UCaaS Providers: Remote Working Tips For Best Productivity

Why UCaaS Providers are best fit to improve business productivity in remote working? It all happened with the introduction of cloud computing and digitalization. 

But still there are many questions that have to be answered regarding remote work culture which shows that this work culture is not completely settled. Such a situation may lead to many issues on either side (organization and the employee) even if we are using UCaaS (Unified Communications) today.

For the seamless flow of remote work with no issues, it is essential to schedule the whole work as well as personal life. 

What is work-life balance when it comes to remote work?

Work-life balance is to balance work so that it doesn’t mess up your life. Through this self-strategy, you can create a healthy relationship between working hours and “lifetime.”

This includes time to think about work. Because if you keep thinking about work, you lose the chance to have a personal life. Finding work-life balance in remote work is easily possible with unified communications. All you need to do is plan it in a smart way with the help of unified communications.

Well! If you are a remote worker, you need some work from home tips to discuss work-life balance. These are important factors to be considered. And, healthy remote worker habits can benefit your health too.

Here’s are some tips that are important to remote workers;

This is for Organizations:

Organizations must foster the importance of work-life balance in a workplace frequently. For a good work life balance, employees must be happy and engaged, which requires ensuring they have a healthy work-life balance. 

Multiple factors come into play in situations where people work from home. As a result, allowing some flexibility is crucial. Nothing makes workers happier than having the flexibility to work and achieve their objectives. 

Employers must provide flexibility to aid employees in finding the ideal pace and balance for their work. Additionally, decision-making and scheduling freedom motivates and engages remote workers.

  • Set Clear Expectations about your Work: Remote work isn’t just working from home; it’s working without boundaries. You may feel isolated or disconnected. So, set realistic expectations about how much time you can spend away from your desk and still get things done. Question yourself in all the possible dimensions and make sure that you can adapt yourself to the working hours and tasks.
  • Maintain Proper Meeting Protocol: If someone is checked out during a meeting in person, it is simple to tell. However, it is far more challenging to spot the obvious indicators of boredom when calls take place remotely. Without a video call, the person on the other end of the call could be doing anything. Some of such activities include having/making lunch, being with pets or working on something else. For this reason, keeping cameras on during all remote calls will keep you and the other callers interested and awake. This is why we require unified communications in organizations. 
  • A Happy Work Environment: It’s easy to become overwhelmed with a new job assignment if you don’t know where to start. To keep yourself focused, create a space that works for you. Keep clutter out of sight and make sure your workspace offers enough natural light. Invest in comfortable furniture and ensure plenty of room.
  • Maintain social connections: Social isolation is dangerous for our mental health. Make sure you maintain social ties outside of your work activities. Find friends with interests and hobbies like you. Join local groups and participate in social events. These experiences would help you build meaningful relationships and give you motivation to look forward.
  • Take breaks: Don’t forget to take breaks throughout the day! Get up every hour to walk around and warm up your body. Sitting in the same posture for prolonged hours is not good health. Try to keep your body active and athletic. Staying active helps reduce stress and keeps your mind sharp.
  • Don’t let work consume you: Set aside some quality time for yourself every day. Schedule downtime in your calendar. Plan your days with some amusement and exercise that keeps your health fit. Even small amounts of unstructured time can help you unwind and recharge.
  • Stay motivated: There are always going to be times when you want to quit. When those moments arise, remind yourself the reason why you pursued this remote work in the first place. Reminding yourself of the reasons you decided to leave the corporate world will motivate you to continue.
  • Establish a Powerful Support System: When you can, try to periodically work from a nearby restaurant or co-working place where people typically work. Even though you’ll all be working for separate companies, you’ll meet other like-minded remote workers and feel like a part of a community.
  • Contribute to your well-being: Research shows that remote workers experience higher levels of stress than regular workers due to the lack of face-to-face interactions with others. This withdrawal and lack of interaction can cause decreased productivity and affect health.
  • Set and adhere to office hours: Set your usual working hours and let your boss and co-workers know when you’ll be there. Then make every effort to adhere to it. Your co-workers need to be aware of your availability for work-related tasks and meetings, as well as your clock-out and personal-time schedules. Having a set schedule also increases the likelihood that you won’t routinely put in lengthy hours, which will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Overall, it is clear that remote working can make you isolated, bored and eventually affect your health. It is not a wonder that many such employees face issues in personal relationships too. 

