Robust Features For Business Phone System To Attend All Calls Without Missing Them…

Every single call matters more in a business because no one knows how important a call could be for your business. A missed call could be more profitable for your business so missing a call is not a good sign if you want to increase the growth rate of your business. Your business may lead to a huge loss if you usually miss your business calls during the work.

So how often do you miss your business calls?

To make you not miss the business call, your business communication system must have some tools that would not let you miss your business calls.

Vitel Global Communications provides you with the powerful tools that will help you to increase your business productivity. Our business phone system boosts the call efficiency of your employees and agents and makes sure you attend every call effectively. We understand the importance of your every business call thus we ensure you never miss any of your calls so that your business does not get in loss.

We have added robust features in our business phone system for you so that you don’t miss any business call.

Vitel Global’s email notification feature sends you an email on your mobile or any device you have so that you can call back to your client as soon as possible. Also when you’re on a call and another call arrives, at the same time you can check out who is calling you and if that call is more important to you, you can easily put the other call on hold. Our hosted PBX phone system can be configured to act as a virtual receptionist. So now when your customers call and your lines are busy then the virtual receptionist greets them and then transfers the call to an unoccupied line to the relevant department based on customers’ requirement.

Friendship Day 2020: Here’s When This Day Is Celebrated Around The World

Friendship Day is celebrated in USA on July 30. The historical backdrop of Friendship Day goes back to 1958 when World Friendship Crusade proposed it. On April 27, 2011 the General Assembly of the United Nations announced July 30 as legitimate International Friendship Day. Bangladesh, Malaysia and UAE will celebrate Friendship Day on the coming Sunday.  Be that as it may, India celebrates Friendship Day on the primary Sunday of August.

Friendship Day is celebrated In Oberlin, Ohio on April 8 every year. To pay tribute to Friendship Day in 1998,

Nane Annan, spouse of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, named Winnie the Pooh as the world’s Ambassador of Friendship at the United Nations.

Make this Friendship Day wonderful with your companions…..

Here’s when Friendship Day is praised far and wide:

Argentina: July 20

Bolivia: July 23

Brazil: July 20

Colombia: Second Saturday of March

Ecuador: July 14

Estonia: July 14

Finland: July 30

India: First Sunday of August

Malaysia: First Sunday of August

Mexico: July 14

Pakistan: July 19

Spain: July 20

Uruguay: July 20

US: February 15

Venezuela: July 14

It’s the best day to praise this delightful friendship that not really be associated by blood,

However is so valuable. From your everyday thoughts to perpetual exchange, from sharing your delights and distresses to simply chilling in one another’s organization, friendship develops day by day and step by step.

Friendship Day 2020 is an opportunity which requires more exertion to mention  your friend what they intend to you. The day is praised by trading wishes and blessings among companions. They plan a day out to praise their fellowship and furthermore tie kinship groups around one another’s wrists. It’s daily when companions meet up and invest quality energy thinking back their fellowship venture.

Cheerful Friendship Day!

Integration Tools Are Necessary In Every Phase Of A Business

Integration tools are necessary in every phase of a business, as it also plays an integral role in business communication to communicate with a large audience and spread the awareness of your brand, products and services. Integrated communication tools help in integrating all essential components of collaboration between all the employees as well as with the clients and partners. Thus an integration friendly communication system helps to create an effective workforce for your business and boom up the productivity of your business.

Does your business communication system come with integration friendly tools to make an effective workforce?

Vitel Global Communications considers all the facts regarding your business communication and is the only option that provides all the tools & features you expect for better to best performance of your business communication. Our services are modified based on our evaluation of our client’s constraints and needs. We provide you with a fully integrated communication to increase sales effectiveness and support the productivity of your business.

Vitel Global provides you a unique CRM integration tool for the seamless connectivity between your Customers Relationship Management. It is to provide enhancement to your experience by linking your Vitel Global Solutions to your CRM system. Improve sales efficiency with Click-To-Dial where employees save 15-30 seconds of dialing a number and never dial a wrong number. That ensures more sales opportunities by making more calls per day. Keep an Accurate Record of your calls as entering call notes into is automatic when CRM mini is used to take or make a call. In this way your team can focus more on customer interactions and the records will always be complete and up-to-date automatically.

Not only just fulfilling the essentiality of a CRM system, our CRM link also creates alignment and streamline communication and collaboration within your company. Vitel Global CRM Link integrates business communications

into the environment to increase call efficiency and redefine the customer experience.

One App For All Your Business Communications

Vitel Global Communications is a leading business communication provider for all types of businesses whether it’s a small size business or a mid/large enterprise which requires a huge amount of communication. We already have so many powerful communication tools for your business communication and yet we are also committed to make your business communication system more efficient to please you with our best services.

