Access Your Business Communications & Tools Now Using Single Window Of Your Browser

Do you want to make your business communication more powerful to drive your business at a high pace in the crucial time of Covid-19?

Vitel Global Communications strives to make your business communication more efficient to increase velocity of your business. Our powerful business communication system provides you with various tools for various purposes. Whether it is related to managing your contact list or it is related to bridging your conferences our business communication tools have the capability to fulfil all the requirements of your business communication.

Moreover you can connect with all of your employees from far off locations with our Remote Work Tools and access all your business information remotely from wherever you are. This makes the collaboration between your employees and colleagues more efficient as you can work together with your time from different locations just like you are at the same workplace. Our Remote Solution lets you to unlock all of the robust communication tools in all of your devices so that you can have the advantage of all capable communication system from any location and you can communicate with your customers effectively in every situation.

Neither the last nor the least, outstanding amongst other reconciliation tools to unite your employees to make a coordinated work environment for your business is Vitel Web. Now open the Vitel Global Communications website in the browser of any of your devices and login with your credentials and in just two steps you can access all robust communication highlights of the most developed business communication system in your single devices. All of your business information and communication tools are now accessible in the single window of your browser where you can utilize these apparatuses with a solitary tap.

You don’t need to have any other device or extension, all you need is internet connectivity in your available device and a browser installed in it. Vitel Web transforms your device into a powerful extension of your office and your business communication is up.

Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Virtual Meetings & Impress Your Clients

Over the most recent couple of years, the prominence of virtual meetings has picked up so far as it lessens the opportunity of missing a conference when you are unable to connect with the gathering area in light of any condition. The other explanation behind the rise of prominence of online business meetings is that it sets aside both cash and time. As it is notable that Covid-19 has made a huge difference in people’s life and it has made you change the way of doing business as well because it has locked down your workplaces in order to follow the restrictions of social gathering. Following these lines, the online business communication and virtual meetings has got an extremely high pace of expanding its prominence in the scenario of Covid-19.

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your virtual meetings and impress your clients to make your business more reliable ?

Well, Vitel Global Communications is all set to get you out of the entirety of your communication and collaboration issues during Covid-19 situation with it’s robust business communication system. Our business depends on the subject, which is how to connect different parts of a business from various locations and make it simple to collaborate remotely with the representatives and communicate effectively with the customers to make a business always moving ahead.

Vitel Global Communications conference bridging tools allow you to host and attend a virtual meeting on a cloud platform from any location so you can attend your urgent meetings quickly and will never miss any chance of doing your business. Our communication module optimizes the quality of your audio as well as video conferencing to boost the efficiency of your online meetings.

So attend your urgent meeting immediately through Vitel Global’s best conference bridging tools and feel the effectiveness of working in a better communication platform.

Now No More Difficulties In Reaching Your WorkPlace With Vitel Global Communication Best Remote Working Tools !!!!!

Remote Communication is the technique of transferring data between devices which are not placed in the same place. Remote Communication connects different parts of a business which is situated in different locations and grants the employees of the organization from different locations to communicate and collaborate with each other and work side by side as a group. Because of the characteristics and useful application of Remote Communication, it has become a big hand to carry forward businesses which lead down on account of absence of communication and collaboration during the Covid-19 pandemic situation to follow the standards of social distancing.

Don’t let your business be a victim of Covid-19 and engage your employees through Vitel Global’s robust remote communication solution and run your business at a high pace.

Vitel Global Communications excels in providing the business communication services as it has built a robust business communication system which not only increases the efficiency of your business correspondence at office but also has the capability to allow your employees to communicate and collaborate with each other remotely while not being at the office. Our remote work tools have so many developed highlights that makes your employees to perform all the business tasks at ease even those which are difficult enough to do when working in the office.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, whether you have two remote staff or two hundred employees working from different locations, Vitel Global’s remote communication systems can be utilized in every circumstance to increase the growth and achieve the goals of your business. You can make your business meetings more efficient by virtual meetings and make a powerful workspace with our remote work tools while sitting at your home and saving your time and money.

Utilize our top notch business telephone framework highlights, for example, mailer servers, automated attendants and cloud extensions to remain intact with your staff and customers.

Right Tools For Ensuring Business Continuity During This Challenging #COVID-19 Time

Vitel Global Communications comprehends the requirements of your business better. We understand the vitality of communication in a business environment as we realise that a business goes through discussion and arrangements. During the Covid-19, your business communication could have been affected badly in the event that you have not adapted modern communication tools in place of your traditional communication system as the tradition has changed so far with the modern technology.

Adapting the cutting edge technology will help you with preventing your business from taking a halt.