Still, building a good work schedule and segregating your personal and professional lives can make you productive and healthy. Make use of the unified communications for more flexibility in your work. Our team of experts can guide you with the best VoIP solutions which can guide towards success and productivity.

How VoIP is Revolutionizing Small Business Communication?

Let’s say, “Thanks to technology!” As telecommunication users, everybody has seen the past couple of decades. Imagine yourself talking to someone on the other side of the Globe for free. Now, this is possible just because of the evolving technology.

Small businesses have taken this advantage and started adapting for their betterment. Looking from another dimension, we live far more virtual than in real life. That’s how the world is influenced by technology.

Let’s look at VoIP and its extension to answer the question. Besides this, we will present a peep into the other VoIP solutions currently preferred by small-sized businesses.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is the most used term probably in the business sector. The growing population, industries, information technology and opportunities are the curtain raiser of this new handy service.

In simple terms, unlike traditional telephone lines, VoIP is fully flexible with magical features that could satisfy all business needs. It works with the help of the internet, and its functionality is entirely virtual. The Unique Selling Provision if VoIP is that you can avail all the advanced features free of cost after subscribing.

VoIP Benefits:

VoIP features are themselves its benefits as they are specially designed for their use. Earlier, VoIP was preferred by businesses, but in recent times, residential users are also switching because of the magical features.

Addressing the benefits, VoIP is;

Cost Effective:

Cost-effectiveness is the primary asset of VoIP. This feature optimized every need to the least possible expense satisfying all business sizes. However, VoIP does not need special hardware except an IP phone and internet connection. A VoIP softphone app will enable you to communicate outdoors without geographical limitations.

Also, there is no need for maintenance or service costs included, and upgrades are done online. VoIP does not require any additional hardware for installing a new feature.


VoIP is pretty scalable if you want more lines. You should pay for more bandwidth, and the job is done.

In addition to the above, VoIP is flexible and reliable too!

How suitable is VoIP for Businesses?

Business needs are different from that of the residential user. There is a need to handle multiple customers and clients. Maybe a business leader, an employee on the field or a remote worker receives VoIP help to interact with teammates or clients. 

If a business consists of customer care or a telemarketing team, there is frequent use of the phone, and it turns expensive in the case of traditional landlines. But cloud calling is the best option for the operation to be affordable. 

Features offered:

  • Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Recording, Barging and Monitoring
  • Call Switching
  • Voicemail and its transcription to email
  • Audio and Video Call Conferencing
  • IVR etc. 

Look at the above features; they are free and bring a profound but successful change in your business operations.

Limitations of VoIP:

Every product or service has pros and cons, and so does Cloud telephony. It is a great asset that VoIP works with 99.99% uptime, but it is essential to remember 2 things before avoiding any glitches with the service.

  1. Internet Connection
  2. Bandwidth

As cloud calling relies only on the internet, ensure you have a high-speed internet connection. But, as the cost of the internet has drastically come down and is very affordable, it does not seem to be a problem anymore.

Remember! As a VoIP subscriber, you do not pay for the calls you have made or for the in-built services available. You subscribe to a plan which includes everything by paying for the bandwidth. Hence, check whether your usage is within the bandwidth purchased.

Here is the VoIP revolution over Small business communication;

VoIP Revolution

People are using VoIP without knowing its name! Isn’t it humorous? Below, find the list of VoIP and internet calling/conferencing services that you frequently use;


It is well known worldwide for its messaging, audio / video calling and other features. You can also conduct call-conferencing through WhatsApp. Small businesses – almost everyone uses WhatsApp for internal communication in their respective groups for announcements and circulars.


It is also noted that video conferencing is used for business and individual purposes. If you subscribe to the premium version, you can also call landlines. Yet, this widely used professional solution is most appreciated for its high quality of video and audio.

What about the Zoom App?

Zoom is a very recent product that started in 2020 but the users multiplied in days and weeks. Pandemic is undoubtedly a reason for this. Due to the lockdown scenario, people found this perfect tool for interacting online. It is still used for team conferencing with clients and customers and even interviewing new employees.

Summing Up the above:

Sum up all the elements touched above along with service and its benefits. Please be informed that internet calling is not a mystery. To be straightforward, every internet user, directly or indirectly, is almost a VoIP user. 

