8 Reasons Why Choose Vitel Global As Your Cloud Business Phone System Provider ?

Cloud communication has become a perfect solution for all type and size businesses to engage their agents to communicate and collaborate from far away while it is necessary to maintain social distancing in the global crisis of Covid-19. The reason behind this is that Cloud Communication forms a virtual platform where you can connect with your employees/agents and all your employees can work from their places, communicate with the customers and seamlessly collaborate with their colleagues.

Vitel Global Communications provides the best Cloud Business Phone System that fits best in the needs of all types of businesses which they require to move their businesses frictionlessly during the time of Covid-19 crisis and even afterwards. Here are the reasons, why Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System would be the best choice for your business:

  • It requires no physical infrastructure to deploy this robust business communication system as it configures all your employees devices wirelessly and connects them with Vitel Global server and in this way a Virtual net is spread between all of the devices that connects any two or more devices together to collaborate.
  • It is based on a Solid Cloud Technology programmed by our best engineers that enables every single feature within your employees’ devices and gives your unlimited data and voice. In short, it is bound to accelerate your business communication in every situation consistently.
  • Provides a Secure Cloud Database to save your business’s input-output and customers’ details and an uptime network that improves the Reliability of your services amongst your customers.
  • Our Cloud Business Phone System comes with an Instant Configuration module that configures your employees’ devices in just a few steps within a second.
  • A Live Call Reports system is inbuilt in our Cloud Business Phone System that Gain Your Employees’ Visibility and allows you to have an Insight to track your employees’ performance.
  • Most importantly, it enables you to have more number of remote staff to encourage your Remote Workforce and in this way you can appoint as many employees as it is required to communicate with your customers to run your business faster.
  • Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System is based on merging different tools to provide you an integrated communication & collaboration platform thus it seamlessly integrates with your CRM, ATS Systems and the Browser of your employees’ devices for an improved experience of Cloud Telephony.
  • Where a traditional PSTN network based business communication system requires many devices, technical team to install all the wired devices which also takes more time which also needs maintenance time to time, on the other hand Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System is a complete wireless business communication system that is configured through the internet network and does not require any maintenance, so, it is a Cost Saving communication solution that helps you to reduce your business expenditures.

Essential Business Phone Features You Need In 2020 !!!!!!

2020 is really an unforgettable year for everyone as people have witnessed unexpected changes in every field of life due to Covid-19 pandemic. Business communication system has not left unaffected from this pandemic situation as work from home or telephony became the trend to engage employees to work in order to move forward the business.

In this scenario here are 7 essential Business Phone Features you need to run your business gracefully in 2020:

IVR : Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automatic and computer operated phone system. With this feature you can engage a Virtual attendant to interact with your customers that allows your customers to type different inputs to reach out to the relative representatives of the concerned department.

Business SMS : Also called as Bulk SMS. It is a feature that allows you to send a msg to a large number of audience at the same time. Business organizations or enterprises that want to promote their products or services can use this feature so well.

Call Recording : Enables your employees to quickly record incoming or outgoing calls. It also allows you to automatically record your inbound calls that are the witness of your customers interaction with your representatives, store your customers data and also allows you to analyse business sales data.

Conference Bridging : It is required to conduct business meetings to collaborate with employees and partners to discuss new services and plans. Conference bridging allows you to conduct and host Virtual Business Meetings on cloud platforms with the enhanced video quality for boosting the effectiveness of your virtual meetings.

Mobile/Desktop app : Mobile or Desktop application which is called as SoftPhones makes your employees devices into an extension of their office desk by allowing them to seamlessly use all the features of our Cloud Business Phone System from any place.

Call Barging : It can be defined as a call monitoring service. It allows you to collaborate between calls while your agent is interacting with a customer to ensure reliability for your customer and assure that they meet their needs.

CRM integration : CRM integration works to integrate your CRM systems with our business phone system and helps you to develop new and enhanced services which your customers desire to select. Moreover it helps you to build better relationships with your customers.

