Get A UNIFIED EXPERIENCE With VITEL GLOBAL’s Remote Communication Tools

It is going to be a year since the world is going through the hard time of Covid-19. We all have witnessed a historic year, lived it by surviving against the deadly Covid-19 disease and in this duration we have helped each other and learnt a lot of things which will be helping us in the upcoming time. This scenario was the same for every single person of the world as almost the whole world was in the grasp of the deadly virus. But when it comes to business, there are several difficulties which come in the way of running it forward.

When lockdown was imposed everyone was bound to follow the restrictions since every business was shut down. We didn’t know how much time it would take to get the conditions normal and we weren’t even prepared to fight against the crisis thus everyone was helpless that time. As some time passed and we got some relaxation from restrictions to restart our works and businesses but still we had to follow the new standards which are necessary to stop spreading the virus from person to person.

As every single business was shut during the lockdown thus it badly affected the economy the whole world. In this way there were two conditions that needed to be considered while restarting the business. First one was to follow the standards and take the necessary precautions in order to keep the employees safe. Second one was to make effective plans and strategies that would help the business to quickly move forward and help to overcome the economic crisis.

For completing the above conditions there were the third and major condition i.e. to communicate and collaborate with each employee and partner for which everyone needed to get together to have business meetings and discussion. And further to implement those strategies and deliver the plans to the customers.

The single solutions for each problem is a business communication system which provides effective communication and collaboration tools so that you can collaborate with each other and further communicate with the customers effectively.

Now Make Your Business Communication More Convenient For Your Customers With Vitel Global Communications

In this age, social media is so much popular amongst people all over the globe. Currently more than half the population of the world uses social media. When we talk about social media, it is all about posting, message, group conversation which is all upon texting and chatting with each other. In this way many people considerably prefer to have a chat than a voice call as while on chat they can do other work at the same time.

While we talk about business communication, the customer’s convenience matters very much to increase your business favorability and liability which further increase your business productivity and profitability.

So are you providing that convenience to your customers while engaging them to a conversation with your representatives?

Do you text your business clients?

Well if you do not do it till now then you must think about it as it affects your business communication very much and importantly many business organizations or enterprises are adapting this technique in their business communication so you also need to make sure that your are not left behind in this race.

Vitel Global Communications is a leading provider of Cloud Business Phone System and we analyse every way to make your business communication more effective and convenient for your customers as well as your employees in order to increase your employee’s efficiency and boost your business productivity. In this way we have added Vitel Chat for your business communication to make it more efficient by adapting these modern trends of communication.

Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System gives your access to unlimited data and voice services in all of its plans, with this unlimited data access you can utilize unlimited chatting for making your business communication more convenient for your customers. So that your customers can select the preferred choice to communicate with your representative when they have any query and issue regarding your products or services.

Make Your Job More Easier, Faster at Less Cost With Vitel Global’s Business Phone Tools

As an effect of Covid-19 most business organizations or enterprises are going through economic crises and in such conditions you have to look towards ways to reduce your business expenses so that the burden of paying more money does not go more and more. Communication systems are an indistinguishable part of a business organization or enterprise so it can not be distinguished in any way if you want to make continuous progress in your business. Though there are lots of options in the voice and data market who claim to provide you the best business communication system but the fact is that not all of them are capable enough to provide you an uptime business communication system which fulfils all the requirements of your business communication with an effective lower pricing.

Now you don’t have to wonder for the best suitable business communication system for your business as here is the perfect option that is able to fulfil all the needs of your business communication and most importantly is not that expensive as compared to the other option available in the voice and data market.

Vitel Global Communications is a business communication system provider which has highly professionals in programming, electronics and communication modalities who are expertise in the field of making an affordable and customisable business communication infrastructure which can fulfil the requirements of any business organization or enterprise.

Vitel Global’s customized Business Phone System can be utilized according to your requirement in various ways. Our Business Phone System includes hosted Cloud PBX and Cloud VoIP solution which gives you access to unlimited business communication features with unlimited data and voice. So now you don’t have to cut down your call volumes and keep your business calls short, go on communicating with your customers and engage as long as it requires for every single customer’s concerns. And the last thing is the runtime and installation where our teams work very well to make it easier to install and deploy. Our Business Phone System configures your systems through a virtual cloud platform that barely takes time to install this robust communication system in your place.

Importantly our pricing is non linear that means you don’t have to pay separately for every single business communication tool which considerably cuts down your business expenses on communication tools. Enjoy the unlimited tools of the robust Business Phone System at the price points which any business organization can afford whether it’s a small or a mid-size business.

Run Your Business Communication On Your Own With Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System

During the Covid-19 you would not want anyone unknown to come at your place and put your loved ones and well wishers in a threat. If you have a traditional telephone system for your business communication then there are two problems that you can not get rid of from. The first one is installation and configuration which take really a long time to be completed. And for second it requires regular maintenance on a specified interval and if it gets some issue then the troubleshooting time is also longer for this to resolve the problem.

