Vitel Global Communications Explores The Ways To Save Your Time With Instant Set Up

Time is most valuable for every person in today’s world and when you are an entrepreneur, you have to save every single bit of the time that you have got to be productive towards your enterprise or business organization. When we talk about increasing the productivity of a business organization or enterprise then you can not leave the discussion without including the business communication that is liable to make you able to connect with your valuable audience from which you get your customers. An excellent business communication can increase your business’s productivity and make you able to make more profit in less time.

What will you say when I ask you, how long does it take you to deploy a powerful business communication system in your hub? Well if I am asked so, then I would say it does not take any time to deploy a powerful business communication system in your hub when you have a sincere business communication provider like Vitel Global Communications.

Vitel Global Communications explores the ways to save your time so that you can find more business opportunities in same time. Our business communication system is all powered with the cloud technology that enables the business communication via internet connection and our web based configurator allows you to use any of your device to use like a business communication device by configuring it with Vitel Global network in the various ways given for your comfort.

If you want to use your mobile phone as your communication device then there is a mobile app which you can install in your mobile phone device and if you want to use use your desktop or laptop as your business communication device then there is a robust computer application which you install in your desktop or laptop but what if you don’t have enough space in your device or your don’t want to install app in your device then you can use Vitel Web which is a browser based configurator and works in any of your device’s browser.

So, you just have to have a device and an internet connection to deploy Vitel Global Communications robust business phone system in your hub in just no time.

All-In-One Business Communication Tools To Empower Your Business Efficiency & Productivity

While business organizations and enterprises from all over the world are facing so many challenges during this crucial time of Covid-19, Vitel Global Communications, the leading business communication system provider for all types of businesses, derives the ways to tackle these challenges with grace and leave every difficult circumstances behind that it could never affect the business in the way it is affecting now when everyone do not know how to handle this situation easily and improve the scalability of the business.

Calls, chat, conferences, Business SMS and everything that empowers your business communication needs to be seamless so that the flow of your business communication does not slow down in any situation. Vitel Global Communications is providing you with numerous business communication tools to make your business communication seamless and with this we thrive to these challenges caused by the Covid-19 crisis by making your business communication unified.

Vitel Global does not want you to walk around in a search of different communication services and spend a lot to empower your business communication, thus we provide you different communication services and tools in only one business phone system so that you do not even have to think that you are left without any kind of business communication tool and you do not have to separately spend for it.

Whether it is about to empower your mobile workforce or to provide unlimited communication tools in your hand, when you are with Vitel Global Communications you are not deprived of any communication service. We give you unlimited voice call, chat and business SMS features and apart from it we have got a vitel conference feature for you that is enhanced with conference bridging capabilities that improves the quality of your virtual meetings and makes it more effective. Moreover, our IVR System and CRM Integration are also there to increase your business communication efficiency and promote your business productivity.

Increase Quality & Double The Productivity Of Your Business With Vitel Global Communications Smart & Customized Business Communication Plans

The huge impact of Covid-19 can not be denied in any way. It has impacted every single business organization and enterprise in various ways including their employees collaboration, Interaction with the customers, sharing of the knowledge and eventually it had badly affected the efficiency and productivity of the business communication which led the businesses to a huge loss.

Now it is the time to overcome all the circumstances caused by the Covid-19 whether it is the collaboration between your employees, interactions with your customers and all the things that are affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

When your business is in huge loss because of the impact of Covid-19, you would want to cut your business expenses as much as possible so that your business could overcome the economic crisis.

Vitel Global Communications provides a business communication system for every type of business organizations or enterprises within effective prices. We understand that those small or mid size business organizations which are affected by the Covid-19 crisis can not afford the expensive business communication system from the huge voice and data market during this economic crisis, thus we provide those small or mid size business organizations low cost customized business communication plans which they can easily catch up on.

Our Low Cost Customized Business Communication Plans are ROI based Business Communication Plans for all small and mid size business organizations and includes unlimited communication feature including unlimited voice, chat and conferencing capabilities so that you can have that uninterrupted business communication for you business to improve its scalability by promoting the efficiency of communication with your customers and collaboration with your employees.

Vitel Global Communications smart and customized business communication plans just cut your business expenses in terms of increasing the quality of your business communication it doubles the productivity of your business and helps your business to overcome the economic crisis.

Now get Unlimited & Uninterrupted Calls, Chat and Conference Services to improve your Business

Uninterrupted business communication is must for the progress of businesses. When you start your business or add new products or services to raise your business, you need to communicate with your audience to make them aware about your services and products for which you need a workforce and a frictionless business communication system that enables seamless business communication so that your workforce can reach out to your audience.

There is one another aspect that coincides with the fact mentioned above. Though it is necessary to have uninterrupted business communication so that your employees can reach out to your valuable audience/customers, in the same way when your customers choose your products and services they might have some queries and issues as well regarding to the products and services also then uninterrupted business communication becomes must so that there is seamless interactions between your employees and customers.

