Reach your GOALS during this QUARANTINE days with Vitel Global Best Communication Tools

As Covid-19 disease has spread over the entire Globe, we are all having quarantine days at home to practice social distancing to be safe from the Coronavirus. As an effect of social distancing, offices are closed, and employees are working from home. So now it may be a big issue about how to stay connected and communicate effectively with employees and customers.
Vitel Global Communications has a unified solution to business communication and collaboration during the quarantine period. Vitel Global lets you connect your employees and customers from all over the Globe. With our productive tools, you can convert your home into your office.
Vitel Global provides you mobile and computer applications that are very useful and user friendly. With these applications, your business communication is always in progress at any place and at any time, and you can effectively communicate and collaborate with your employees and customers. All you need to have our an application installed on your mobile phone and computer and an internet connection.
Vitel Global allows you to remotely access your business communication with your mobile and computer devices. Your remote team will be able to access all the required communication features on their devices with our business communication and collaboration system. Our business communication solutions transform your tools into a powerful extension of your office.
Our Cloud-Based VoIP system reduces your data charger and enhances your network connectivity to have robust and hassle-free business communication with your customers and employees.

Vitel Global Communications empowers your business by improving your business communication and bringing together your customers and employees from all over the Globe. So book a seat now from Vitel Global Communications so that your business is always on the go during the quarantine period with our powerful communication features that enables you to connect your business with the world from any place.

Robust Desktop App with User Friendly Features for Convenient & Frictionless Business Communication.

Vitel Global Communications is the Best Business Communication and Collaboration Platform and has designed so many features to connect your business with the world. Vitel Global has unified abilities to renovate employee’s productivity about business communications. With the modern technologies and ideas integrated with our ideology, it is now easy and inexpensive to install and deploy a robust communications network that you always wanted to work with.
Vitel Global Communications has created a robust desktop app that includes User-friendly features for convenient and frictionless business communication.
You can easily place VoIP calls with a simple Ethernet or Wireless connection if a computer system is equipped with a chat microphone, speaker, sound card, and an internet connection. But with our desktop communication app, you can do much more. Here you get all essential options like Dial pad, Contact list, Call history, Recent chats on a single window of the application. You can immediately initiate a new conversation, either a chat or call, by a single tap on a phone number directly in your Desktop Application.
Our desktop application comes with a presence monitoring. Now you don’t have to waste your time checking whether a contact is available or busy, just simply have a glance on your favorite sidebar to see if they are on the phone or not. You can organize your corporate directory into a favorites bar, and add new contacts for easy access.Making a video call/Video conferencing is very convenient with the desktop app. You can easily communicate via a video call and present your ideas in front of your clients, and that can be more effective than a voice call or chat.

Most of all, our desktop application sets a new way to stay in touch with your employees and customers anytime and anywhere, as you can access all your business information.
Vitel Global Communications give you fast and flexible communication options. Our desktop application works with Mac, PC, Linux, and Chromebook.

Vitel Global’s Mobile Application to manage your BUSINESS & WORK

Mobile phones have become a necessary part of human’s life because it plays an essential role in making life easy. Mostly we use our cellphones to communicate with other people. We can make a voice call, a video call, or send messages on a mobile phone. Mobile Phones have made Communication very easy and comfortable. In a business, communication plays a vital role in its progress. A convenient and effective communication lifts the growth of business upwards.

Vitel Global Communications provides you a mobile application to manage your business from your mobile phone so your business is always on the go. In this app, you get so many collaborative tools to make your business communication more functional and robust. In the difficult circumstances of Covid-19, employees are working from home, so they can not have their office desk phone with them. Being out of the office shouldn’t slow down your business.

Vitel Global’s mobile phone application transforms your employees mobile devices into an extension of their office desk phone. It facilitates easy and effective Communication and collaboration between employees, partners, and clients.
With Vitel Global’s Mobile Application, you can access your office desk phone features even when you are at home or travelling. Our mobile application includes every feature of your business communication. Some of its features include Extension dialing, Blind and warm transfers, Conference calls, Split calls, Extension-to-extension video calling, Location-based call rules, Intercom, Call recording. You can also send SMS or have a chat with this app. It also provides you Voice Mail service so you can exchange voice messages.
Our mobile application is straightforward to use because it is made of seeing your comfort and requirements. You can conveniently access all of its features on a single window. So now you can take your office wherever you are with Vitel Global’s Mobile application. So install now the Vitel Global Mobile softphone application (free with the purchase of a Vitel Global Voice seat).

