Work Feasibility From Any Location Or Device During #COVID-19

Vitel Global Communications provides robust technology to ensure a secure and reliable communication system. Our powerful remote communication tools enable your employees to work anywhere and at any time and keep business moving ahead in the event of crisis. Our global teams are consistently working to meet every requirement of your business. In such uncertain times of COVID-19, safeguard your employees and ensure their work feasibility from any location or device.

Vitel Global offers the best cloud-based phone system for your team working remotely. Our tools assist them to stay connected, to be more productive, and seamlessly perform daily operations of the business. With our services, your business has the best business communication features that empower real-time collaboration. Your team doesn’t need to run for different devices to perform various tasks. We provide all the right features in one place. No complicated installation process or hardware required. Set up your communication tools in a few clicks. With our live call reporting system, manage your team to perform better, and make decisions with real-time insights.

You can effectively manage all your end to end customer services and sale processes. We ensure our products and services are meeting all the entrepreneurial requirements to achieve the organizational objective. Vitel Global enhances collaboration at every level of organization. Our cloud communication tools for business sets the standard for a reliable and secure cloud-based telephony and collaboration. Equip your workforce with Vitel Global Mobile’s suite of collaborative tools, including voice, video, and chat, to optimize your effectiveness.

Therefore, Vitel Global provides a platform with all the tools required to keep your business running with high productivity and seamless communication.


COVID-19 has changed a lot of things. Business sector is the most which is impacted through a lot of variations and frequent lockdowns. Vitel Global Communication is consistently supporting businesses to keep running with their employees working from home.

Our business phone system enables your workforce to stay connected during this pandemic without any hassle. Setting up your business phone system takes minutes and assigning extensions to mobile workforce takes seconds. Our engineers are always there to help during installation or to answer any other queries or to resolve the issues. We have assigned a dedicated technical response team during covid-19 to provide you with flawless business communication.

Vitel Global provides best-in-class business phone service for a flawless collaboration to communicate and connect with customers regardless of location or device. We make your business productive with integrated messaging, HD audio-video conferencing, collectively with 60+ business phone features you workforce can share ideas, serve customers and perform your office tasks all in one place. With our business phone system, you can easily manage calls with extensions and with click to call plugin making calls through the browser is much easier.

We have a tailored solution that best fits your team working from home. Turn a scattered organization into a strong team with our business communication tools. We offer a robust yet straightforward phone system solution within an affordable price. We can enable business phone service in SIP-based IP Phones, Vitel Global Desktop App and Mobile App. Just give us a call today for a free consultation and Virtual tour about our business phone service.

Work From Home with CLOUD BUSINESS PHONE Assuring 99.99% During #COVID-19

Vitel Global Communications is recognized for its ultimate business cloud voice and data services.

Vitel Global assures 99.99% uptime during COVID-19 with flawless cloud business phone features such as cloud PBX, email hosting, mobile app, unified communications and conferencing. Our services are reliable, secure and ensure your business productivity anytime and anywhere. Move your business communication to the next level with us. We offer perfect collaboration tools to connect via chat, call, integrations, conferencing and much more. We also seamlessly integrate your smartphones with our business phone system to enjoy office phone features with mobile-like extensions, transfer calls, conference calls, call monitoring and many more.

Take your business number across the globe and never miss an important phone call. You can easily make calls using desk phones, pc and smartphones and also connect to multiple office locations with one system.

Vitel Global provides cloud business phone system with less than a dollar a day. We offer FREE CRM/ ATS integration for businesses. You can maintain your existing numbers, and we port your number FREE of cost.

We offer 60+ business phone feature included in a package at a low cost. If you are looking for one world-class business voice, mobility, conferencing and email hosting solution look no further. You can save upto 70% compared to any other business phone provider, Vitel Global is the best choice during covid-19 for most of the businesses for their communication needs. We deliver the best in class cloud business phone system functionality regardless of your workforce and location. We have been rated #1 by our customers for our top class service and support.

Our business phone services are tailored as per your business needs. We always enable your workforce to work from home or from any location or device. Your phone system is hosted in cloud with the highest level of security and reliability, thus assuring you 99.99% and high voice quality. As your phone system is hosted in the cloud, you can easily create departments with extensions and assign extensions to the individuals.

Vitel Global provides all-inclusive business phone features that your business needs to succeed, such as presence, flexible call rules, conferencing, call recordings, text messages, softphones, mobile workforce and more.

FLIP your CALL by switching to Any Device

Due to covid-19 pandemic, there are several obstacles that come in the way for employees working from home. As it requires, right tools and dedication towards work. Now a days as your aware most businesses needs powerful communication tools to stay connected with clients and workforce with feasibility to connect from any location.