The usage of VoIP has changed the face of business communications ranging from internal interaction to online seminars, learning and massive outbound calling by telemarketing executives.

Significance of Cybersecurity in Cloud Phone System

Today, we are going to discuss the significance of cybersecurity in any Cloud Phone System.

Cloud Phone System is widely used to meet the communication needs in all organizations which function globally.

These have a few stressing issues, which are not able to be handled easily by the employees.

The threat of data being stolen by third parties unofficially is increasing on a daily basis.

The internal communication codecs have been compromised due to the vulnerability of the cloud system.

Also, we are going to know in detail about the measurements to be taken by the owners of the companies to safeguard their data without being peeked by others.

In this blog post, you are going to learn:

  • How do Cyber-attacks threaten the reputation of the organization?
  • The Vulnerability of Cloud hosted systems and the risks involved.
  • Necessary safeguarding factors to be considered while making use of the cloud services.

How do Cyber-attacks threaten the reputation of the organization?

Enterprises running on IP (Internet Protocol) telephony are often exposed to various types of data breaching issues.

Either this will impact the next quarterly report of the organization or the employees who are dealing with the securing of the data loss will get fired due to ignoring the loopholes.

But, hold on, not just the enterprises, every individual in this advanced technology-driven world might have faced at some point or the other a low time with the cyber-attacks.

Don’t dig deeper, if your mobile phone is working on a 4G Network and constantly receiving text messages or video messages regarding the lotteries or any other huge loan proposals, which are in no way close to reality are the traps by the cyber attackers.

Here, as an individual, data is secured by either erasing the phone’s user data or by uninstalling an application that is treated as a malicious one.

In the case of an organization that has onboard 500+ employees, it is not that simpler thing to perform something like erasing the data.

Cyber-attacks generally called hacker’s ultimate motive is either to expect huge ransomware from the victim.

They don’t care whether the victim can pay them or not, they will place a text box or a notification bar that demands the particular ransomware to get the lost data back.

Here, not all organizations can back up their files that are stored in the cloud, in that case, if a cloud service is hacked, every file will be corrupted and cannot be retrieved back.

For some huge companies, this will be a huge reputation risk.

Whatever the projects they are working on and the businesses they are associated with will lose confidence and eventually develop trust issues due to the cyber-attack.

They are not able to accept it as a hacker’s fault but consider it as a mistake of the victimized company for not having a secure firewall.

Most of the world’s reputed companies that provide software services globally have witnessed this many cyber-attacks.

Only those attacks which are filed as a complaint with the investigation departments are on the records, many companies will prefer paying the ransomware and getting their data back from being off the record.

The second thing mentioned above is an actionable point from the perspective of a company’s owner, but if anyone has chosen that way, it is also like encouraging cyber-attacks.

That is why many awareness programs are being conducted globally to spread awareness on what to do when you feel your data is compromised.

The vulnerability of Cloud hosted systems and the risks involved without Cybersecurity.

  • Cloud technology, after its inception, people have started working more productively and companies placed the huge burden of data handling on the cloud by removing it off their shoulders.
  • Here is the catch, wherever cloud technology is present, there will be a huge risk of data loss due to technical server issues or due to cyber attacks.
  • In the first case, data can be retrieved easily if the server issues are found and restored to normal, this can be done by the personnel working on-site within the organization in case of a hosted cloud system, or external expertise support is needed if that is hosted on the third party’s cloud provider.
  • In the second case, where we quoted the word cyber attack, it is not something that can be resolved by working internally, because the data which has been stolen is done with the purpose to defame your organization or exchanging something in between as cash or a material gift.
  • Cloud-hosted PBX systems are extensively used in the companies where they have branches spread around the world.
  • Communication challenges are said to be overcome with the help of cloud PBX.
  • Usage of IP phones and softphones will assist the employees to work more effectively without being worried about sharing their thoughts and ideas when they are working remotely or working from various locations.
  • If we discuss the advantages of Cloud PBX telephony, there are many. There is always a saying, that with such great power comes great responsibility.
  • When cloud PBX is used in any organization, the precautions and backup plans are streamlined.
  • The process will be in such a way that there will be a zero percentage of a data breach within the organization.
  • Unless any individual working within the organization leaks the data or takes an illegal step further.
  • Cloud PBX and VoIP transform the existing communication system into a more powerful one.
  • This can be done with help of transmitting information with the Internet as a medium.
  • To avoid any phishing, call interferences, and other cyber attacks, there is necessary of establishing a strong firewall that acts as a defense for your entire telecommunication system.
  • Companies that rely on the cloud VoIP providers have to ensure that the provider is running their services with strong security in terms of data encryption and end-end communication.
  • Small businesses have no other option than preferring to the cloud phone system provided by the service providers because of the space and aforementioned reasons like the risk of being hacked.
  • Here, the responsibility must be held by the providers before allowing their provisions to enter the market that their services are risk-free and ensure data privacy and security when coming to the cyber crimes happening in the world.  