Thus we have built a robust Remote Work Solution for you business communication that ensures you business continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our business communication tools sit amid state of art and are hereby all set to give you the best advantages of cutting edge evolution. With these robust communication tools you can make use of an efficient call making system so you can make voice and video calls as well as conferences where you can add the desired number of participants across the different locations and productively trade your insight and thoughts.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing is a vital piece of efficiency and that is the place we pitch ourselves. Considering this fact we have created an integrated CRM and contact management system taking advantage of the world’s best class and modern PBX system which already stands as our USP. Our integration tools make it easy and effective for you to collaborate with your employees and agents so as it improves your customer services and client handling in order to make your business communication more viable.

Reliable communicational tools are a help for a business working together situated in various pieces of the world. Our plan and scope of administrations are customized to suit your sort of plan of action. Our best integration tools are capable of integrating your business communication elements together during the Covid-19 and make sure your business communication is always up.

It’s Now Very Easy To Draw In Your Representatives To Work VIA Mobile App

As the Covid-19 disease has spread everywhere, the level of mobile workforce has expanded upto 80% in light of the fact that companies have started to permit their representatives to work from home and even numerous organizations are surrendering their consolidated workspace and allowing their employees to permanently work from home. When it comes to how to associate with the remote workforce during the pandemic situation, organizations are more likely to choose mobile or remote communication to communicate with customers and clients.

With the evolution of technology and help of wireless networks, it is now very easy to draw in your representatives to work via mobile communication. Versatile mobile communication solution is the way to accomplish your ideal business destinations and adjust your workforce to deal with the errands in each circumstance. It likewise increases the availability of your business as it is quite convenient for your employees to work from their place and they can connect with their psyche in the given task without having any stress.

With regards to connecting your workforce through a mobile communication solution, the significance of a mobile application can not be overlooked !

Vitel Global Communications gives you an ideal mobile phone application with its Remote Communication plan. In light of the fact that everyone is now utilizing smartphones in their lives, your employees can have this application in their mobile phone and can log into the app with the particular login ID and password. And in just these two steps all of your representatives can exploit all the noteworthy highlights of the robust business communication system we provide.

With our mobile phone application, you can receive all the notifications in your device via “Push Notification” feature. Our “Choose ringtone” feature allows you to select a particular ringtone for particular contact so that you can perceive your calls from your featured contacts just by listening to the ringtone.

Make your business calling and conferencing more effective with this groundbreaking application and increase the productivity of your business.

Are You Facing COLLABORATION Issues & Unable To Reach out To Your Workplace ?

During the implementation of social distancing in the time of worldwide emergency when the Covid-19 disease has spread all over the globe, workplaces are closed to maintain the standards set by the government. In this manner, most of the organizations and industries have employed their workforce to work from their place. Yet, the truth of the matter is that it has now gotten hard to collaborate with the representatives and partners while keeping up the distance when everybody is working from their homes.

Are you facing collaboration issues, when you are unable to reach out to your workplace?

Now you don’t need to be worried about it as you have come to the right place where you will find every solution regarding your business communication issues.
Vitel Global Communications robust business communication framework allows you to interface every one of your representatives together in every circumstance in any event even when they are not at their workplaces during the global crisis of Covid-19. Our business communication framework is based upon Remote Communication Solution which cuts all the boundation of their location and makes you free to work from any of your place to keep your business running in every situation.

Our Remote Work Solution has proven to work even when your staff is at a far away place from your location. Now you can make your workforce more strong by transforming their place into an effective workplace where your employees can fill in as easily as they are working in their office. Your employees can log into their profile in any of their devices with a unique login ID and password and be able to access all the important information and project work details. Also our Remote Work Tools give you the power to track your employees work and performance.

Vitel Global’s business communication module is made with flexible features which works in every situation and at any place and builds a better work environment. Connect remotely with Vitel Global and Get your business done during the crisis of Covid-19.

How Happy Your Clients Are During This Worldwide Emergency ?

Customer’s feedback matters most for the evaluation of your service and support. A positive feedback from the customer that is in the favor of your services and support increases the rating of your business and it motivates you and your employees as little achievements for the efforts they have made. Making your customers happy with the services and support you provide them will boost the productivity of your business. Therefore every business organisation or enterprise wants to make positive feedbacks from their customers.

Your customer’s feedback relies upon the adequacy of the communication between your employees and customers and it has now gotten hard to build up compelling communication with your clients in this worldwide emergency.

Have you looked into your customer’s feedback on the basis of their correspondence with your representatives to know how happy your clients are during this worldwide emergency?

Vitel Global Communications comprehends the estimation of your customer’s feedback in the development of your business, so we have made a strong business communication system that is all power, customer centric and has demonstrated to work in every situation. Our business communication system guarantees the 24×7 connectivity for your business with the goal that your customers can without much of a stretch contact your representatives and their issues can be illuminated quicker and all the more viably.

Vitel Global has included such a large number of significant features in its communication system for the improvement of the correspondence and joint effort between your employees and customers. Our communication module never leaves your clients alone disillusioned when they attempt to connect with your representatives as we have included Call Back and Call Transfer highlights in our communication module.

