Flexible Connectivity At ANYTIME, ANYWHERE & ANYPLACE

If something has affected you negatively then there must be some positive outcomes of it as everything has two aspects positive and negative but in a different ratio because is it not necessary that if something has given you positive results then there will be negative outcomes equally and vice versa.

Although Covid-19 outbreak has affected the world negatively but there are some positive aspects of it as well because during this period we have learnt many new things and explored many more different ways to do things in various ways. Every business organization was hit by this disease and we have witnessed a historical downfall in the economy of every country of the world which was hit by this virus. But we got ready to start everything over again and figured out ways to run business in Covid-19 circumstances. We started working remotely from our places and with continuous efforts we have learnt to manage our office tasks from home.

Most of the employees have proved that they can be very efficient and improve business productivity from remote work and in fact many of these employees have shown more effective results towards increasing the business productivity. In this way many business organizations can drop their expenses which they spend over their office space and its maintenance.

But in the light fact to manage your business communication remotely it requires a feature rich business communication system that incorporates the capabilities to deploy your remote staff in an effective work environment so that they can equally put their efforts to increase their efficiency to interact with the customers.

In this sequence Vitel Global Communication’s robust Cloud Business Phone System can empower your business communication with its remote work tools that can connect your employees through a virtual platform and give you flexible connectivity from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Remote Communication Tools Are INVALUABLE Business Asset

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, most of the business organizations have started to go for remote work. But in this scenario there are a lot of situations that need to be figured out while it is quite hard and looks impossible to communicate and collaborate with remote staff, arrange business meetings and conferences, get your project updates to your employees. Now, that is not hard enough as you can enable these robust business communication tools by integrating with Vitel Global Communications Cloud Business Phone System that provides you seamless business communication facilities to engage your employees remotely.

Vitel Global Communications gives you multiples of business communication tools which make your remote staff more efficient. Whether it is about collaborating with your remote team, conducting business meetings or broadcast project updates and new services features to your employees, Vitel Global Communications has separate business communication tools for each task included in its Cloud Business Phone System.

Our Cloud Business Phone System is empowered with the best telephony solutions i.e. Cloud PBX and Cloud VoIPs and besides these there are so many dominant communication and collaboration tools that makes your business communication much effective to be able to boost your business productivity. These tools are liable to provide your:

  • Unlimited chat and instant chatting features with Vitel Chat, you can also have group chat in this robust highlight. Now you can text your customers and seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues while interacting with a customer.
  • Unlimited voice calling and video conferences that are brought into your business communication with the Cloud VoIP solution and Conference Bridging so that you can have unlimited voice calls and video conferences from wherever you are.
  • Seamless integration across all your communication devices to access your business account wherever you want so that your business communication never stops.

Vitel Global Communications robust remote work tools allows you to get to know about new business projects and services by collaborating with the remote teams on the virtual platform and seamlessly interact with your customers through voice or chat and makes your business always on the go proving that the remote business communication tools are amazingly invaluable business assets.

Thanksgiving Day 2020 Celebrations, History & Facts

Every event has its own significance and reason. With the start of the last month of the year, it’s end begins and this is something that is worth celebrating with each other. We have been celebrating our harvest in different parts of the world on different days and the way to celebrate the harvest varies from place to place.  In this sequence, National “Thanksgiving Day” is celebrated every year in the United States and Canada.

The origin of the national “Thanksgiving Day” is related with the colonists in England and Canada. In those days, “thanksgivings” was observed in the society as; thanking God for giving blessings to each other to have a safe journey, on military victories and while congratulating on the harvest of their crops. In America, they started sharing harvest feasts with English colonists and the Wampanoag in 1621 and modelled their holidays as “thanksgiving”. While in Canada, people started their thanksgiving from early 1578 with the celebration of the safe passage of a Martin Frobisher-led expedition.

In both the countries, Thanksgiving Day has been announced as a national holiday and is celebrated nationwide in both the countries on every 26 November of the year. With its historical origin, national”Thanksgiving Day” is very significant in the countries as it is celebrated as a festival and plays an important role in people’s lives. On this day people celebrate blessings and thank God for their blessings in the past year with the celebration of the harvest. In this way people have emotional attachment with this day and they celebrate it with full joy as it only comes once in a year, people celebrate it by sharing their meals with each other and enjoying all day making it memorable.

Vitel Global Communications wishes a blissful “Thanksgiving Day” and prays for all the prosperity for you from the god.

Now Communicate Through Different Devices in Different Ways & Perform The Tasks With More Enthusiasm

In the current scenario, reinforcement of business communication is really very necessary to communicate effectively with your customers, manage & distribute business tasks amongst your employees and collaborate with each other. During the Covid-19 crisis, it requires precision and perfection to lead your business through tough times and rise above the sky and shine like the sun do, meaning to say that your business communication should hold the capabilities to overcome your business from this situation by making your business communication more productive.