In light of the fact that everyone wants to see continuous growth in their business, you must be looking for a business communication system that provides you uninterrupted communication services.

Vitel Global Communications is on a path of making business communication digital for all types of business organizations or enterprises, in this way we have built a robust Cloud Business Phone System that provides you digital communication tools.

Communication with customers and collaboration between all the employees are the important aspects of business communication. Our Cloud Business Phone System gives you seamless connectivity so that your employees never lose their connection and keep interacting with your customers where on the other side your customers, when they need, can reach out to your customers as soon as they raise their concern.

With our seamless network, you get unlimited & uninterrupted calls and chat to improve your business calls and you also get conferencing capabilities in which you can host virtual meetings and collaborate with your colleagues seamlessly and remotely.

Vitel Global Communications Wishes You, Your Family And Friends “Merry Christmas”!!!!!!

Situations are never certain for anyone’s life, if today is a good time then it is not known how it will be on tomorrow but we have to live our life in our ways and go through every situation. When there is a good time we have to fully enjoy it and if there is a bad time then we have to face it with courage and overcome it. When there is happiness in our life we got to cherish every moment of it with every person we got in our surroundings because the more we share it the more it spreads.

In this sequence we have some days in a year fixed to enjoy with each other and spread happiness everywhere. Happiness and bad time comes differently in every person’s life but there are only these festive days in which we forget all our problems, issues and bad things and cherish the day with our neighbours, relatives and well wishers.

The 25th of December, the Christmas Day is really a big day for everyone. It is one of the biggest festival celebrated all across the world. Christmas is symbol of joy, love and equality and most importantly it is the the of the almighty God with whose blessings we get the courage to move forward in every bad circumstances of our life, it shows that every person has the right to be happy and celebrate their life.

As the whole world fights against the Covid-19 crisis, in this way this year the Christmas Day becomes more significant as we need that courage and strength to fight against the crisis and by celebrating and cherishing the day with each other, only for the short time but we at least forget what the whole world is going through and we still can enjoy our life with each other and by this we get the company of other people which gives us strength.

Vitel Global Communications from all our hearts wishes you and your family & friends “Merry Christmas”. May you get the courage and strength from God that you need to move forward in your life. Cherish every moment of it with your family, friends, neighbours and well wishers and have a blissful Christmas Eve with everyone.

But while you enjoy it, do take necessary precautions of Covid-19 virus so that you and your family members stays safe.


Now Your Communication & Collaboration Is More Easier With Vitel Global Communication’s

CoronaVirus time is a  very challenging time for all business organizations or enterprises and one of the most challenging situation in this scenario is to bring their employees together to collaborate with each other so that they can be productive towards their work and can give the best results in business sales and profitability. The more effectively your employees are able to collaborate with each other, the more confidently they can engage in their work in this way your business productivity directly depends on how seamless is the collaboration between all your employees.

Now, your collaboration is always seamless with Vitel Global Communication’s Cloud Business Phone Systems. Whether your employees are in office or they are telecommuting, our Cloud Business Phone System does not let the absence of your employees at their office desk affect their collaboration with each other.

Vitel Global Communication’s Cloud Business Phone System transforms your employee’s places, wherever they are, into a Cloud Remote Office where they can feel the togetherness of their colleagues just like they are sitting amongst then at their corporate office. Our various configurations tools configures your employee’s devices with Vitel Global network and transforms them into a powerful gadget to perform all your business communication related tasks.

Cloud communication does not only just makes your employee’s collaboration seamless but in fact it creates your personal virtual office and only you have the key of it in the form of your unique login id and password. In your personal virtual office you can save your business related files and contacts without encompassing any physical space. And the most useful advantage of your virtual office is that you can carry it in the palm of your hand through your mobile phone or tablet and do your office work from anywhere. In this way your business communication is always on the go with the increasement of its productivity.

Tough Times Don’t Last, Powerful REMOTE COMMUNICATION Do !!!

Powerful Remote Communication Tools

A business has to face a different phase in the path of its goals. Sometimes when it is going through some loss, sometimes when it is facing any disaster, sometimes it is facing some technical challenges in its communication and collaboration. Covid-19 is a disaster in which every business communication is going through a huge loss and facing so many technical challenges while communicating with their customers and collaborating with their employees. But there is always a way to overcome any tough situation which comes in your path preventing you to move forward in your way towards your success.

Eventually, for every business organization the way to overcome through the really tough situation of Covid-19 is to adapt remote work so that their employees can collaborate with each other continuously and communicate with the customers effectively. For adapting remote work, you need to have cloud communication tools which provides you internet network based business communication that enables you to communicate from anywhere.

For your seamless business communication and collaboration with your customers and employees, Vitel Global Communications has been providing remote work tools from a while. We have upgraded our remote work tools as per the advanced requirements of Covid-19 crisis to make your communication and collaboration frictionlessly seamless.