Vitel Global Communications Unified Services Foster your Business Communication to be more Productive & Valuable

Every small business or large enterprise requires a perfect communication platform that standardizes its ways of communication in an organized manner to increase the market value of that enterprise. Though the voice and data market are exuberant and one’s got many options to choose from. But the fact is that not all of those options can give you all the services you expect for your business communication. So all you need is a Unified Communication platform that can increase the growth of your company.

Vitel Global Communications provides you the Best Business Phone System and Business VoIP Solutions for your enterprise. We focus on unifying approaches towards business communication by providing you all communication services at one stop. We provide you services such as Voice, Presence, Chat, Connectivity, Software, and all other business communication techniques into an integrated platform. We provide you modified services based on the evaluation of our client’s constraints and requirements.

Vitel Global’s services support rapid enhancement to the Communication System and provide Robust & Unified services that increase business profits. Our excellent services fulfill our clients’ business needs by excelling with them to build a perfect business communication system. Our Cloud Communication Services build a better workplace for your business to collaborate with your client and employees.

Vitel Global Communications Unified services foster your business communication to be more productive and valuable. Our softwares and services empower you to get to your record and seamlessly incorporate our high-value Cloud PBX based Phone Services. We keep ourselves innovative towards the technical inventions and research to give you the best and updated services and a glitch-free network.
Superior calling quality and unified communication services are our hallmarks, and we are pledged to keep it that way. We give you the best business solutions, and all you have to do is get our plans, and we shall work with all your needs.

Vitel Global Communications Provide The Best #REMOTE Communication Platform

While everyone is practising social distancing in the current crisis time of Covid-19, most business organizations are implementing work from home. While working from home, employees always need to be connected to exchange all business-related ideas and information.
Vitel Global Communications provides you with powerful Remote Work Tools so that you can easily access all your business-related information and stay connected with all your employees and clients. Our business communication tools are useful to keep your business moving forward with enhanced productivity.
Vitel Global Communications helps you in Conference Bridging so that you can arrange a conference, take part in a meeting or host a business table in a well-organized manner even from your home so you can exchange all your ideas with your clients and you can collaborate with all your employees.
Our team of expert engineers provide you with all the technical support you need, help you complete the setup and handle all other queries or concerns you may have regarding your business communication. Vitel Global Communications ensures the safety and security of your confidential business-related information. Our Robust Security features keep your business information safe and secure, and we give you Reliable Communication services for your business operations. So you don’t need to be worried about the security of your information.
So when it comes to choosing how to communicate with customers and clients, Vitel Global Communications gives you all the business communication services like Business Voice, Data, Mobility, Conferencing, Email Hosting in one app so you can remotely access your business communication conveniently at any place. We provide you with the best cloud-based business solutions and perfect security features for your business communication.


Are you having an issue in communicating with your employees, partners and customers and looking for a perfect business communication platform that can help your business to move ahead always in every situation?

Well, your search is over now.

Vitel Global Communications provides the best business communication solutions. Now you can connect with all your customers, teams and partners from anywhere in the world and seamlessly deliver your work and share business ideas, all at one place.

Whether you have two remote offices or two hundred people working from home, our Cloud PBX brings all the characteristics of the office to everyone’s hand and with our mobile apps your office can be wherever you are, either you are at home or travelling. Most organizations may not be completely aware that Cloud PBX system comes with a variety of cost-effective phone features that help you in maintaining a well-organized communication system in a business environment.

Vitel Global Communications provides powerful Remote Communication Tools that enables your employees to work anywhere and at any time and keep your business moving ahead always and in every situation. And it helps you in implementing your strategies of spreading your business worldwide by its productive tools because Vital Global’s Cloud-based business phone system is exclusively made for organizations that require professional communication features.

In the current Covid-19 crisis, we provide you with the best support for your uninterrupted communication. Our global teams are working 24*7 to fulfil every requirement of your business so that you can have effective communication with all your employees and customers. With Vitel Global Communications, your business is always on the go, and it helps in transforming an organization from a small business to a large enterprise.

Communicate Effectively and Collaborate Remotely with Vitel Global Communications

Communication and collaboration are essential things for the growth of any enterprise. Without effective communication, it becomes hard to collaborate with other employees and customers. Which can lead the organization unable to achieve its goals in time and the growth rate of the organization can go downwards. Also, in the current pandemic situation of Covid-19, employees are working from home, and they may have a big issue of communication with their colleagues.

Vitel Global Communications provides a very productive collaboration and business communication platform that standardizes the ways to communicate in an organization by making communication very easy and effective. It allows you to make 1-1 calls as well as conference calls so you can collaborate with each other very quickly and much more effectively then you know. Its modules are straightforward that can be used by just one tap, and it saves your time in managing all your notifications and messages.

