Vitel Global CRM Link Integrates Business Communications To Improve Agent Productivity & Increase Call Efficiency

Client Relationship Management (CRM) is the kind of point of view that makes a business organisation able to dissect and oversee communications of its representatives with the entirety of the customers. CRM is useful to analyse the historical data of your sales opportunities to reach the goal of improving your relationships with the customers. Your CRM system is more effective when it gets integrated with such a communication framework that compromises with your business goals in order to improve the ratio of your outputs with respect to the inputs.

Vitel Global Communications has brought you a kind of package deal that fulfils all your business communication requirements and can be integrated with your CRM system as well.

Vitel Global’s business communication system provides you with a bunch of robust business communication tools that drives your business at a better pace in order to improve its profitability. Our innovative engineering and research team has created an amazing CRM Link for your business communication system. This link can seamlessly integrate your Customer Relationship Management system with the Vitel Global network to enable more useful communication tools in your correspondence framework and make your business communication system as powerful as it is at its peak point.

Integrating your CRM with our business phone system enhances the productivity of your employees by increasing the quality of their interactions with the customers and makes the base of your business stronger to keep standing for over a long period of time.

When our CRM Link is deployed to work, it makes it automatic to enter call notes while taking or making a phone call and conference. Your records of all interactions with employees and clients are always complete and up to date seamlessly while your employees can focus on their performance and tasks. Vitel Global CRM link keeps your records updated and accurate.

Stay Connected With Your Team Mates From Any Location

Are you having collaboration issues in your business communication while you have allowed your employees to work from home in the pandemic circumstance of Covid-19 to stop spreading the virus and thus all your teams and team members have split up in different locations? In this case you would check out whether your current business communication tools have the capability to bring all of your teams together virtually to create a platform where all of your employees can work together as they are at the same workplace.

Well, if it’s not so and you are looking for a business communication system that fulfils the criteria of your business requirements then this is really going to help you out!

Vitel Global Communications is the one that you are looking for in your business communication as our business communication system can profit you with the helpful tools that fit best in your necessities for your business. Our communication system works with Cloud Telephony that can connect your teams remotely and bring them together to create an excellent work environment where your employees can collaborate with each other effectively as they are working in a corporate office.

Our business communication system’s every communication tool holds a unique ability to boost the efficiency of your communication and collaboration. In this succession we brought for you a robust highlight in our business communication framework; Team Messaging. With this feature your employees can collaborate productively while taking care of a customer and can get a hand in support when they need it. This highlight lets your employees feel free to handle your clients on the off chance that they have not enough experience of work as they can contact their colleagues by texting them at the same time communicating with a client.

Merge Your Mobile, Computer & Tablet Devices Together To Create An Efficient & Integrated Platform

On account of the analysis of the serious situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown has been imposed all over the globe and all businesses had to be closed for stopping the spread of the virus to everyone. After the situation went long and the economy went suddenly downwards all the business had to be started to provide support to the economy. In Covid-19 pandemic a new era of business started as all business organizations had prepared their employees to work from home.

In that case they would need a communication system which can fulfil all the requirements of a business communication and collaboration, so that all the clients can collaborate with each other and get in touch with customers as well.

Here is the best business communication platform for you that can be used comfortably and is able to make your business communication more influential to boost the productivity of your business in every circumstance.

Vitel Global Communications is a leading business communication provider for small and mid size businesses and helps to lead your small business to reach the standards of business communication to transform your small business into a large enterprise.

Our business communication system has got marvelous integration tools that can merge all of your mobile, computer and tablet devices together to create an efficient and integrated platform for your business where your employees can collaborate with each other more effectively and can reach your customers to communicate with them about your business plans and services.

In addition our business communication has got tools which have been built on the basis of making it more comfortable to communicate with the customers while working from home. You can easily switch calls between your devices and select your preferred device to just walk around when you have become tired and bored sitting at one place for a while.

Women’s Equality Day and its Significance …..

Before a long time, the United States women were treated as second class citizens and for many times they were denied their full rights and privileges of government and as individuals, constitutional and institutional and so on which were available to the male society of the United States.

In any case, the females of the United States were completely determined to take all the rights and privileges of the society as they had a prospective that every one of these rights and privileges ought to be accessible similarly to all the citizens whether it is male or female.

After the nationwide strike of 1970 which was quoted as the “Women’s Strike for Equality”, in 1973 when the fight proceeded over the Equal Rights Amendment, Bella Abzug, who was a congresswoman of New York, assigned August 26 as Women’s Equality Day. The day was picked in the recognition of the appropriation of the Nineteenth Amendment Act 1920 to the United States constitution. Which permitted women of the United States the right to vote.