Though most business organizations have adapted work from home for an uncertain period of time and may be your business is amongst those as you would also want to move your business forward without any difficulty but have your business communication system adapted the necessary communication tools to improve your employees’ communication skills and efficiency while they are practicing remote communication following the standards of work from home?

Is your business communication system capable of making a suitable work environment for your employees who are managing different kinds of things while telecommuting from there home?

Vitel Global Communications considers how important a compatible work environment for your employees is just like your clients’ convenience for your business productivity as your employees communicate with your customers and promote your business services and products. So it is equally important to provide your employees a suitable work environment as without it they might lose their proficiency to communicate effectively with your employees.

In this way Vitel Global Communications provides you a robust business communication system that gives you freedom to customize your business communication and manage your business tasks easily and efficiently in any circumstance. There are lots of tools in our business communication system to boost your employees efficiency and business productivity including our SoftPhones and Vitel Web that gives your employees variety and flexibility to communicate through different devices in different ways and with different convenience and they can choose their preferred device according to their surroundings and perform their task with more enthusiasm.

Is Your Business Phone System Ready For The FUTURE Work?

During the Covid-19, it has been so difficult for people, who worked in a corporate office, to change their working schedule and environment from their offices to their home. When a person is working within an office environment, he has that place and motivation to work as he is working with all their colleagues but while at home there is lot of things to manage and mentally prepare yourself to work in a environment where you are only person and none of your colleagues, though not everyone was well prepared for this situation to work from home yet we had to do it somehow as there was no other option.

Leaving all the situations behind, we adapted work from home and managed things and in some time with the continuous practice we are getting used to it. In this way most of the employees are now getting habitual to work from home and have figured out how to manage things and seamlessly do their office tasks from their homes.

Many theories now say that when the situation of Covid-19 gets over, there will be two types of employees, one who will still be more productive working in an office environment and other who are now much productive working from their home instead of working in a corporate office. In this way business organizations and enterprises will have to manage both the employees for being more efficient and productive towards their business and for which they will have to manage business communication for their employees in corporate offices and for the employees who are working from their home.

Vitel Global Communications is a business communication system provider that provides customized business communication tools for the requirement of your business with the contemporary situations and with our robust business communication tools you can seamlessly manage business communication for your corporate offices and for your remote staff. Vitel Global Communications unearths different ways to make your business communication proficient according to the current situations to improve your business efficiency and productivity.

Are You Interacting With Your Customers On DIGITAL Channels ?

A digital connection provides a high speed protocol which makes data and file transfer much faster than ever and now with modern techniques, digital connections are used in voice and messages as it improves the quality of voice calls and is capable of transferring messages between two persons.

When it comes to the security and connectivity, digital connection are proven to provide better security to keep your files and data safe as it encrypts it on the cloud platform which allows users to access it anytime from any device and share their data and file with whoever they want, no third party can view it in any condition except the person with whom you share your data and files, whereas digital connection also provides an uptime network that maintains a sustained connectivity as it can work in local internet connection which works with world wide web. Thus in both terms of security and connectivity, digital connection becomes the best for communicating and transferring data & files.

In business communication, using digital connection for communicating with your employees will be more productive and efficient, with the help of the variety of features that a digital platform provide you can come along with all your employees and can collaborate with each other on a virtual channel for which you are unbound to stick to a single place and can have unlimited staff seated on different locations.

Vitel Global Communications Cloud Business Phone System is a feature rich best in class business communication system that fulfils all the criteria’s above as it provides you to connect with the world and reach out to your audience through a digital channel. We have empowered our business communication system with the tools to make your business calls and interactions with customers proficient so that it can empower your business to reach your business goals within the stipulated time frame.

How Happy Are You With Your Business Communication Tools ?

Vitel Global Communications is a leading provider of voice and data services for business correspondences and with it we provide you auxiliary tools and functions which promotes your business communication and makes your business communication more efficient and productive towards increasing your business profitability. In this way our business correspondence administrations satisfy our customers business needs by collaborating with them to fabricate an ideal business correspondence framework that can give them all the correspondence highlights which can adequately associate their business with the world and handle all the undertakings simultaneously.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it has now gotten hard to team up with the employees and partners while keeping up the social distance when everyone is working from their homes. In this condition, Vitel Global Communications pledges to bring all your employees together and encourage your business communication by enabling your employees to communicate from their places with the versatility of using our business communication tools from various devices whichever they prefer to use and can be more efficient according to their surroundings.