Vitel Global Communications is providing its clients with Cloud-Based VoIP Business Phone Solution, which is a clutter-free, easy-to-manage communication platform that is better than the traditional setup in almost every way possible. Our SIP-enabled softphone uses wifi or cellular networks to stay connected with business communications while working from home, office, or traveling to any location that is comfortable for all mobile workers. It allows you to call unlimitedly and uninterruptedly as it uses wifi or cellular networks, and it also reduces your mobile calling and roaming charges.

Our productive tools let you manage all your tasks on a single window of your phone with the Easy Task Managing features. It empowers your business by providing you the Unified Business Solutions.

Communication Made Faster and More Efficient with Vitel Global Communications

Every enterprise requires a consistent and reliable communication network. Lack of effective communication can lead to failure in the achievement of organizational goals. Vitel Global Communication assists your business to stay productive during the lockdown period. We came up with a modern business phone system that allows you to make office calls from anywhere.

Our business phone communication tools are capable of including every part of the organization for a robust business model. With our communication solution, carry your business communication in the palm of your hand, with Vitel Global high-quality business phone system access customizable and faster cloud communication framework. Have a smarter way to manage all the calls, track service quality, set up dynamic call routing with our smart IVR system, all in one place.

Our tools are designed to make communication faster, mobile, and more efficient. We brought all resources together that are required for unified communication and robust collaboration. We aim to strengthen your communication network and especially bring together your distributed teams. Effective virtual meetings, relevant platforms for sharing business ideas can have huge impacts on productivity and growth. Just pick up your Vitel mobile to connect with customers and colleagues from different locations. You can transform your agents’ mobile devices into an extension of their office phones or into standalone cloud phones that enable them to use all advanced communication features required. It is easy to access calls, voicemail, video, chat, and text through one mobile interface. Switch live calls to any device with a single tap.

Therefore, choose from a great selection to maintain a seamless connection with your customers and mobile workforce regardless of location.

Mobile Phones have been proved to be a boon for the Telecommunication Industry and bridge various Geographical Gaps

There’s been a time when mobile phones are considered to be the one that increased the gap between family members. More often, people spend most of their time with their smartphones. On the other hand, mobile phones have been proved to be a boon for the telecommunication industry and bridge various geographical gaps. Because of COVID-19, global pandemic everyone is locked down at different locations. In such a situation, mobile phones become the primary mode of communication.

Vitel Global Communications took a step ahead by offering a complete Mobile’s suite of collaborative tools– including voice, video, chat to optimize your effectiveness regardless of your location. Now the communication is not just in one place as it has expanded with the Rapid Adaption of SmartPhones.

We provide the best, state-of-the-art technology smartphones that will comfort Mobile workers to use Wi-Fi or cellular networks to stay connected with business communications while working from home. We aim to make your business productive by providing an integrated solution for business communication.

As a leading provider of business communication and collaboration solutions, Vitel Global empowers your business by bringing together customers and employees across the globe. Access to a range of call management features while working from home. You are thus increasing user productivity and quicker response time to market requirements.

Vitel Global Softphone allows you to have a reliable communication network, and it is easy to set your Account by simply scanning a QR Code. Therefore, no matter where you are in the world, access the best business communication features on your smartphone that allows you to connect whenever you want to and run business consistently with higher growth and productivity.

A Powerful Collaborative Space ……

Vitel Global Communications is a leading collaboration and business communication platform that transforms and standardises the ways to communicate in an organization, from a small business to the largest enterprise. Vitel Global desktop app has the tools to make collaboration easier. Indulge in easy and instant communication from anywhere across the world and using any device. Hence you can continue to perform your office tasks from any place.

We ensure you business continuity even in the event of global pandemic. Our desktop app consists the full suite of high-quality audio, video, chat or meeting tools as an integrated communication solution. It comes with everything for virtual meetings including messaging, content sharing and more. Access and organize your corporate directory just from your desktop. Vitel Global Desktop lets you search your corporate directory contacts by name. It has a unique, user-friendly interface that’s intuitive and simple to use.

Vitel Global desktop app comes with advanced communication features including presence, monitoring that enable you to see when a contact is available for a call. Seamless access to consistent communication and robust collaboration. You get the freedom to work in your way as it allows you to handle multiple extensions, click to call or simply glance at your favourite sidebar to see if a particular contact is on the call or not. Start a virtual meeting or flip the call to any other device.

Vitel Global offers the best cloud based PBX system for every scale of business. Get the desktop app to enjoy a powerful collaborative space.