Women’s Strike for Equality was a non-violence campaign to stretch out 1920 amendment act in order to provide equivalent rights to the women of the United States which were available to all the men. Now it is well known that women of the United States have the privilege to work equally and give their contribution to the society to take part in the development of the nation.

Women Equality Day is quite a significant occasion as it reminds everyone that like all the men, women also have the freedom to work according to their decisions and have equal rights as referenced in the constitution. In this way women can do anything whether it is to set up a business, work in corporate workplaces or it is to work in the public sector to serve the nation.

Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Virtual Meetings & Impress Your Clients

Over the most recent couple of years, the prominence of virtual meetings has picked up so far as it lessens the opportunity of missing a conference when you are unable to connect with the gathering area in light of any condition. The other explanation behind the rise of prominence of online business meetings is that it sets aside both cash and time. As it is notable that Covid-19 has made a huge difference in people’s life and it has made you change the way of doing business as well because it has locked down your workplaces in order to follow the restrictions of social gathering. Following these lines, the online business communication and virtual meetings has got an extremely high pace of expanding its prominence in the scenario of Covid-19.

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your virtual meetings and impress your clients to make your business more reliable ?

Well, Vitel Global Communications is all set to get you out of the entirety of your communication and collaboration issues during Covid-19 situation with it’s robust business communication system. Our business depends on the subject, which is how to connect different parts of a business from various locations and make it simple to collaborate remotely with the representatives and communicate effectively with the customers to make a business always moving ahead.

Vitel Global Communications conference bridging tools allow you to host and attend a virtual meeting on a cloud platform from any location so you can attend your urgent meetings quickly and will never miss any chance of doing your business. Our communication module optimizes the quality of your audio as well as video conferencing to boost the efficiency of your online meetings.

So attend your urgent meeting immediately through Vitel Global’s best conference bridging tools and feel the effectiveness of working in a better communication platform.

Now No More Difficulties In Reaching Your WorkPlace With Vitel Global Communication Best Remote Working Tools !!!!!

Remote Communication is the technique of transferring data between devices which are not placed in the same place. Remote Communication connects different parts of a business which is situated in different locations and grants the employees of the organization from different locations to communicate and collaborate with each other and work side by side as a group. Because of the characteristics and useful application of Remote Communication, it has become a big hand to carry forward businesses which lead down on account of absence of communication and collaboration during the Covid-19 pandemic situation to follow the standards of social distancing.

Don’t let your business be a victim of Covid-19 and engage your employees through Vitel Global’s robust remote communication solution and run your business at a high pace.

Vitel Global Communications excels in providing the business communication services as it has built a robust business communication system which not only increases the efficiency of your business correspondence at office but also has the capability to allow your employees to communicate and collaborate with each other remotely while not being at the office. Our remote work tools have so many developed highlights that makes your employees to perform all the business tasks at ease even those which are difficult enough to do when working in the office.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, whether you have two remote staff or two hundred employees working from different locations, Vitel Global’s remote communication systems can be utilized in every circumstance to increase the growth and achieve the goals of your business. You can make your business meetings more efficient by virtual meetings and make a powerful workspace with our remote work tools while sitting at your home and saving your time and money.

Utilize our top notch business telephone framework highlights, for example, mailer servers, automated attendants and cloud extensions to remain intact with your staff and customers.

Collaborate With Your Teammates Remotely…

Connecting your PBX systems to the Cloud enables so many specialized features in your system and makes you work quicker, set aside cash and maintain a strategic distance from conventional limit limitations. This likewise unbounds you from the boundation of location that implies you would now be able to make your business calls from anywhere when you are not being at your office. Consequently on the off chance that you need to connect your staff remotely to employ them to work from far off locations at that point picking Cloud Telephony will help you a lot in moving your business forward every time.

When there is a crucial time of Covid-19 in the whole world then you would require a Telephony solution that would allow you to make your employees work from home when offices are shut.

Vitel Global Communications provides you with the Cloud PBX Solution that can connect your PBX systems with the Cloud and avail you the best Cloud Telephony features so that you can collaborate with your employees and agents remotely and communicate with your customers effectively. Our Cloud PBX system is made up with marvelous hardware equipment and flawless technological optimizations yet it provides you world class Cloud PBX features.

Our Cloud PBX system is the USP of Vitel Global and sits amid world’s best Cloud Solutions and it is a tailor made resource for the business which is situated in different parts of all across the globe. Our Cloud PBX Telephony includes such highlights;

Providing you reliable phone and vfax services, unlimited incoming phone calls and Vitel Global to Vitel Global calls so that you can collaborate without any restriction and 24×7 free customer support for your hassle free network.

