UNIFIED Experience while Working From Home with Vitel Global Products and Services

Work From Home Softwares

Our proven VoIP Cloud Business phone system comes up with all the premium business features to serve your office requirements at your home and positively enhance the telecommunications. Vitel Global Communications has come up with many such features that will lead the productivity and expectations of your business communications high. Our products enhance your business to be more productive than ever before. It consists of all the excellent office extensions on your device only. It allows you to enjoy a unified experience while working from your home.

Our solutions include advanced features such as HD voice quality, business SMS, call forwarding, IVR system, and unlimited call recording, most accessible for remote employees, cost-effective communication, and CRM integration along with zero maintenance cost. Once the implementation is done, you can observe your business number increasing across the world, as you can never miss an urgent call.

Our phone system features allow you to add unlimited extensions as your business grows. You can set up your priorities according to your convenience, as there is a simultaneous ring feature on a mobile, softphone, or any desired extension. As you will avail of all the unified features at your home, not only the communication part but receiving and managing your email has also became so easy. Hence, with our flawless technological optimizations and supreme phone features, you and your business can take advantage of an integrated experience that allows you to work from anywhere.

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