But now you don’t have to worry about installation, maintenance and troubleshooting with Vitel Global’s customized Cloud Business Phone System.

Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System is a hosted cloud communication module for your business communication. It holds a virtual infrastructure which doesn’t require any physical medium to connect two or more systems at the same time and doesn’t require any extra pair of hands to install and configure as you can do it yourself or in some conditions it is self configured. This virtual infrastructure holds various ways to configure your communication devices which can be your office desk phone, mobile phone, desktop, laptop or tablet any time and from any location. There are different applications and methods which can be utilized in different devices in different ways to be configured with Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System and keep your business communication always up.

Moreover, there is a real-time maintenance system that keeps an eye so that there should not be any issue and your business communication runs continuously without taking any halt. But in case you are having any trouble in your business communication and in utilizing any business communication tools from Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System even then you don’t have to take any concern as we are concerned about all of your problem this we have deployed a 24×7 support system that will look up to your issues and resolve it as soon as they get to know about it.

Install, configure and deploy a robust business communication system without any help of IT engineers and run your business communication on your own with Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System.


During the Covid-19 communications from different locations became a big issue for business as it is the only way to reach out to your audience. But besides the communication issue there is also a second major issue for business during Covid-19 which may also have the major impact on business efficiency and productivity.

What is that issue and why is it so major for any business ?

Suppose you are planning a new scheme for your customers or adding new products or services in your business then it becomes necessary to get all the information related to these schemes, products or services to your representatives so that they can further spread these informations to your audience. But if you are unable to get all the information to your representatives due to some circumstances than your new schemes, products or services will not be profitable for your business in any way which may further lead to a huge loss and in this way this becomes the second major issue for your business that affects your business productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Vitel Global Communications has brought a unified solution for every solution related to your business communication and collaboration. Our Cloud Business Phone System introduces different conferencing capabilities by utilizing these you can collaborate with your representatives/employees and discuss the new schemes, products and services with them and besides these you can increase their efficiency by improving their knowledge and communication skills.

Vitel Global’s “Conference Bridging” feature allows you to host unlimited meetings and conferences on a virtual cloud platform where your employees can take part in the conferences from their places and you can add hundreds of participants at the same time. Conferences can be both types i.e. audio conferences & video conferences and you can choose your preferred conferences which you can host from any place and any time.

While on a business call or handling a client’s issue your employees can collaborate with each other seamlessly and even the whole working day in order to improve the efficiency of your new hired employees and make them more productive towards the business calls.

Vitel Global Communication’s Cloud PBX Stands Amongst The Most Advanced PBX Solutions

Your employees are the voice of your business that reaches out to your customers through a communication system. But during the tough times like Covid-19, when your and your employees are unable to get to the workplace, the traditional business phone lines which is used to communicate with your customers become useless & helpless and as a result your business voice is unable to reach out to your customers which leads your business to lose the business opportunities and eventually your business has to take an unwanted halt for an unknown duration.

Vitel Global Communications has brought for you “unified business voice” with its Cloud Business Phone System.

The Cloud Business Phone System has been a most wanted business communication system in the year 2020 as it enables remote communication features for your business. Vitel Global has been hosting cloud communication since it was founded and till now we have updated our communication system several times to make you able to take the advantages of cutting edge technology.

What is the “unified business voice”?

Vitel Global’s hosted Cloud PBX allows you to connect your PBX infrastructure with cloud and enables unlimited features of cloud telephony which includes unlimited business calling increasing the capacity of the traditional communication systems. But the term “unified business voice” is used here because the Cloud PBX solutions enables you to make your business calls in a variety of ways including your office phone, mobile phone or Vitel Global user portal and with these ways it gives you the flexibility to work from different locations while you can be absent in your office.

Our Cloud PBX solution increases your business reach allowing you to connect worldwide so that you can have employees and customers from all over the world. Vitel Global’s Cloud PBX stands amongst the most advanced PBX solutions as it provides so useful and unlimited features that leads your business towards achieving its goals of having worldwide access and in this way Cloud PBX is the USP of Vitel Global Communications for a long time.

Integrate Your Business Applications With Vitel Global’s Phone System

Vitel Global Communications considers the fact that how important the customer relationships are for your business. And we are also aware that the data of your customer’s interference with your representative is very important for your business to analyse the efficiency of your business calls and scale your business data in various ways including sale, purchase and queries etc. Thus we have created a CRM link to integrate your customer relationship management with Vitel Global.

Furthermore, making it easier for your employees to access your CRM data, we have added an amazing function in our mobile app which integrates your business phone devices, that are configured with this app, with your CRM system.

Just like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we have also added an Application Tracking System (ATS) integration in our mobile application which helps you analyse the data of the job applications and helps you in the hiring/recruitment process.

Key highlights of the CRM integration with our mobile app include:

Easy API setup & configuration: Our simple application programming interface easily configures your devices and makes your business calls, call time, ways to make calls more flexible and variable.