Vitel Global knows better the essentiality of communication in a business. Our communication system allows you to communicate, collaborate and share knowledge more efficiently than ever as we know that communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing is an integral part of a business which helps to boost its productivity.

Vitel Global’s Mobile suite provides you with the reliable communication tools and is able to connect all your employees and customers wirelessly therefore it is a boon for such businesses which are functioning together seated in different parts of the world. In this way we make your communication and collaboration easier and more effective to increase the growth rate of your business.

Vitel Global’s softphone feature allows you to install a simple application on your Mobile, Tablet or PC comes with the Vitel Global’s Mobile Suite and gives all the communication features in your hand including voice, video and chat. So now it is not necessary for you to be at office all time as you can access all of your business information wherever you are, with the help of Vitel Global’s softphone feature, you can also transform your employees Mobile, Tablet or PC devices into an extension of their office desk phone so that your employees can easily manage Work From Home and can communicate & collaborate on the go.

So, why wait? Optimize the flow and effectiveness of your employees and agents with our standalone Cloud Phone feature, at any time and from any place.

Is your business adapting the Virtual World to Integrate with Modern Technologies ?

In the digital world of the 21st century, everyone is thinking about saving time and managing their information digitally with modern technology. A virtual space is a place where you can save and store all your data and information without taking up physical space, it is called Cloud Storage.

Is your business adapting the Virtual World to integrate with modern technologies ?

Vitel Global Communications has incorporated abilities for making your business communication more efficient and improving the productivity of your employees to help you increase your business’s growth and profitability. We have designed so many features for you and we keep on developing more and more features to optimize the effectiveness of your business. With modern technologies integrated to our ideology, now it is possible to carry your business communication data and information in the palm of your hand and access it anytime and anywhere.

Vitel Global provides you with the world class Cloud PBX Solution that is the USP of Vitel Global Communications.

Our Cloud feature allows you to store all your business communication data and information in the virtual Cloud Space so you don’t have to place more files in your wardrobe, you are able to access and manage your data at any time and from any place on your devices. This also ensures the security of your data and information as only you have the key to access it and only you decide whom you want to share it with.

With over hundreds of brainstorming sessions we have made a powerful communication system for your business that provides you so many Robust communication features which are capable of creating an effective work environment to increase the productivity of your employees. Our ideology and techniques have made it easy and inexpensive to install and deploy a robust communication network which you always wanted to work with.

Our Powerful Remote Work Tools enable you to easily access all business-related information at any time……

Remote work tools have been proven to be better communication solution for business communication in the current pandemic situation of Covid-19. As the remote work tools allow you to always stay connected with all your employees & customers and manage all your business informations regardless of your location. Though there are many Remote Solutions provider in the market but not all of those can setup a frictionless and flawless remote work platform for your business communication. You might also face some technical challenges sometimes.

So we are here to provide you the best Remote Work Tools for your business communication.

Vitel Global Communications provides robust business communication system for your business and thus its a leading business communication solution provider company. We are known to provide a frictionless and flawless communication system for all kind of small, mid-size and large enterprise. Our all plans comes with power packed communication features with the robust Remote Work Tools to connect your business with the world in any situation so that your business is always on the go.

Our robust Remote Work Tools provides you all the services at your place so that you can easily be connected with all your employees and customers. You are able to manage all your business informations and details at any time from your place. This robust service also allows you to track your employees calls with Live Call Reports feature so that you can make better decisions to manage all your end-to-end customer services, retouch with your employees abilities and make your customer services more efficient.

Our communication system works in no downtime and give you dominant services. Our support staff be always ready to serve you if have any concern on how to adapt our powerful Remote Work Tools and make it more effective. We are pledged to build a frictionless work environment for your business.

Is Your Business Communication System Capable Of Handling All The Communication Tasks ?

Communication systems play an important role in a business for the communication and collaboration with all the customers and employees. But the question is that is your business communication system capable of handling all the communication tasks at the same time. Does your communication system make you happy by satisfying you with the communication features you need for your business communication. Well it is a fact that not all the communication systems in the market can fulfill all the requirements of your business communication except one. And you have eventually found it here.
Vitel Global Communications is a leading voice and data service provider for business communications. Our business communication services fulfill our clients business needs by excelling with them to build a perfect business communication system that can provide them all the communication features which can effectively connect their business with the world and handle all the tasks at the same time.
Vitel Global Communications provides you with the best Cloud-based PBX Systems with the world class VoIP Solutions that allows you to communicate & collaborate with all your employees and customers as well as manage your information at the same time. Cloud communication is considered to be the best way to communicate in a business as it unlocks so many features for the communication. And also our Cloud PBX System is the USP of the Vitel Global Communications because we provide you with the best cloud communication features in your hand. Our Cloud solution allows you to remotely access all your business information and communicate with your remote staff regardless of your location.
Keeping the concern of the safety of all your business information, we have also made robust security features to secure your data. Also our expert and support team is always ready for every concern you may have and you can easily reach them whenever you need help. Thus we try to make you happy with our robust communication system in every way possible.