So now your customers don’t need to sit tight for the response to their calls in light of the fact that our powerful business correspondence framework guarantees the solid availability for your business so you can please your clients by 24×7 help administration with our communication module and increase the efficiency of your business in each circumstance.

Are you aware about this Fabulous Business Communication Solution if you are still using an Onsite Communication System ?

In the Global emergency of Covid-19 pandemic ailment, most business associations and enterprises have executed work from home for the implementation of social distancing. Your onsite communication system won’t help you to maintain your business growth in such a condition as it can only be utilized at your office and is not able to interface with your representatives and agents who are telecommuting. Thus your business requires a communication system which can connect your business from anywhere in the scenario of Covid-19.

So, you need to be aware about this fabulous business communication solution if you are still using an Onsite Communication System.

Vitel Global Communications has Unified capacities to keep up your business in every circumstance, regardless of how huge the issue is, our business communication system can interface your business with the world for different areas. Vitel Global can make a viable workforce for your business by connecting with your representatives to work from their place when your workplaces are shut in pandemic circumstances and your on location communication system will not have the option to work.

Where your onsite business communication system utilizes PSTN network to interface your calls with your customers and accomplices, Our top tier business communication framework gives your VoIP Solutions that permits you to make your business calls from any place, all you need to have an internet connectivity in your accessible gadgets. Vitel Global’s business communication plans accompany strong communication features and can make your business calls more effective as our correspondence module uses the majority of the cutting edge innovation.

Above all else, Vitel Global’s business communication system gives you all the force in your grasp to control how your business communication runs in every circumstance, even in the colossal emergency of Covid-19. You can without much of a stretch control your employees calls and settle on better choices to help your business gainfulness as per your strategies.

Are Your Employees Productive With New Work Culture during #COVID19 Conditions……

Due to COVID-19 financial conditions are quickly changing over the world. In such circumstances, Vitel Global Communication is reliably attempting to assist organizations with adjusting to the progressions with best in class innovation. We are offering propelled business correspondence arrangements that empower you to remain associated with your group whenever and from any area.

Vitel Global gives rich coordinated effort includes completely redid regulatory control that encourages you to have upgraded correspondence experience. We ensure your group has all the specialized devices required to be more beneficial than any other time in recent memory. We are offering a 15-days free preliminary that gives you free access to our top tier specialized apparatuses. With our cloud PBX arrangement, you can have boundless approaching calls and Vitel Global to Vitel Global calls.

Some extra highlights incorporate boundless expansions, auto-secretary, dial by name registry, propelled call sending, solid telephone, and fax administration, and some more. Vitel Global offers all the types of assistance inside moderate value focuses, as our evaluating is non-straight. Our business specialized apparatuses offer one-on-one and group informing alongside HD sound and video calls, live call reports, and amazing incorporations. With our specialized apparatuses, task the board and meeting objectives become simple. Vitel Global is known for its solid arrangements and present day belief system. Our devices have an intuitive plan, straightforward and simple usefulness that wipes out all the constraints in business correspondence, and give a consistent correspondence organize.

We offer 60+ features includes that ride the efficiency high. With our call holding up highlight, you can rapidly observe who is calling even while you are on a call, get to the next solicitation while requiring a functioning call to be postponed. Henceforth, you can join today to acquire a 15-days free preliminary and furthermore appreciate free number porting capacity. You can join with at least 5 lines, so join today and appreciate a 15-days free preliminary.

Have You Ever Evaluated How Secure Your Communication System Is ?

As it is well known that communication & collaboration is an integral part of a business which helps to increase the growth rate of the business organisation or enterprise. For having perfect communication & collaboration with all your employees and customers it is required to have a seamless connectivity for which you will need a glitch-free network that works in no downtime and ensures the security of your communication system.

Have you ever evaluated how secure your communication system is ?

Does your business communication system ensure a glitch-free connectivity for your business communication operations?

Vitel Global Communications is known for providing the liable business communication services for any type of business organisation whether it is a small business or a large enterprise. With over 10+ years serving experience all across the world we are able to work with our client’s business needs. We take care of all the technical challenges thus we establish a seamless connectivity for your business to give you the best uptime.

Your data security is our priority so we have added Automatic Scheduled Backup to secure your precious business data and increase the system survivability. Our hosted Cloud PBX System securely backs up your data on a regular basis and makes sure that you never ever have any concern in your mind about losing your important data.

Vitel Global provides you a glitch-free and secure network for your business communication and ensures an effective collaboration with your employees and customers to build a better and stronger workforce for increasing the growth of your business. Establishing a perfectly secure communication system with robust collaboration tools is now much easier for any business organisation, all you got to do is to get our plan and configure our VoIP Phone System and we shall work with everything you need for your powerful business communication.