Vitel Global Communications is a leading business communication system provider that provides customizable plans which you can select according to your business needs and our all plans comes with bunch of robust business communication tools and highlight that accelerates your business to meet its goals.

Best Hosted Voip & Cloud Business Phone System For Modern Business Communications !!!!!


A business never really stays in the same kind of phase. Time to time it goes through different types of circumstances, sometimes easier and sometimes so weird, which make it in a kind of formation where it is always in a changing mode but in order to move forward superiorly it has got to handle every situation gracefully and overcome it to shine like the rising sun.

Now the question is how your business handles every situation gracefully ?

Well, it is the communication with effective collaboration that is the bone of any business and is liable to run your business.

Your business movement depends upon your business communication, in this way the more powerful your business communication infrastructure is, the faster your business runs. So all you need to have a customized Business Phone System that can help your business to grow consistently while it goes through different circumstances.

Vitel Global Communications has brought for you a fully customisable Cloud Business Phone System with the hosted VoIP Solution. No matter what type of business you are and how huge your audience is, our business communication system is suitable for all types of organizations whether it is a small business or a large enterprise. Vitel Global allows you to choose the services according to your business’s size and audience.

Moreover, our hosted Cloud VoIP Solution stands between the world’s best VoIP Systems and is capable of making you customize your business communication as it runs your business communication in every situation. Whether you are working in a corporate office or working from home, our business infrastructure gives you a business friendly environment everywhere and at any time.

Vitel Global’s customisable services makes your business able to run consistently that improves your business reliability which is accountable for your business productivity and profitability. The abstract of the whole thing comes out that your business becomes survivable in all kinds of situations.

Vitel Global Communications Tools Make Better Understandings Between Your Representative’s And Customer’s …..

Customer engagement and relationships, the most important part on which productivity and profitability of your business is all dependent. It only matters over how effectively you deliver your services to your customers and how easily your representatives get to the point with what your customer’s need and what they want from your association. Well, it’s not so hard to improve your customer’s engagement with your representatives/agents and your business’s relationship with your customer’s when you have a business communication system that drives your business with effective collaboration tools.

Vitel Global Communications builds your business communication infrastructure in a way that revolves around your customer’s  relationships and engagement to improve the effectiveness of your employees’ communication to drive your business productivity faster. For this Vitel Global has modified an efficient CRM integration for your business with optimized features that not only optimizes the security of your business to ensure safety of your customer’s data but also makes it easily accessible to your representatives who handle your customer’s in conversations.

Easily accessibility of your business data to your representatives makes it easy for them to know about customer’s information and get familiar with customer’s previous contacts and engagements. This function works in a very simple manner that is so easy to use and get familiar with it as well. It delivers the information and previous chat or call details to your representatives when they open the customer’s profile and seamlessly makes your representatives to deliver reliable information to your customer.

In this way Vitel Global’s CRM integration tools make better understandings between your representatives and customer’s which causes to improve your business reliability and efficiency. As most business organizations are looking forward to improving their customer’s engagement and relationship, so, you also need to make sure that your business does not leave behind in this game.

Make Your Business Communication Better Than Others !!!!!!

Many many researchers are done from time to time to know and explain about the key of the success and progress of a business organization and how to make good profit in a business and the result obtained is the same all time that is better communication between you and your client or customer, and if you ask this question to a successful businessman the answer is more likely to be same.

Whether you are running a small business or large enterprise, you can not ignore the importance of communication if you are looking forward to running your business smoothly, improving your business progress and making a good profit in your business. Along these lines the conclusion of this scenario is that your business makes better progress and good profit when you have better conversation with your customers.

Hence, you need to arrange better communication between your employees and customers so that you can please your customers with your accuracy and availability.

How does your better business communication start ?

To start a better business communication for your business, it requires a better business phone system that can engage your employees in a better conversation with your customers.

Vitel Global Communications provides you a customer centric Business Phone System integrated with Cloud Telephony that makes your business communication better to best with its robust communication tools. Now you can start your business with the best Cloud Business Phone System from anywhere and connect with all of your employees from your place. Whether you’re so many miles away from your employees and teams, you can communicate and collaborate with them remotely.