Power Packed Integration System For All Your Business Needs….

Vitel Global Communications is a leading business communication system provider which allows you to connect your business with the world with its all capable and robust business communication tools. Vitel Global strives to make your business communication and collaboration effective in every way. Just like our remote communication tools provide you all kinds of features to communicate and collaborate with your employees and customers all over the world from your place and at any time, our communication system works as a bridge between all your devices as well.
Vitel Global Communications business communication system comes with a power packed integration system. This works as a strong bridge, that means your device now can be connected to each other, that enables all your devices to collect your business communication information and you can use your preferred device to see and manage your information.
In this order, we have got an amazing feature for you by which you can now integrate your desktop browser with our phone system. So you can manage all your call details at the window of your browser on your desktop and to make a call, all you have to do is tap on the contact name you want to call. You are also able to manage your contact list and favourite contacts at the window of your browser, your recent calls are also visible here.
Vitel Global Communications is a one-stop solution for all the required functions which are performed for business communication and collaboration. We provide you with the best cloud-based phone system that empowers your business communication with the unlimited calling feature for all your national and international calls regardless of the size of your workforce, device or location. Our excellent integration tools can boost your business productivity and build a better work environment for your employees.

Enhance The Productivity Of Your Business & Increase Your PROFIT’S With Vitel Global Communications

Vitel Global Communications is the best voice and data services provider which has set the high standards of business communication system to enhance the productivity of your business and increase your business’s growth. We provide you Robust and Unified services to support the rapid enhancement of your communication system. We provide flawless Cloud Solution for frictionless communication and collaboration services for your business communication and you can make the most of your time with our robust business’s modules.
Vitel Global Communications is the world’s best Business Phone System Provider for all types of large and small businesses and Business VoIP solutions. We provide you with the world class Cloud PBX features for an affordable price point, tailored for businesses with multinational offices. Our Cloud PBX System is an ultimate communication solution which provides robust communication features in your hand.
Benefits of our Cloud PBX Systems and VoIP Solution includes: Unlimited voice call and data services for uninterrupted services, Integration of your communication system to increase efficiency of your business communication, Virtual receptionist to greet your customers and transfer their calls to the respective departments, Auto attendant which allows your callers to access directory of users thereby enabling them to connect to the party of their choice, Unlimited extensions to add as many extensions as your business needs , Night and day auto attendant which allows calls transferred to a different location based on that phone systems profile by configuring time zones for each extension.
Vitel Global Communications PBX Systems make the communication and collaboration between your employees and customers more effective and optimize workspace for your employees to enhance the productivity of your business with the Conference calling and Conference bridging which allows you to effectively take part and host a business meeting.
Cloud PBX System is the USP of Vitel Global. Superior calling quality and Unified communication services are our hallmarks and we are pledged to keep it that way.

Powerful Live Call Reporting System To Track & Manage Your Employees Call’s Effectively

If you are running a business and you have a remote staff in your hub and you have a question in your mind about how to manage? or track your remote staff’s calls easily ?

So that you can make better decisions to enhance the productivity of your employees. In this particular case you might think of investing in a call reporting software which can help you to track and manage your employees’ calls. But now you don’t have to be concerned about it with Vitel Global Communications unified solution.

Vitel Global Communications unified communication solutions have brought for you a powerful Live Call Reporting System. With this powerful feature you are now able to keep an eye on your remote staff and track real time performance of all your employees conveniently. Not only just tracking your employees’ live call reports, our Live Call Reporting System is packed with certain useful features that will help you to boost your business growth.

Other than tracking and managing the Live Call Reports of your employees, our Live Call Reporting System enables you to track Historical Reports data of your employees by date and time, schedule receiving reports of your employees by email, detect potential issues in call traffic, fraud management, integrated call recording to manage call reports easily.

Vitel Global’s robust Live Call Report System is very useful to analyse your employees performance and abilities in real time so you can make better decisions to manage all your end-to-end customer services, retouch with your employees abilities and make your customer services more efficient. It helps you to make more profit in your business and increase its growth rate.

Vitel Global Communications is a best unified communication solution and provides this Robust feature within all of its plans so you don’t have to invest separately in a business communication system and a live call reporting software as we provide both services in your business communication modules.