Though communication systems assume significant functionality in a business for the correspondence and collaboration with all the clients and representatives but it should be capable of providing productive business communication tools which can maintain a reliable connection and handle all the communication tasks seamlessly.

Vitel Global Communications develops and keeps updated their business communication system with all the requirements and concerns you feel for your business. In this way Vitel Global competes amongst the best business communication system providers and remains at top as we have included all the productive business communication tools with the Vitel CRM link which allows you to use all our business communication tools and features according to your requirements and convenience. Along these lines Vitel Global Communications makes you happy with an all powerful and feature rich business communication and we assure you to keep improving it.

Now No More Technical Issues With Vitel Global Communications Remote Working Tools

Remote work tools are surely the key to open the ways to run your business frictionlessly in the Covid-19 crisis time. Though every business organization is adapting remote work tools to run their business in the pandemic situation but the technical challenges and issues while adapting remote work tools can not be neglected, in some cases these can be common or in some cases it can be complicated. These challenges can break the continuity of your business communication and can cause you a huge loss in your business productivity.

To avoid these technical issues you would need a business communication system that provides you a frictionless network and 24×7 support staff that help you to keep the continuity of your business.

In this sequence of developing the best business communication system for your small, mid size business or large enterprise, Vitel Global Communications has created a perfect business communication infrastructure that gives you completely frictionless network which increases the reliability of your business communication amongst your customers and a high quality connectivity which improves the efficiency of your business call, conferences and cloud meetings.

Moreover, to tackle every single technical challenges and issues (if any occur) we have a support staff deployed for your all concerns which is on standby mode for 24×7 so that your issues get resolved as soon as they occur and try to break your business continuity.

Vitel Global Communications is a leading provider of Cloud Business Phone System that works for all types of business organizations and enterprises and is empowered with the best Cloud VoIP and top class Cloud PBX solutions which inbound the capabilities of providing unlimited business communication feature and maintain the continuity of your business in every circumstance and helps your business to go through the hard times and tackle every situation.

Does Your Business Calls Ring On Multiple Devices ?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, if a business communication system does not have the versatility to allow you you to make your business calls from various devices including cell phone, tablet, desktop, laptop and MacBook then it has become helpless and useless being enable to running your business smoothly as this situation demands flexibility of communication through different modes to work in tough conditions. Does your business communication system allow you to make your business calls from your cell phone, tablet or computer?

The essentiality of communication can’t be denied in any circumstance as it is the only way to run your business in different conditions. But the business communication should have the essentiality business communication tools which can make it work in different circumstances. Taking this as a concern the leading provider of business communication for all types of business enterprises and organizations, Vitel Global Communications has built a perfect business communication system which is the Cloud Business Phone System that holds the versatility and flexibility to work in different ways.

With the help of the versatility of Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System you can avail the advanced tools in your business which are made with the state of the art technology and becomes a best business communication system in the voice and data market which will boom up the productivity of your business by increasing the efficiency of your business communication and improving your employees communication tactics.

Whatever the device you prefer for doing your office work whether it is mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop with our advanced SoftPhones feature you can transform your devices to make it able to perform business communication tasks more easier than ever. With this feature your business calls can ring seamlessly on your devices and you can communicate & collaborate with your customers and employees on the go without any interruption.

Do you want to ring your business calls on your cell phone, tablet or desktop?

Visit to the Vitel Global Communications website and customise your business communication as per the requirement of your business.

Is your Business Adapting The Virtual World To Step Up Towards The Increase Of Your Business Productivity ?

In the time of online business, it is necessary to adapt to a virtual world for providing perfect online services and making the most of your business. For adapting to a virtual world your business needs to have a communication system that encompasses facilities of cloud communication which opens up the doors of the virtual world for your business.

Does your business communication system have the capability of providing you the cloud communication features and makes your business able to adapt to the virtual world to take a step up towards the increase of your business productivity?

Vitel Global Communications keeps updating its business communication infrastructure with the requirement of the contemporary situations and sets of standards therefore it has upgraded its communication modalities according to the current digital world which encompasses utilities of modern technologies and makes communication service frictionless and consistent. In this sequence we have formed a Cloud Business Phone System based on modern digital technologies which keeps all the utilities that make your business communication able to adapt to the virtual world in which you can use various communication services based on the cloud technology.

In this virtual platform you can engage your employees so that they can work together from different locations with the cloud telephony and your business communication remains consistent in all circumstances and all the time. This ensures the reliability of your business and its services.

For all those business which are facing a drop in there economy and productivity due to the lack of consistency in its business communication, Vitel Global Communication’s Cloud Business Phone System resolves this issue with the in built Cloud VoIP solutions which provides unlimited plans for data, calling & chat and improves the quality of your business communication as well as efficiency of every call of your business made by your employees.