Necessary safeguarding factors to be considered while utilizing the cloud services.

Based on the size of the organization, the security reasons may vary.

For small businesses, there will be no need for high-end data security since the employees are less in number and the on-site manpower is enough to monitor the security terms and identify any obligations related to the data protection and address them right away with the concerned individual.

For large businesses, that have employees widespread across the countries, and if they need to avail of the services from Cloud PBX providers, the board of that particular company has to arrange a meeting with the provider to clarify the security concerns and guidelines of the company.

If a provider considers security as a second option, then this would be not the best choice to meet your communication needs.

There are certain things to keep in mind while utilizing the cloud services, they are:

  1. An organization or an official body of operations has to stay in touch with the cloud service providers for verifying the quality of services by focusing on the security terms.
  2. Updating the software of softphone applications or other applications which are meant to run on the computers provided by the cloud service provider must be done regularly.
  3. Assigning a person or a team to look after the security compromising factors and identifying the loopholes is highly recommended.
  4. Changing the passwords now and then is an added benefit to avoid cyber threats imposed on your organization.
  5. Call monitoring, and call logs access can help identify any intrusion.
  6. Organizing webinars or on-site awareness programs for the employees to stay updated on the risks involved while utilizing the cloud services will reduce cyber threats.
  7. Applying Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) will provide additional security to your organization.

Demographics of Cyberattacks

We must be aware of the historical data concerning cyber attacks, this will provide more insight into developing a strong yet high-performing working module while working with cloud telephony.

These demographics are not placed here to either frighten you or warn you for not using the cloud services but to enlighten your approach and increase your productivity by taking the necessary steps mentioned above while using the Cloud services.

CountryAverage Cybercrime Cost (In millions of dollars)Increase from 2017
United States23.729%
United Kingdom11.431%
Source: DataProt | Ivana Vojinovic

According to the news published on The Hindu dated July 05, 2021, more than 1000 companies have been affected by the attack on Miami-based firm Kaseya[1], and the hackers, in this case, have demanded $70 MN.

By considering all these cyber threats, the organizations must double-check the services they are availing of to be clear from such unexpected things in the future.

VoIP Transforms the Communication System – Here’s Why?

“Research, implement, and achieve” followed by any business small to big regarding technology has become successful and established in the competitive world.

Your business can give tough competition to catch up and outpace only when you are upgraded with the latest technologies like VoIP in communications, implemented by replacing the existing infrastructure and achieve success in a short period.

OK, our readers get annoyed if we continue the details, so let’s move into the crux of our blog, which plays a significant role, especially in the small businesses.

  • VoIP, will that be technically effective?
  • Requirements
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Features 
  • In terms of VoIP service providers, we recommend

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which transmits voice compressed into the form of digital packets over the internet. These digital packets get uncompressed into voice when received at the other end.


We give a bullet-wise explanation for better and easy reading.

  • VoIP phones are also called IP phones or Cloud IP Phone System, which means the main backbone of this technology is the internet.
  • Why is the internet required? Compared to traditional phone systems, this system works over the internet. To be precise, the calls get transmitted and received only through the internet cables and not the PSTN used by regular phones.
  • It follows packet switching technology where the voice is compressed into the form of small digital packets.
  • Once it reaches the defined destination, it is uncompressed into sound.
  • The IP phone system plays a crucial role in handling the call management and routing between the source and destination.

Driving factor:

In short, businesses should be cautious in selecting the Cloud based office phone system. We will have more insights later on.

  • Another critical term in this communication field is Cloud Pbx Services, a virtual private branch exchange, a cloud-based phone system managed over the cloud. There is no need to set hardware for this setup.
  • Depending upon the services chosen by the business, charges are incurred.