Vitel Global is packed with powerful integrated tools for business communication. We provide unified business communication tools to make your workforce productive from any location or device.

We offer 60+ business phone features which ease your business communications. With our Cloud PBX and VoIP system you can maintain your current phone numbers.

Call Flip guarantees that you’ll never need to stop your calls. Whenever required to leave the work area in a call, basically flip the call to your cell phone and continue talking.
Or on the other hand, when a long call has depleted your cell phone’s battery, flip the call to your work area or home telephone. At no time are you constrained to drop off the call and hazard isolating your clients and partners.

Customer’s satisfaction is our highest priority. With our state-of-the-art technology, we offer a powerful collaboration tools that help us to retain more customers and also by providing them On- Demand solution and meeting their needs in short span of time.

Smart Routing of IVR During #COVID-19

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a technique of smart routing that is useful to route the callers to the appropriate agent. Vitel Global Communications comes up with smart routing of IVR system that increases the sales, improves customer’s support and helps to maintain efficient billing.

Interactive Voice Response of Vitel Global Communications gives your business a personalized experience of smart routing of IVR during COVID-19 that can route your business callers to the exact destination without any delay. It acts as a telephony menu on the call that suggests relative options from which callers can choose and access the appropriate solution for their concerns. Our IVR system is developed, by keeping in mind the latest technology and users’ requirements, that can be considered as a perfect match for your agents, as it will enable them to be more specific at the time of user interaction and at providing them with a relevant resolution. It can assist your agents during high volume calls, as they get prioritized calls according to their area of expertise.

Therefore, our smart IVR system helps to maintain better customer relationship management and increase business revenue. As per its appropriateness, it reduces time spent in gathering caller’s information and transferring the call to another agent.

Vitel Global offers the intelligent routing of IVR that increases the customer’s satisfaction and customer service efficiency. As the callers get the right agent on call, it enhances first contact resolution and eliminates the problem of repetition of the same queries. With our smart routing of IVR, we have tried to replace availability with speciality, as the callers will not only get the available agent but the best agent according to the specifications of the query. Hence, try Vitel Global’s IVR system to assist your business to increase sales, enhance customer service and efficient billing.

Unlimited Text and Voice Via Browser with #VitelWeb

Vitel Global Communications provides every business communication service to help your business grow seamlessly and don’t let your business communications be interrupted by any circumstance or technical limitation. Vitel Global, with its Vitel Web services, provides unlimited voice and text features via the web. The services we provide excel at working with our clients, understanding their requirements, and mainly work to build a business communication system that is shaped to fulfill all their business needs. Our operational business experience across the world has allowed us to build strong and consistent relationships with technological partners globally, giving us a cutting-edge advantage.

You can use our high-quality business phone systems features such as automated attendants, mailer servers, and cloud extensions to maintain the communication chain with your staff and customers. After a quick set up, our communication systems are ready to use and are managed with more affordability. Our cloud communication framework is customizable and flexible to your business requirements.

With Vitel desktop, you can easily reach out to your teammate or your clients, regardless of time and location. With our advanced communication features, you can click on a contact directly in your desktop application or in the browser to initiate a new conversation immediately, either a chat or call.
Along with unlimited calling and chatting features, you can enjoy additional features also, such as CRM integration, SMS, click to call function, favorites sidebar, and search contacts.

Vitel Global desktop also offers presence monitoring that enables you to see when communication is available for a phone call. Hence, connecting with customers or teammates becomes more tranquil and takes minimum time to communicate, which increases the speed and productivity of employees. Therefore, you can enjoy Vitel Global’s excellent communication features that allow you to have unlimited text and voice via the browser.

Collaborate Seamlessly From ANYTIME ANYWHERE

Vitel Global Communications offers powerful collaboration, which is seamlessly accessible from anywhere at any time. If you are worried about team collaboration during COVID-19, then there is no need to worry now; as the solution is here, Vitel Global provides collaboration, communication, and engagement in an integrated chat platform.

With Vitel Global communication services, your business has the best business communication features that empower real-time collaboration. We provide high-quality mobile and desktop apps that can help you to stay connected with your teammates, regardless of location and time. Our communication software is super easy to use with an innovative user interface, that enables you to have group messaging and one on one chats or discussions around the projects or share useful data of any size at any time. Vitel Global desktop enables you to search your corporate directory contacts by name. You can organize them into a favorites bar or add new contacts for easier access. We also provide VoIP and video phones to meet your business needs.

