Women’s Equality Day and its Significance …..

Before a long time, the United States women were treated as second class citizens and for many times they were denied their full rights and privileges of government and as individuals, constitutional and institutional and so on which were available to the male society of the United States.

In any case, the females of the United States were completely determined to take all the rights and privileges of the society as they had a prospective that every one of these rights and privileges ought to be accessible similarly to all the citizens whether it is male or female.

After the nationwide strike of 1970 which was quoted as the “Women’s Strike for Equality”, in 1973 when the fight proceeded over the Equal Rights Amendment, Bella Abzug, who was a congresswoman of New York, assigned August 26 as Women’s Equality Day. The day was picked in the recognition of the appropriation of the Nineteenth Amendment Act 1920 to the United States constitution. Which permitted women of the United States the right to vote.

Women’s Strike for Equality was a non-violence campaign to stretch out 1920 amendment act in order to provide equivalent rights to the women of the United States which were available to all the men. Now it is well known that women of the United States have the privilege to work equally and give their contribution to the society to take part in the development of the nation.

Women Equality Day is quite a significant occasion as it reminds everyone that like all the men, women also have the freedom to work according to their decisions and have equal rights as referenced in the constitution. In this way women can do anything whether it is to set up a business, work in corporate workplaces or it is to work in the public sector to serve the nation.

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