Devices and requirements:

The output devices used to manage VoIP calls are:

  • Existing landlines: connect with ATA. An analog telephone adapter is provided by the companies used for connecting the LAN and phone systems.
  • Internet phones are easy as no external device is required to connect to or use directly.
  • Install apps on your phones, login, and start making and receiving calls from anywhere.
  • Install the respective service provider app on your phone or desktop and sign in to your account.
  • Maintain Ethernet or WIFI with high speed. 


Small businesses are inclined more towards modern phone systems as they are highly benevolent.

  • It delivers high-definition voice quality.
  • No need for an on-premises setup to install.
  • No contracts are signed every month.
  • Updated instantly.
  • It is not complex to set up and manage.
  • Striking features help manage multiple teams and multiple branches wherever located.
  • You can use any VoIP-enabled device when you are not at your desk.
  • Substantial cost savings on infrastructure.
  • Substantial cost savings in the case of international calls.
  • No more wiring headaches running over your office floors.
  • Excellent customer service is delivered.
  • There is no need to be tech-savvy for installation and managing processes.
  • Add multiple lines quickly.
  • Perform multitasking through unified communications; work on multiple activities without disconnecting ongoing calls. For example, VoIP fax can be used while you are on any conference call; share your files without disconnecting the calls, and many more can be done quickly.
  • Time-saving
  • Increases business productivity in a short period.
  • It increases the employees’ efficiency.
  • It allows integration with the existing files in the system with VoIP.
  • Provides security.
  • It is easy to manage in business expansions, as there is no need to add physical lines outside boundaries.

VoIP Service Features:

The standard features that are shared with almost all the VoIP systems are:

  • Ring groups
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call waiting
  • Call logs
  • Call reports
  • Remote access to voicemail
  • IP extensions from afar
  • Branch office assistance
  • Flash real-time operator panel
  • VoIP faxing
  • Call forwarding
  • Call records
  • Return call
  • Adaptability
  • DND
  • Backups are performed automatically.
  • Billing
  • Access to the directory
VoIP Service Features

Procedure for installation:

  1. Create a list of the services you’ll need for business communications.
  2. Select the appropriate service provider to meet your company’s needs.
  3. Examine the internet connections, Ethernet or WIFI, and ensure they are fast enough for business solutions.
  4. Get a new number or request a porting process, which helps keep the same number.
  5. Incorporate the customers into your modern phone system.
  6. If possible, replace the user’s traditional phone with an IP or virtual phone.
  7. Connect your files or apps to the intelligent communications system.
  8. It’s done. Start, arrange, and talk.

A VoIP service provider is a company that provides VoIP-based services to customers. It usually operates on a SaaS model, where software services are rendered to its clients. That means no extra servers or phone lines are required for communication purposes.

Types of service providers:

  • Only VoIP providers provide phones with basic features, excluding call management features, to businesses.
  • VoIP with the cloud: This service combines modern systems with Cloud PBX technology to provide advanced call management capabilities.
  • VoIP with UC: Unified communications are the next level service mixed with intelligent communications. Collaborate and work with all the advanced features integrated with this product.
  • Check and compare the prices included in the plans.
  • Should be open to third-party integrations
  • Must be dependable
  • High-end security must be provided.
  • Backup services must be maintained.
  • Unlimited call management is allowed.
  • Mobile and desktop app solutions are rendered.
  • Round-the-clock customer service is available.
  • Regular updates must be done.
  • Online dashboard administration
  • Call administration
  • Apart from this, you must focus on the customer reviews and experiences shared on the concerned websites.

Additional rough work to read:

Managing a business, whether small or large, requires dedicated hard work. Research is necessary and should also focus on every tiny detail, as thorough knowledge or awareness regarding your business requirements helps you to lead and figure out the right solution in a short period.

First and foremost, the point to focus is to list the basic things needed for your business. For example, does your business need a local or toll-free number or a combination?

Does your business get and receive a lot of incoming or outgoing calls?

Are you thinking about expanding?

What are features more critical for your business solutions?


Decide on your business needs first and subscribe with Vitel Global Communications, as we avail the best and preeminent voice solutions and products:

  • VoIP and cloud PBX
  • SIP trunking
  • Unified communications
  • API integration

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