Vitel Global Communications provides you with all kinds of world class business communication tools and highlights that are required to maintain the continuity of a business and for a consistent growth of a business. By selecting Vitel Global Communications you don’t need to be worried about your communication arrangements, it is all upon us to make your business communication better than others when you give us the chance to serve you.

Utilize Vitel Global’s Cloud Communication Solution & Enhance The Communication Between Your Employees and Customers !!!!!

A huge number of business organizations want to be associated with a flexible communication system to improve the flexibility in their employees performances so as to gain the productivity of their business communication. And there is only a single solution that can provide such flexible tools for your business communication with the help of which, you are able to manage your business communication according to your requirements and reinforce your business in several direct or indirect ways i.e. Cloud Business Phone System.

Selecting an incredible Cloud Business Phone System for your business conveys so many advantages in your grasp. There have been so many demonstrations for the cloud based communication solution that shows the cloud based communication platform can be similarly as successful as a hardware and software based communication platform and even it can be more beneficial when it gets associated with your hardware and software program or your PBX systems.

The Cloud Business Phone System costs you considerably less contrasted with the traditional business communication system and furthermore it serves you so many additional features which your traditional business phone line system is not able to give. Along these lines you can cut your company’s costs over communication solutions without compromising with the features.

To get associated with this cutting edge tradition of business communication all you need is a best host like Vitel Global Communications which can provide you with the reliable Cloud Business Phone System by deploying which you can take your business on the head of the outline with the assistance of our flexible business communication tools. These powerful business tools empower you to create a seamless work environment where your employees can advantageously utilize the robust features of Vitel Global’s Cloud Communication Solution and advance the efficiency of the communication between your employees and customers.

Ways To Make Your Business Smoother & More Productive !!!!!!

In the sequence of finding the ways to make your business smoother and more productive, you might be looking forward to getting a business communication system that can make you able to communicate & collaborate effectively and run your business communication continuously in every circumstance.

There are some basic characteristics of a better business communication system that need to be look out before you are going to select one from the numerous communication system providers for your business:

Framework : First fundamental characteristic of your business communication system is its framework, it should be totally an audience friendly framework that is understood by your audience easily. As your audience can be local to global, so the communication framework is really the first thing that you should look for according to your audience.

Steadiness : Your business communication system should be capable of ensuring the steadiness and continuity for your business. As it is well known that Covid-19 locked offices and businesses, and a better business communication system that has remote communication tools could start it over again. In this way you should look for the remote communication tools in your business communication system so that your business runs smoothly and consistently in every condition or during any disaster.

Network : Your business communication network should be strong to optimize your sales and business calling quality. A reliable network gives you flawless connectivity for your business and makes your business reliable to your customers.

Disaster recovery : A better business communication system is capable of facing any disaster and never lets your business communication down, so it must include the strength to recover your business from any disaster.

Support : Well it is very important to look for the support system of the business communication system that you are going to get for your business. A perfect business communication system holds a support staff available 24×7 in case when you get any trouble in your network or systems.

Vitel Global Communications excels in all the characteristics that a business communication system should hold for making a more productive communication environment for your business.

Vitel Global Communication and Collaboration Tools Increase The Productivity Of Your Employees & Business……

With the successful evolution in Cloud Communication it can now become a stage where you can enjoy voice, video and data features seamlessly without the help of any other technique. In this way Cloud Communication has become a very attractive platform amongst business organizations which are geographically distributed and it allows businesses to have more remote offices and staff in different locations. The popularity of Cloud Communication is because it serves you as a hosted Cloud VoIP platform where you can avail the best telephony features and seamlessly be integrated with your colleagues as well.