Swift phone calls with auto dial: This robust integration collects your business data including customers contact and with the auto dial feature makes it swift to make calls by depriving your employees to dial the number again & again and saving up to 10 to 15 seconds per call.

Flexible, reliable and secure: Making your business communication flexible is the motive of Vitel Global and we keep forward on that track. Our CRM integration keeps your business data confidential and safe in a highly encrypted base and increases the reliability of your business by improving the flexibility of your employees to communicate with the customers.

Call from any device or location: The mobile application is made in such a format that it supports every cell phone device including all Android and iOS with this feature it breaks the boundation to work from sitting in the same place the whole day.

Automated tracking via call reports: Our CRM integration tracks your employees calls and emerges your business data to help you analyse your business progress and employees proficiency so that you can take necessary decisions to make both of them more productive.

Having A Smart IVR System For Your Business Improves The Reliability Of Your Business

Consider a situation in which your client makes a call to your business to communicate with your representative of the sales department but unfortunately he gets connected to a representative who is an expert in the support department. In this way your customer may get frustrated which can cause your business to lose business opportunities which further can lead your business to a huge loss and that you would never want to happen in any circumstance. So what to do in such conditions so that the customer gets connected to the relevant department which he is concerned about?

Vitel Global Communications provides you a Smart IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System in its Cloud Business Phone System infrastructure. IVR is based on the cutting edge evolution of communication technology which includes a computer operated phone system that interacts with your customers first when they try to reach out to your representative related to their concerned department.

But how does it work ?

The working process of IVR is as simple as the menu of a restaurant in which you can select your desired dishes which you want to enjoy. In the same way IVR allots some keys to the different departments such as 1 for sales, 2 for customer support etc. So when your customer makes a call to your business to raise their concerns, the computer operated phone system greets your customer and addresses the whole menu on the call such as press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer support etc. just like a waiter does in front of you in a restaurant. After the briefing, the customer can press the key related to their concerned department and the call is instantly and directly routed to an unoccupied agent of that department.

Vitel Global’s IVR system builds up a simple and specified module of the computer operated phone system so that the customer can easily understand the language of the briefing of the options.

Having a smart IVR system for your business improves the reliability of your business which not only makes you not lose your business opportunities but in fact help you to gain more of them.

Now Forward Your Office Calls To Any Device From Any Location

Since the mid 2020, after when the Covid-19 had seriously influenced the economy as one of the consequences of the lockdown which was imposed to all over the world so as to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, businesses started to adapt remote telephony or cloud communication to engage their employees to work to neutralize the effects on the economy that were caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. With the remote telephony or cloud communication you can ensure the progression for your business and your employees can communicate even with the far off locations while they can play it safe against Covid-19 infection.

Vitel Global Communications Cloud Business Phone System furnishes you with such astonishing cloud specialized tools through which you can interface with your customers 24×7 from your place and make sure the expansion in your business even in the Covid-19 scenario. We develop the best telephony features for your business communication and keep our communication solution refreshed with the cutting edge innovation so that you are not deprived with the advantages of modern technology and make the most of your money and time.

Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System forwards your business calls to the phone numbers of your employees which are linked with the Vitel Global server. This process is done through the tools that integrate your employee’s devices together with the Vitel Global Communications infrastructure and allows your employees to use the best telephony tools within their devices while not being at office.

But the question is this, how do we do that?

Vitel Global Communications provides you with a Robust Mobile and Desktop Application (Business Apps) that is specially made to optimize your business performance and your employee’s productivity in every circumstance. Check out the more robust highlights of the Best Cloud Business Phone System and customise your Business Communications according to your business requirements and make more business opportunities.

Virtual Work Environment Which Allows Your Employees To Collaborate Seamlessly And Improve The Productivity

All the things change from time to time but the change is dependent on the certain motive that may be to improve itself or survive through different circumstances. The matter of survivability is the main cause of any change in anything whether it is related to life or it is related to any field that plays an important role in life. Business is one of the fields that plays an important role in the lives of the persons who are dependent on it or who are related to it in any way and all these persons play an important role for the business in different ways, so everything is interlinked to each other.

Business communication is an indistinguishable part of a business and along with the above lines it is also interlinked with the business as if affects both profits and losses of the business. During some circumstances it needs to adapt some necessary changes in order to survive and come up with flying colours. Covid-19 is such a type of condition in which every business had to adapt the changes in their business communication in order to run the business frictionlessly.

The changes in the business communication are to allow the employees to work from their places so that they can be safe all the time and connect to their work seamlessly. A new work culture is introduced in this situation which demands a glitch-free communication network to connect all the employees of a business from far away places.

Vitel Global Communications fulfils the requirements of the new work culture by providing you a glitch-free communication system with its robust Cloud Business Phone System. With our Cloud Telephony module it doesn’t matter whether your employees are working from a corporate office or they are working from their home but in both the cases they are connected to each other in a virtual work environment which allows them to collaborate seamlessly while they are communicating with a client.

Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System enables you to adapt the new work culture by making the most of the robust communication tools from any device or place and increase the productivity of your business.