Engage With Your Employee’s & Customer’s More Efficiently

Customer’s engagement, experience and satisfaction are those important aspects which are required to be looked after in order to improve the productivity and profitability of a business. If you have a low quality customer engagement, not a remarkable customer experience and you are unable to satisfy your customers with your service then undoubtedly you can not ensure a good progress in your business which can result in a decline in business productivity. Though no business would want a decrease in their business productivity in any way for which they require a business communication module to empower their business communication with the advanced communication tools and modalities.

It is the business communication system that is liable to increase your customer’s engagement and maintain an effective customer experience as well as customer satisfaction. A customer is satisfied with your services when you take the full responsibility of all their queries and issues regarding your services and products, in this way they have a good experience with your service which gives your business a positive outcome. For increasing your customer’s satisfaction and maintaining a good customer experience, you need to have the modalities to increase customer’s engagement which requires a perfect business communication platform.

Vitel Global Communications gives you the flexibility with its various communication features to connect your customers and employees any time and from anywhere in any condition. We have got everything for you that you need to increase your customer’s engagement to increase the reliability of your business. When you have the right tools in your communication system, you can ensure your employees efficiency and better performance which can improve your customer’s satisfaction and experience as well. All you need to have our robust Cloud Business Phone System in your hub and you can feel free for your client’s engagement as you can avail your employees the best business communication tools with its help and empower your business communication.

8 Reasons To Choose Vitel Global Communications Cloud Business Phone System

Vitel Global Communications keeps the competence to empower a business communication with the cutting edge technology so that any business can face difficult circumstances with grace and come out through any tough situation by making good progress continuously. In this consequence, Vitel Global Communications is empowering businesses with its robust Cloud Business Phone System that inholds the basic to advanced business communication tools and allows you to use them in the palm of your hand on the go.

Here are the reason why you should look forward choosing Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System:

  1. It requires no physical infrastructure to deploy this robust business communication system in your hub and engage your employees to their tasks. You can have these communication tools on your devices anywhere.
  2. As it can be understood by the name itself that our Cloud Business Phone System is completely based on the cloud technology that means your business communication is perfectly wireless so now you do not have to stick to a place, you can walk around in your area and keep working.
  3. Being based on cloud technology, in this business communication system you will not have to face any network issues as it makes a secure and reliable network for your business communication.
  4. All your employee’s devices can be configured instantly with the Vitel Global network all thanks to the cloud technology. So now you can increase your telephone lines any time as per the requirement without even thinking for a single time.
  5. Keeping the record of your employees becomes so easier with cloud communication. Your employee’s activity is always visible to you on your device, so now you can have insight on your employees performance from your place.
  6. The most important highlight of our Cloud Business Phone System is that it breaks the geographical boundation for your business. You can have unlimited remote staff seated in different places all around the world and you can always collaborate with them.
  7. For improving your employee’s performance and customers’ experiences, our Cloud Business Phone System is empowered with the integration tools including CRM, ATS and browser which doubles the efficiency of your business communication.
  8. Well there is another highlight which every business organization or enterprise might look for while investing their money in any services that is the cost of it. Our Cloud Business Phone System is a ROI based business communication system which gives you the freedom to customize your business communication as per your requirements at a very effective price point which every business can afford.

7 Cloud VOIP Trends To Look For In 2021

As most of the businesses have faced huge loss in their productivity in the year of 2020. So you would want to start this year with an increase in productivity to reimburse the loss you have faced in the past year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Researches have proved that Cloud VoIP solution is the best way for business communication and collaboration as it empowers your business to fight against any disaster including the Covid-19 and with this you will not have to worry about the continuity of your business communication in any circumstance.

Undoubtedly, Cloud VoIP solutions get your business ready for future conditions and gives you the versatility to communicate effectively and collaborate remotely. Here are 7 Cloud VoIP trends you need to be aware about:

The First One is the mobility and flexibility that your business communication needs the most during such a crisis like Covid-19 where you have to engage your employee’s from various locations. So mobile communication is the best thing for your business so that your employees can be available on their work all the time.

Second thing is the reliability and security which can be made sure only with the Cloud VoIP in this crisis time as when you are communicating with the Cloud VoIP, you are using the internet network which ensures a continuity for your business communication.

The Third one is the unified communication. Cloud VoIP avails you the unified communication services at a single platform where you can use the most advanced business communication tools in the palm of your hand.

The Fourth quality, which gives your customers another option to reach out to your representatives and your employees to collaborate seamlessly, is chatting services.

Integration is the Fifth one quality of Cloud VoIP Communication. Integration services enhance your employees performance & efficiency and your customers’ experience as well.

Next quality of Cloud VoIP Communication is being a user friendly business communication solution. With this you can use your different devices including mobile phone, desktop, laptop for your business communication which make it a user friendly communication solution.

