks Vitel Global’s SoftPhones that is the software solution to connect your business via different types of electronic device i.e. Mobiles, Desktops etc.

Easy management : If you usually have issues regarding managing your business tasks and your employee’s operation then you don’t have to worry about it now. Vitel Global not only just manages a perfect feature rich communication platform for your business but also makes you able to easily manage your business tasks and employees’ operations and all of that you can do remotely with the help of Cloud Communication.

Maintenance : This is where you might usually not put your mind as thinking of what is there to maintain in the business communication. But still you don’t need to think about it. Vitel Global takes care of the maintenance of your business communication to provide you hassle free network and services so that your business runs smoothly all the time. In this way you can focus on your projects and future plans frictionlessly.

In short you get more than what you pay for and you don’t have to spend on different communication tools to spread your services to your audience. Giving you a unified and feature rich communication solution ensures upto 70% savings on your phone bills and makes your business more profitable with the optimization of your employees’ communication and collaboration with your customers.

Cloud Communication Solutions to build a flexible correspondence network for your Business !!!

We are experiencing the time where things are being changed as everyone knows that it has turned into a matter of survivability in the Covid-19 crisis. The time period of Covid-19 is going to change everything and not only business but also the future of education, medication etc. is going to be decided in this time period.

Leaving a wide range of essential things, working methods and arrangements of creating a safe work environment are being reformed so as to improve the survivability of business and any other sales and marketing infrastructure of a company or enterprise.

It is well known that business communication and infrastructure has got a massive impact of Covid-19 and everyone is aware about this fact that it is time when it is to be decided, how will all companies be managing their communications in this crucial time?

Then a question arises in everyone’s mind when all the communication systems of working in a corporate office have failed, What will be the future of business communication?

The term ‘future’ is being used here because nobody knows when this Global crisis will end as we all know there is no vaccine that could be found till now for this deadly virus and even if a vaccine is created, it will take an uncertain time for everything to get normal. But it is the fact that even after it will be required for the companies to rearrange the communication system again if they start working in offices and no one is likely to do this again as it will end with taking more time and expenses.

So the question puts again, What will be the future of business communication?

Well, the best answer for this question is Cloud Communication !!!!!

Cloud Communication is the type of telephony that connects two or more people together from far away locations. With this solution, your company’s representatives are not bound to be at one place (i.e. your corporate office) to collaborate with each other.

Cloud Communication is the key that will open up the doors of business communication for forever. No matter how many difficulties, how many disasters come in the future but if you have deployed Cloud Communication in your business, you are never gonna lose the continuity of your business and your business becomes capable of surviving in any circumstance.

Select the future of the business i.e. Cloud Communication Solution to build a flexible correspondence network for your business organization or enterprise to step ahead in the future and come up as a rising company in the global crisis time.

A powerful Business Phone System gives your business the power of having easy and effective communication and collaboration…..

What gives the power to your business and makes it stronger? That is the effective communication with your customers and easy collaboration between your employees. When you get these two things impeccably done in your business, it becomes stronger, more productive and capable of hitting the bars to grow constantly.

A powerful Business Phone System gives your business the power of having easy and effective communication and collaboration.

Vitel Global Communications unified methodologies make our business communication system more reliable and valuable for your business as we give you the integrated communication tools, service and software solutions in a single significant Cloud Business Phone System.

Unlock the power of a powerful Cloud Business Phone System with SaaS! In contrast to other communication providers, Vitel Global’s Software as a Service (SaaS) arrangement incorporates both hosted and cloud VoIP and PBX services that makes it a package deal for your business communication. This unique integration of Hosted Cloud VoIP and PBX services makes your business sufficiently amazing to perform its best in every condition.

Where the Cloud PBX System integrates your office’s communication devices with Vitel Global’s business communication network and unlocks all the features of a robust business communication platform for you within your communication devices, on the other side hosted Cloud VoIP Solution gives you the access of unlimited utilization of voice, data, video and chat from any of your devices including mobile and desktop. So, pretty sure you are going to make the most of your money with this power packed and integrated business communication system.

Additionally, Vitel Global Communications is providing its services all over the globe spreading its network worldwide ensures a reliable network for your business and guarantees consistent connectivity for your business. Our support team is always on standby to never let your business take a halt when you get any concern in configuring our cloud PBX and VoIP services with your devices. Vitel Global Communications takes care of your business communication pretty well to never cause you any issue.

Unified CRM Integration Tools Improve Your Relationships With Your Customers & Increases The Viability & Productivity Of Your Business or Enterprise !!!!

Though most of the companies want to increase the effectiveness of their agent’s interactions with the customers, in this scenario they need to increase their agent’s productivity for which their agents need to be up to date with the most recent information of the interactions with the customer. But, how might it be done to upgrade agent’s information at the same time handling a client.

Well it is now exceptionally easy with Vitel Global Communications CRM Integration platform to make your employees go through the recent contacts of a customer seamlessly while your agent is engaged with the customer on call.

Vitel Global Communications is collaborating with many service partners to give you an integrated business communication platform which holds all kinds of communication highlights at just one stage.

With regards to increasing your agent productivity, our CRM integration system works flawlessly and automatically stores the collective data of the past communication with your clients. While your agent is engaged with a client, CRM integration automatically shows the highlights of the past contacts with the client and in this way all the details related to the client (eg. orders, shipping status, recent issues related to the order and its related conversation) is visible to your agent screen.

Providing your agents the collective data and records of the customer implies that your agent can give the reliable information and satisfy the customer. Using the unified CRM integration tools improve your relationships with your customers and that increases the viability and productivity of your business or enterprise.

Now what is click-to-dial and how does it work?