All these most advanced features you can avail for your business communication, just call us and talk to our representatives for any enquiry you may have.

Right Tools For Ensuring Business Continuity During This Challenging #COVID-19 Time

Vitel Global Communications comprehends the requirements of your business better. We understand the vitality of communication in a business environment as we realise that a business goes through discussion and arrangements. During the Covid-19, your business communication could have been affected badly in the event that you have not adapted modern communication tools in place of your traditional communication system as the tradition has changed so far with the modern technology.

Adapting the cutting edge technology will help you with preventing your business from taking a halt.

Thus we have built a robust Remote Work Solution for you business communication that ensures you business continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our business communication tools sit amid state of art and are hereby all set to give you the best advantages of cutting edge evolution. With these robust communication tools you can make use of an efficient call making system so you can make voice and video calls as well as conferences where you can add the desired number of participants across the different locations and productively trade your insight and thoughts.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing is a vital piece of efficiency and that is the place we pitch ourselves. Considering this fact we have created an integrated CRM and contact management system taking advantage of the world’s best class and modern PBX system which already stands as our USP. Our integration tools make it easy and effective for you to collaborate with your employees and agents so as it improves your customer services and client handling in order to make your business communication more viable.

Reliable communicational tools are a help for a business working together situated in various pieces of the world. Our plan and scope of administrations are customized to suit your sort of plan of action. Our best integration tools are capable of integrating your business communication elements together during the Covid-19 and make sure your business communication is always up.


World Humanitarian Day is celebrated by the United Nations to show the respect and honor to those humanitarian personnels and heroes who have sacrificed their lives in the humanitarian ground to help others without even thinking about how complicated the situation is. On this day tribute is paid to these real life heroes who do not even think of their lives for serving the society in any circumstance.
World Humanitarian Day was designated in the remembrance of then chief representative of the Secretary-General of Iraq, Sérgio Vieira de Mello, who died in the bomb attack on 19 August, 2003 on the Canal Hotel in Baghdad with his 21 colleagues. The United Nations General Assembly designated 19 August as World Humanitarian Day in 2009. After that it is celebrated every year with a particular theme to pay tribute to the real life heroes.
On 19 August, 2020, the eleventh ceremony of the special day is being celebrated to honour all aid and healthcare personnel who proceed, in spite of the chances, to give help and protection to provide life saving support to the individuals who are in most need. As World Humanitarian Day comes when the whole world is fighting with the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. All the humanitarian workers including healthcare and security personnels of all the countries played an important role in the war with Covid-19. In this event World Health Organization has started a campaign #RealLifeHeroes to pay tribute to those who have “committed their lives to helping others”. “Aid workers are conquering extraordinary access obstacles to help individuals in philanthropic emergencies in 54 nations, just as in a further nine nations which have been shot into compassionate need by the COVID-19 pandemic” according to the WHO.
Doctors, nurses, social workers, police and other social personnels are working continuously to serve the society and help people diseased by the Covid-19 in this way all the humanitarian personnels earn the respect of all society for the effort they are making to conquer the world from this deadly virus, thus World Humanitarian Day is dedicated to all those Real Life Heroes who are putting their life in danger to serve others.

We Make The Communication & Collaboration Part More Effective & Convenient

Vitel Global Communications makes sure that your business doesn’t back off when you are being out of your workplace. We provide you an ideal business communication and collaboration system and we constantly add progressive features to make your business communication more compelling.

If you are running a small and mid-size business organization and you are tired of doing so much paperwork for keeping your business information with you then we can get you out to dispose of such a significant number of files in your office.

Vitel Global Communications furnishes you a cloud communication solution with the world’s best class Cloud PBX System that gives you robust communication administration and highlights for your business.

Our Cloud Communication not only just allows you to communicate from far off locations but also makes you keep your business information safe in the cloud storage with the goal that you do not need to keep the pressure of overseeing files and the weight of administrative work. In short, you can carry your business wherever you want. Sharing information via cloud storage is very easy and unlike your files you can impart your data to numerous employees and agents simultaneously and it likewise encourages you to spare your valuable time.

We make the communication and collaboration part more effective and convenient to increase the efficiency of your communication and collaboration with your employees, partners and customers as we have added many highlights like Split calls, call hold/unhold which are so useful when you are telecommuting. Our Cloud PBX Solution works as a bridge to make  a video conference so that you can take part or host a virtual meeting.

Vitel Global’s business communication solution allows you to get to all the amazing highlights in any of your devices so that you don’t slow down while being out of the office and your business is always up.