Last point is what every business organization or enterprise would be looking for in a business communication system during the current situations i.e. the business communication system which help them to cut down their business expenses and a Cloud VoIP Communication really a low cost business communication solution with the numerous of business communication tools to fulfil all the requirements of any business organization during this crisis so it is the best communication solution which every business organization or enterprise should adapt.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Cloud VOIP During Pandemic…

It has been a year since the Covid-19 virus started affecting the world, and still, it has not over yet. Scientists are working so hard to find the best cure for this disease, but until then, we all have to fight against the disease as we have been doing for the whole year of 2020. In this scenario, businesses would still not be in the condition to have their workforce together in their offices, but this should not affect your business communication in any way as now you have the opportunity to have the best cloud communication tools for your business communication, which will not let your business down and also improve its efficiency.

Vitel Global Communications “Cloud VoIP” solution provides you the best telephony feature for your business communication, and it is best because of the capabilities it holds in it, including; 

Mobility : It is the thing that you need most for your business communication during the pandemic. A business communication system with the quality to travel with you everywhere can make your workforce more efficient and productive, and this can save your time too.

Conferencing : While you adapt remote work, the only way to collaborate with your remote staff is through virtual conferences  to interact with your employees from your place and increase their knowledge about the services and plans. 

Collaboration : When you have seamless collaboration with your employees, they feel more confident and comfortable working  from different locations. They are alone in the area to talk about any issue related to the customer’s interaction. 

Scalable : A business communication with the ability to scale your performance would make your business more productive as    you get to know how many ways you can make your workforce more efficient to get a positive outcome.

Budget-friendly : The most important quality that Vitel Global’s robust Cloud VoIP solution holds is that it gives you the advanced remote communication highlights within a reasonable price points, and whatever you invest in it, you make multiple times more of it. 

So if you are looking to cut down your company’s expenses and increase your business communication efficiency, then here is the best option for your business to fulfill both of your requirements.

The Future Of Cloud Business Phone Services

Best Cloud Business Phone Solutions

When a business organizer or entrepreneur searches for a business communication system, it looks forward to a business communication provider that provides them a communication system that could handle multiple tasks of the business, can make a frictionless as well as smooth network for their business communication and most importantly with which they do not have to be deprived of any communication highlight which might affect the productivity of their business.

Also during the Covid-19 crisis, there is an extra quality which a business organization and enterprise look forward to in a business communication system that is the ability to enable remote communication and collaboration for their businesses. Eventually, the remote communication and collaboration has now become the must quality for a business communication system as if a business communication provider is unable to enable it then that can not claim a seamless business communication for any business organization during this pandemic scenario. In this critical situation only the business communication system equipped with the cloud business phone services can confidently claim a seamless and frictionless business communication and collaboration.

Vitel Global Communications has been providing cloud communication services since a while and has quite enough experience in deploying your staff at different locations when you want to allow your employees to work from home, so we have formed a robust business communication module for your smooth business communication.

Vitel Global Communication’s “Cloud Business Phone System” is a business communication system that has inbuilt communication tools to use for different purposes of business communication. Our multiple business communication tools can handle your multiple business tasks in multiple ways from multiple locations when your employees are not at your office while adapting to the work from home. By Selecting Vitel Global Communication’s Cloud Business Phone System enables you to enjoy multiple business communication tools including cloud communication and work with the future of the cloud business phone services.

Make Sure Your Team Has All The Communication Tools To Be Productive While Working From Home

Undoubtedly every business organization wants their employees to be more productive in every circumstance but unfortunately not every business communication system provider can claim they provide their customers all the business communication tools that are required to make their workforce efficient in different conditions. In this way many business organizations are still deprived from the most advanced business communication tools that give them the flexibility to communicate in different circumstances even in the worst conditions.

Are you amongst those businesses which are facing a decline in their productivity while adapting to working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic due to the lack of advanced business communication tools?

When you want your employees to be more productive during this crucial time then you need to make sure that they have enough tools to work feasibly from different locations as if they do not have the required tools, it might be hard for them to communicate with the customers effectively and collaborate with their teams seamlessly.

Vitel Global Communications looks towards every concern related to the business communication so that our business partners do not have to be concerned about their employees efficiency and business productivity in any circumstance. So, we include each and every single business communication tools and features in your business communication system which can make your staff work from anywhere.

Smart PBX systems and Unlimited VoIP services and with these any tool that is required for the seamless communication and collaboration in your business is brought to you including access through the user portal access, access through the smartphone and other devices, anytime voicemail access, cloud conferencing capabilities etc. When you are collaborating with Vitel Global Communications, we make sure that your team has all the communication tools to be productive in any circumstance at anywhere and anytime.

Vitel Global Communications Provide Affordable & Customisable Business Communication Plans For All Type Of Businesses According To Their Requirements.

When you have gone through a huge loss in the whole year of 2020 during the pandemic crisis of Covid-19. In this way you might be looking forward to starting your new year with profit. When it comes to making profit in your business, it is necessary to look forward towards improving your productivity.

But there is just a typical question, how to increase the productivity of your business ?

Well simply you can increase the productivity of your business by increasing your employee’s efficiency and improving their performance.

Upgrading your business communication with the cutting edge technology helps you to increase your employee’s efficiency and business productivity as well. But in this crucial situation when businesses are going through a huge loss due to the lockdown, it might require extra expenses to get the tools that are needed to increase your employee’s efficiency and business productivity. Also many small or mid size business organizations would not be in a condition to get these tools.