Vitel Global Communications serves you with the Cloud Business Phone System that opens all the four ways to you to access the seamless and integrated features of the best Cloud Communication Solution. It helps you in both IT services and Telecommunications to increase your business productivity. Vitel Global Communication’s Cloud Business Phone System make it easy to communicate and collaborate with all the below three factors:

Cloud Computing : Connect with your employees device through the cloud platform over your internet connection and communicate with your staff remotely and seamlessly with the project reports on your screen, it is like discussing your projects getting together on a virtual platform.

Cloud Collaboration : Cloud Collaboration refers to the sharing of knowledge and ideas through the use of cloud computing. Cloud collaboration enables you to collaborate on documents and project reports and also makes you able to reform your document.

Document Collaboration : It enables sharing of files and documents on different devices and even to the more than one at a time. Our document collaboration tools allow multiple people to work on the same file or project and together make a final conclusion over that.

With these collaborating factors we make your communication and collaboration unexpectedly efficient to increase the productivity of your employees and business.

Click-To-Dial Allows Your Employees To Auto Dial The Customer’s Numbers, Increases Your Employee’s Productivity And Also Saves The Time Spend To Dial Customer’s Number !!!!!!

Vitel Global services provides you numerous integration tools to flawlessly connect your employees with your customers, in this sequence we have got a configurator for your browser, which allows you to configure your Mobile or Computer browser with Vitel Global’s unified Cloud Business Phone System. Configuring your device’s browser with Vitel Global network let’s you access all the required tools on your browser so that you can perform your business communication effectively.

As our browser configurator works in all browsers in any of your devices that means you can now engage your employees to work in every condition, they would just need a device with internet connectivity and with just one gadget and one browsing software your employees can perform their best at any time.

Click-to-dial is a plugin included in the browser configurator. It works as a bridge between the browser which is configured with the Vitel Global network and the employee’s Vitel Global number. With this browser based plug in, your employees don’t have to dial numbers on their phones again and again, Click-to-dial allows your employees to auto dial the customers’ numbers with the configured browser.

Working methodology of Vitel Global’s Click-to-dial plug in is not so hard to understand, it is as much easy as that, when your employees click on a customer’s phone number on their browser window, they instantly receive a call on their communication device through their number linked with the Vitel Global’s network in which they are asked to wait for a while and at the same time your customer’s Phone number is automatically dialled with the Click-to-dial plug.

Click-to-dial not only just increases your employee’s productivity but also saves the time which they spend to dial customer’s number, this ensures more calls per day which enables more business opportunities. Get these robust tools for your business immediately and work consistently

Get the Best Business Communication System that helps you to cut your Business’s Expenses…

You always look up ROI based services for your business but what about your business communication system?

Does your communication is based on ROI so that it could benefit you more than you invested in it?

Well if you haven’t thought about it yet you must consider it now because it is necessary for your business to have a business communication system that helps you to cut your business’s expenses on different communication tools.

Let’s see what you get when you have Vitel Global Communications Business Phone System:

Better host : Vitel Global’s business communication is a whole hosted Cloud Business Phone System where you get all kinds of Hosted telephony services for your business communication including Cloud PBX (stands as the usp of Vitel Global) and Cloud VoIP Solutions. But that’s not it you also unlocks Vitel Global’s SoftPhones that is the software solution to connect your business via different types of electronic device i.e. Mobiles, Desktops etc.

Easy management : If you usually have issues regarding managing your business tasks and your employee’s operation then you don’t have to worry about it now. Vitel Global not only just manages a perfect feature rich communication platform for your business but also makes you able to easily manage your business tasks and employees’ operations and all of that you can do remotely with the help of Cloud Communication.

Maintenance : This is where you might usually not put your mind as thinking of what is there to maintain in the business communication. But still you don’t need to think about it. Vitel Global takes care of the maintenance of your business communication to provide you hassle free network and services so that your business runs smoothly all the time. In this way you can focus on your projects and future plans frictionlessly.

In short you get more than what you pay for and you don’t have to spend on different communication tools to spread your services to your audience. Giving you a unified and feature rich communication solution ensures upto 70% savings on your phone bills and makes your business more profitable with the optimization of your employees’ communication and collaboration with your customers.