Click to dial is typically a highlight of the web based configurator of our unified CRM integration, which can be configured  within your web browser.

When your employee clicks on a customer’s contact on its browser window, our CRM Integration system automatically makes a call from your representatives communicating device in this way your employee does not have to dial the number manually into the communicating device. Thus Click-to-dial saves your employee’s time and increases your agent productivity.

Increase Your Business Scalability With Vitel Global’s Cloud VoIP !!!!

Scalability alludes to the capability of a business organization or enterprise to scale it out whether the business is going up or down as indicated by the analysis of the data of demand and response time. The data analysed helps you to know how your business is gaining ground and what adjustments are expected to increase your production and sale data. Scalability in Cloud Communication is the capacity and adaptability to swiftly expand the size and intensity of your IT communication arrangement and empower your company to improve your responses to the deals and requirements as soon as they arise.

Increase your business scalability with Vitel Global’s best Cloud VoIP business phone features!

Vitel Global Communications provides you boundless Cloud VoIP business communication feature in its robust business communication module to empower your business communication with best Cloud Telephony. Our Cloud VoIP solution rides the productivity and expectations of your business communications high. With its boundless administrations the whole way across the Globe you can access your account anywhere and seamlessly commute your customers and employees with effective collaboration.

Based on the present business patterns which show that organizations are contemplating scalability more into consideration when they approach business processes. Our unified communication tools can merge your sales and response data to analyse it for the scalability of your business so that you could better know about your business productivity and profitability and accordingly make required changes into it to increase the velocity of your business by putting it on top gear.

Moreover our Cloud VoIP system comes with web based configuration to lessen the time taken to deploy a business communication framework to work and our Unified Communication services can dispense with the superfluous eliminating costs charged on a for every client premise to evacuate your undesired costs in order to save your time and give you more what you pay.

Stay Connected With Your Team Mates From Any Location

Are you having collaboration issues in your business communication while you have allowed your employees to work from home in the pandemic circumstance of Covid-19 to stop spreading the virus and thus all your teams and team members have split up in different locations? In this case you would check out whether your current business communication tools have the capability to bring all of your teams together virtually to create a platform where all of your employees can work together as they are at the same workplace.

Well, if it’s not so and you are looking for a business communication system that fulfils the criteria of your business requirements then this is really going to help you out!

Vitel Global Communications is the one that you are looking for in your business communication as our business communication system can profit you with the helpful tools that fit best in your necessities for your business. Our communication system works with Cloud Telephony that can connect your teams remotely and bring them together to create an excellent work environment where your employees can collaborate with each other effectively as they are working in a corporate office.

Our business communication system’s every communication tool holds a unique ability to boost the efficiency of your communication and collaboration. In this succession we brought for you a robust highlight in our business communication framework; Team Messaging. With this feature your employees can collaborate productively while taking care of a customer and can get a hand in support when they need it. This highlight lets your employees feel free to handle your clients on the off chance that they have not enough experience of work as they can contact their colleagues by texting them at the same time communicating with a client.

Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Virtual Meetings & Impress Your Clients

Over the most recent couple of years, the prominence of virtual meetings has picked up so far as it lessens the opportunity of missing a conference when you are unable to connect with the gathering area in light of any condition. The other explanation behind the rise of prominence of online business meetings is that it sets aside both cash and time. As it is notable that Covid-19 has made a huge difference in people’s life and it has made you change the way of doing business as well because it has locked down your workplaces in order to follow the restrictions of social gathering. Following these lines, the online business communication and virtual meetings has got an extremely high pace of expanding its prominence in the scenario of Covid-19.

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your virtual meetings and impress your clients to make your business more reliable ?

Well, Vitel Global Communications is all set to get you out of the entirety of your communication and collaboration issues during Covid-19 situation with it’s robust business communication system. Our business depends on the subject, which is how to connect different parts of a business from various locations and make it simple to collaborate remotely with the representatives and communicate effectively with the customers to make a business always moving ahead.

Vitel Global Communications conference bridging tools allow you to host and attend a virtual meeting on a cloud platform from any location so you can attend your urgent meetings quickly and will never miss any chance of doing your business. Our communication module optimizes the quality of your audio as well as video conferencing to boost the efficiency of your online meetings.

So attend your urgent meeting immediately through Vitel Global’s best conference bridging tools and feel the effectiveness of working in a better communication platform.

Now No More Difficulties In Reaching Your WorkPlace With Vitel Global Communication Best Remote Working Tools !!!!!

Remote Communication is the technique of transferring data between devices which are not placed in the same place. Remote Communication connects different parts of a business which is situated in different locations and grants the employees of the organization from different locations to communicate and collaborate with each other and work side by side as a group. Because of the characteristics and useful application of Remote Communication, it has become a big hand to carry forward businesses which lead down on account of absence of communication and collaboration during the Covid-19 pandemic situation to follow the standards of social distancing.

Don’t let your business be a victim of Covid-19 and engage your employees through Vitel Global’s robust remote communication solution and run your business at a high pace.

Vitel Global Communications excels in providing the business communication services as it has built a robust business communication system which not only increases the efficiency of your business correspondence at office but also has the capability to allow your employees to communicate and collaborate with each other remotely while not being at the office. Our remote work tools have so many developed highlights that makes your employees to perform all the business tasks at ease even those which are difficult enough to do when working in the office.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, whether you have two remote staff or two hundred employees working from different locations, Vitel Global’s remote communication systems can be utilized in every circumstance to increase the growth and achieve the goals of your business. You can make your business meetings more efficient by virtual meetings and make a powerful workspace with our remote work tools while sitting at your home and saving your time and money.

Utilize our top notch business telephone framework highlights, for example, mailer servers, automated attendants and cloud extensions to remain intact with your staff and customers.