Vitel Global Communications looks forward to provide the modern communication highlights for every type of business organization or enterprise so that they can help to overcome this economic crisis. We provide affordable and customisable business communication plans for every type of business according to their requirements.

As it becomes essential to have remote work tools for collaborating your employees from their places and if your business communication system does not include the required remote work tools, you might have to spend more for upgrading your business communication and in this way where you would want to cut your business expenses, this will eventually increase your expenses. In this condition a business communication system which has inbuilt remote work tools can help you out in your motive towards cutting your business expenses.

Vitel Global Communications Cloud Business Phone System has the inbuilt remote work tools and it comes with the affordable price points which every business organization can afford.

Collaborate Seamlessly From Anywhere & Anytime

Team collaboration is like a linchpin of  developing and rising business as it gives support to the wheel of business productivity by promoting employee’s motivation, their engagement towards the goal and improving their performance. It has been proved that the performance level of the employees who work in a collaborative workplace is multiple times greater than the employees who are unable not collaborate with their colleagues and it is because of the competition between them to reach their performance goal earlier in which they can help each others too when they are engaged in a collaborative workplace.

In this scenario above, all the business organizations or enterprises would want to create a collaborative workspace for their employees to increase the efficiency and productivity of their employees. As it is all known that the pandemic crisis of Covid-19 with which we have fought is not over yet and businesses are still in the off chance of getting their employees at their offices for implementing the standards of Covid-19. It seems hard to collaborate when employees are not present at the office while they are working from home in the pandemic scenario.

So, are you still worried about your team collaboration during Covid-19?

Vitel Global Communications have helped so many business organizations to collaborate in the tough situation of Covid-19. We provide the best remote collaboration tools for the companies who are allowing adapting work from home.

By selecting our business communication plans you can enjoy the features of top class Cloud Business Phone System in which you get the remote collaboration tools. With the help of these remote collaboration tools you can create a collaborative workplace for your remote teams in which your employees are more productive with an increase of the efficiency in their performances.

So stop worrying about your remote teams collaboration, integrate with Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere & anytime.

Now Enjoy Simultaneous Ring On Multiple Devices Configured With Vitel Global’s Business Communication Tools

With the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the whole 2020 has been passed with so many troubles. Throughout the year, business organizations had to endure the huge impacts of the crisis over its business communication efficiency, productivity and economy as well. But at last we figured out how to manage the business communication during these tough circumstances, engage employees to work from far off places, manage their tasks remotely and track your employees performance.

During this time the importance of cloud communication emerged rapidly and the business organizations and enterprises from all over the world adapted the cloud communication tools for their business communication and collaboration.

Cloud communication tools allow you to connect with your employees remotely so that you can collaborate with them even when you are not at your office and also connect your employees with the customers for seamless communication and making more business opportunities.

When it comes to making more business opportunities, the importance of every single business call can not be neglected. Those businesses who want to increase their business opportunities, give priority to every single business call. In this way, you can not miss any of your business calls as you never know how badly it may affect the productivity as well as profitability of your business missing your business calls.

Vitel Global Communications Cloud Business Phone System gives you the versatility to work through the various devices including mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. With this versatility your business calls simultaneously ring on your devices configured with Vitel Global’s business communication network. So, while working from home, you do not have to be worried about missing your business calls as you can flexibly use your comfortable device to interact in your business calls.

Take the advantages of this versatility, minimize your missed calls and increase your business opportunities in this pandemic crisis.

Safe Guard Your Employees With Vitel Global’s Remote Working Tools

What is the feasibility of working ? In business communication, the feasibility to work is all about to bring the communication facilities to the representatives of a company at wherever they are to enable the business communication and collaboration easily and conveniently so that the absence of the employees in their corporate workplace does not affect the frequency and continuity of the business communication in any way.

Along these lines, every business organization or enterprise wants feasible work tools for its business communication to increase its frequency and rather bounding their employees at a single corporate workplace, they can allow them to be productive from wherever they want.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, feasible work tools was only to increase the efficiency of the business communication but after this crisis feasible work tools have become the necessity for every business organizations & enterprises to engage their employees to work from anywhere (while they have to maintain a required social distancing) and to increase the efficiency of the business communication together.

Vitel Global Communications Cloud Business Phone System infrastructure is a powerful business communication system that gives you the robust remote work tools to allow your employees to conveniently work from anywhere. With the feasible remote work tools you can not only increase the efficiency of the business communication from anywhere but also protect them from the virus that has been unwantedly flourishing throughout the 2020.

Although we have entered in 2021 but the pandemic situation has not gone yet so it is required to continuously take the necessary precautions to be safe from the virus. In this way, it is required to allow your employees to continue work from home until there is no cure for the disease. So, the remote work tools are an invaluable business asset in this time and are important for all business organizations and enterprises which want to be more productive from the start of 2021.

Enable the feasibility to work from any location or device and safeguard your employees during Covid-19 with Vitel Global’s Cloud Business Phone System.