Unified CRM Integration Tools Improve Your Relationships With Your Customers & Increases The Viability & Productivity Of Your Business or Enterprise !!!!

Though most of the companies want to increase the effectiveness of their agent’s interactions with the customers, in this scenario they need to increase their agent’s productivity for which their agents need to be up to date with the most recent information of the interactions with the customer. But, how might it be done to upgrade agent’s information at the same time handling a client.

Well it is now exceptionally easy with Vitel Global Communications CRM Integration platform to make your employees go through the recent contacts of a customer seamlessly while your agent is engaged with the customer on call.

Vitel Global Communications is collaborating with many service partners to give you an integrated business communication platform which holds all kinds of communication highlights at just one stage.

With regards to increasing your agent productivity, our CRM integration system works flawlessly and automatically stores the collective data of the past communication with your clients. While your agent is engaged with a client, CRM integration automatically shows the highlights of the past contacts with the client and in this way all the details related to the client (eg. orders, shipping status, recent issues related to the order and its related conversation) is visible to your agent screen.

Providing your agents the collective data and records of the customer implies that your agent can give the reliable information and satisfy the customer. Using the unified CRM integration tools improve your relationships with your customers and that increases the viability and productivity of your business or enterprise.

Now what is click-to-dial and how does it work?

Click to dial is typically a highlight of the web based configurator of our unified CRM integration, which can be configured  within your web browser.

When your employee clicks on a customer’s contact on its browser window, our CRM Integration system automatically makes a call from your representatives communicating device in this way your employee does not have to dial the number manually into the communicating device. Thus Click-to-dial saves your employee’s time and increases your agent productivity.

Vitel Global Communications Virtualizes Your Business Communications……

It is well known that the year 2020 will be one of the biggest chapters in history as this year becomes the time period where many conventions are changing so far whether it is social, religious or it is about business trends. As a result of the global crisis, “Covid-19 pandemic”, the trend of “being contactless” has started because maintaining a standard distance from others is necessary to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus from person to person.

Currently the term “contactless” is being used everywhere so as it is being used in businesses too. Along these lines there is a trend of contactless trading and business which has become the requirement of businesses in order to improve the economy as we all know this deadly virus has hardly hit the economy of all the countries in the world which are in the grasp of the Covid-19.

In this scenario where social distancing is required to be maintained and there is a trend of contactless trading everywhere, what about your business communication and meetings? What are the ways to make your business communication able to maintain the standards?

Well you’ve hit the right spot here!

Vitel Global Communications Virtualizes your business communication from the top to bottom that means Vitel Global’s business communication tools creates a Virtual Platform for your business communication and collaboration. With the help of our robust Cloud Business Phone System a Virtual Communication Platform is created where you can connect with your employees virtually and you don’t have to be physically present in front of each other.

Engaging your employees through the Virtual Communication Platform becomes very helpful for your business to maintain your business continuity during the crucial time of Covid-19 pandemic while your employees can work from there home and seamlessly be connected to each other to collaborate with the team.

But that’s not it, virtual meetings are also the part of our Cloud Business Phone System with the help of which you can effectively host a business meeting or take your part in a conference on a virtual platform through the Vitel Global’s “Conference Bridging” module.

So virtualize your business communication with Vitel Global Communications to normalise your business communication with extraordinary features to fight against the pandemic and improve your profitability.

Vitel Global CRM Link Integrates Business Communications To Improve Agent Productivity & Increase Call Efficiency

Client Relationship Management (CRM) is the kind of point of view that makes a business organisation able to dissect and oversee communications of its representatives with the entirety of the customers. CRM is useful to analyse the historical data of your sales opportunities to reach the goal of improving your relationships with the customers. Your CRM system is more effective when it gets integrated with such a communication framework that compromises with your business goals in order to improve the ratio of your outputs with respect to the inputs.

Vitel Global Communications has brought you a kind of package deal that fulfils all your business communication requirements and can be integrated with your CRM system as well.

Vitel Global’s business communication system provides you with a bunch of robust business communication tools that drives your business at a better pace in order to improve its profitability. Our innovative engineering and research team has created an amazing CRM Link for your business communication system. This link can seamlessly integrate your Customer Relationship Management system with the Vitel Global network to enable more useful communication tools in your correspondence framework and make your business communication system as powerful as it is at its peak point.

Integrating your CRM with our business phone system enhances the productivity of your employees by increasing the quality of their interactions with the customers and makes the base of your business stronger to keep standing for over a long period of time.

When our CRM Link is deployed to work, it makes it automatic to enter call notes while taking or making a phone call and conference. Your records of all interactions with employees and clients are always complete and up to date seamlessly while your employees can focus on their performance and tasks. Vitel Global CRM link keeps your records updated and accurate.