Hence you get superior quality desktop phones that make use of standard SIP protocols to collaborate consistently with your Vitel Global business services. Therefore, we provide necessary and affordable IP phones for business or home office that can simplify and improve business communication. However, in the current global pandemic situation, you can conduct virtual meetings with advanced features of HD audio, video calling, and the screen sharing option. Our VoIP business phone services are available within affordable price points. It also has a unique billing software that allows the customers to see the amount being charged monthly. So, with Vitel Global business communication services, it’s easy to collaborate seamlessly from anywhere anytime.

Efficient Mobile WorkForce During The #COVID-19

Vitel Global Communications aims to meet the growing demand for consistent business communication tools for various companies worldwide. To provide an efficient mobile workforce during COVID-19, Vitel Global offers flexibility and provides communication services that can simplify mobile workforce management. We offer the best technology that enables the workforce members to be proactive and improve their productivity.

We ensure the effectiveness of your business with Vitel Global Mobile’s suite that allows a perfect collaboration of all the tools, including HD audio and video calling, chat, voicemail, thorough a single mobile interface, regardless of location. Our CRM link helps you to retain more customers, as it integrates business communication into a better office environment to improve agent productivity.

Therefore, the Vitel Global CRM link is useful to increase call efficiency, redefining the customer’s experience. You don’t need to toggle between different tools to perform essential sales activities, as Vitel Global provides a powerful integration where you can easily set up and configure the API and enjoy swift phone calls and auto-dial features. With Vitel Global mobile app, you have flexible, reliable, and secure CRM / ATS integration. Although, you can make calls from any device and any location. We also provide the best management and customizations with which you can perform automated tracking via call reports.

Hence, we let you enjoy absolute control over your company’s business process and assist you in upgrading your employees. With our tracking system, you can access live call reports where you can track and manage your agent’s calls effectively. Then, you have better insights and will be able to generate powerful reports that can further help you in proper analysis and highlight the variations, if any, and make essential decisions that prove profitable for your company. Hence, integrate your business applications with our phone system for the efficient mobile workforce.

Access Your VOICEMAIL From Any Location or Device During #COVID-19

Business communication is crucial for the success of your company. Due to the global pandemic, it becomes tough to maintain a seamless communication channel within and outside a company. But with Vitel Global business communication services, you don’t need to worry as you can access the best options to minimize your missed calls even when you are not at your workplace and be proactive during the current situation of COVID-19.

Vitel Global communications are effectively connecting teams and emerging workplaces to improve collaboration and enable employees to be productive, regardless of location or device. With our high-tech communication tools, we are successfully transforming your devices into powerful office extensions and providing you a better office environment at your place. Vitel Global delivers collaborative space for team messaging and individual chats, which is effective for the teams working together. With our services, you get the most advanced digital communication tools to help your business scale new heights. Hence, you can return your business missed call within minutes and raise the business productivity high.

With our best voice and data features, you can enjoy remote voicemail access. Therefore, you can access your voicemail from a remote device. And our smart voicemail system sends an email as soon as a voice mail arrives. You don’t need to carry your phone as you can now have all your calls routed to your cell phone when you are not on your desk. With Vitel Global business communication tools, you have access to the ring group feature that allows you to configure multiple phones to ring at the same time. Therefore, your business can reach the heights of success with better growth and enhanced productivity.

Peace Of MIND During #COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 economic conditions are rapidly changing across the world. In such situations, Vitel Global Communication is consistently working to help businesses adapt to the changes with state-of-the-art technology. We are offering advanced business communication solutions that enable you to stay connected with your team at any time and from any location.

Vitel Global provides rich collaboration features with fully customized administrative control that helps you to have enhanced communication experience. We make sure your team has all the communication tools required to be more productive than ever before. We are offering a 15-days free trial that gives you free access to our best-in-class communication tools. With our cloud PBX solution, you can have unlimited incoming phone calls and Vitel Global to Vitel Global calls.

Some additional features include unlimited extensions, auto-receptionist, dial by name directory, advanced call forwarding, reliable phone, and fax service, and many more. Vitel Global provides all the services within affordable price points, as our pricing is non-linear. Our business communication tools offer one-on-one and team messaging along with HD audio and video calls, live call reports, and powerful integrations. With our communication tools, task management and meeting goals become easy. Vitel Global is known for its reliable solutions and modern ideology. Our tools have an interactive design, simple and easy functionality that eliminates all the limitations in business communication, and provide a seamless communication network.

We offer 30+ voice and data features that ride the productivity high. With our call waiting feature, you can quickly see who is calling even while you are on a call, access the other request while putting an active call on hold. Hence, you can sign up today to obtain a 15-days free trial and also enjoy free number porting function. You can sign up with a minimum of 5 lines, so sign up today and enjoy a 15-days free trial.