In the off chance of getting a suitable business communication system for your seamless communication, Vitel Global Communications, with the advancement of its remote work tools, is providing you the Cloud Business Phone System, the most advanced cloud communication solution filled with numerous of remote work tools to promote your business communication during this worldwide crisis.

Our robust Cloud Business Phone System provides you a glitch free network for your uptime connectivity to improve your business efficiency so that you can overcome the economic loss caused due to the Covid-19 crisis and fulfil your plans with your laid down strategies.

Carry Your Business With You, Wherever You Go, Your Business Communication Never Stops & Your Business Always Moves On

Having remote teams in your hub can benefit you in many different ways. It can increase your employee’s engagement, it can increase the efficiency of your business communication and the productivity of your business as well. Deploying the remote staff can also help you to cut your business expenses including; office area, its maintenance etc.

When it gives you so many benefits by just adapting the remote communication in your business then why wait so much?

Know about this amazing business communication solution provided by Vitel Global Communications, a leading business communication system provider of Cloud Communication.

Vitel Global Communications has pledged to upgrade every business organization’s or enterprise’s business communication with its Cloud Business Phone System so that they have the advantages of the cutting edge technology and make more progress in their business even during the time of Covid-19 pandemic.

Vitel Global Communication’s Cloud Business Phone System is a digital communication solution that provides you all the highlights of the cloud communication for remote work. Our cloud communication solution is a complete mobile suite that can be configured within multiple devices including your mobile phones, desktop, tablet and MacBook. And with these devices you can carry your business with you, so wherever you go, your business communication never stops and your business always moves on.

Now you can lock your offices down which are increase unnecessary expenses in your business and you really do not want to have them, with Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System you can merge all you offices into a one host place to manage all your remote teams while your employees can be on different locations having their office tasks done remotely at their places.

Access our business communication system in your multiple devices and have as many remote workforce as you want to increase your business productivity while managing all your remote teams from a single office with Vitel Global Communication’s Cloud Business Phone System.

Vitel Global Communication’s Desktop App Makes A Powerful Collaborative Workspace

Every entrepreneur wants to empower their business organization or enterprise with the latest communication technology that is empowering the world. In the 21st century, there are the two technologies that are empowering the world, improving our lifestyle by making things easier, removing the communication barrier and these technologies are Computer and Mobile technology.

Computers have been a reliable device to engage your employees at your corporate office. It makes your workforce productive and more efficient. But for the past few years, computers have not been a device that binds you to be stayed in an office compartment, with the further technical innovations computers now allow you to spread your workforce at different locations and it has now completely destroyed the communication barrier.

Vitel Global Communication’s Desktop Application is a program that empowers your computer devices to make you able to engage your employees in your business communication from different locations. So, now your workforce is not bound to work sitting on their office desk for the whole office hours. Now, you and your employees have the freedom to free their thoughts and be more productive from any location with the help of our powerful desktop app.

Our desktop app is a powerful business tool for your business communication as it allows you to communicate in real time with dual mode of communication including chat or business calls. While it comes to task management and conference building, our desktop app can help you out in managing business tasks including your employees business calls and the chat flow. Task management helps you to determine the suitable time for business meetings in which your employees are not having so much chat flow and due business calls. In this way you can neglect the unsuitable time for business meetings and start your business conferences at a perfect time when all your team members can effectively take part in it and you can discuss your business plans.

Have a seamless real time business communication and productive task management & business conferences with Vitel Global Communication’s robust Desktop App that makes a powerful collaborative workspace for your remote workforce.

Mobile Communication Tools For Much Easier & More Effective Business

Mobile phone is most powerful gadget of 21st century. When it was invented, it was just used for talking with person from different locations. Slowly slowly mobile phone adapted different feature and started increasing its capabilities and became smart. Today’s smartphones are powerful enough to perform thousands of task which are related to our day-to-day life including calling, video conferencing, internet surfing, editing, writing, designing etc. Smartphones are now even capable of doing things which are done on computers.

So mobile phones upgraded its powers and also increased its usability in our lives and continuously it is now used in different fields including education and business.

Though mobile communication is much more effective for businesses than that of the traditional communication systems as it gives employees enough space where they have their own comfortable environment in which they can be more convenient to work and extra productive. But untill the Covid-19 crisis did not hit the world, significance of mobile communication was unenlightened.

After the strike of the Covid-19 pandemic, the significance of mobile communication felt by every business organizations and enterprises and in this way more businesses adapted mobile communication for engaging their employees and the data of mobile communication in business raised to more than 80%.

Now most of the business organizations and enterprises are using mobile communication as it is making communication remote and more effective. Using an smartphone is everyone’s lifestyle and it is easier to use. So, adapting the mobile communication makes communication easier and the way more effective. And over it, if you have a right business communication tools than it becomes like the cherry on top of the cake.

Vitel Global Communications desires to take every business organization, whether it is a small, mid or big size business, in the future of work with its robust business communication tools. A future where every business organization is engaging their employees through the mobile communication tools and increasing there business effeciency to make the most of their time and money.