Remote Teams can effectively work together with VITEL GLOBAL’S Tools

There are many options to choose for business communication as there is a huge voice and data market, and there is a lot of competition between them. For an enterprise’s flawless communication and collaboration, it needs a business communication solution that holds robust communication tools which breaks all the boundaries and boundations for business communication. In the current scenario of Covid-19, a business needs such a communication system, packed with robust communication tools that give freedom to communicate and collaborate from any place.
Vitel Global Communications is a perfect business communication system that gives freedom to your employees to work together with their colleagues and connect with clients from anywhere. With its powerful Remote Work Tools, Vitel Global is connecting your teams effectively so you can access all your business information at your place. We are emerging technologies to build a better workplace for an enhanced collaboration so that your team can contribute more effectively towards its projects.
Our business communication system enables your employees to be more productive regardless of their location because our High-tech communication tools allow you to work from any place from any device. With our mobile and computer applications, your devices are successfully transferred into a powerful extension of your office that builds a better workplace for you at your place.
Vitel Global provides a collaborative workspace for your staff to build a better business environment. Your Remote teams can effectively work together as our business solutions offer features like team messaging as well as individuals chats.
Vitel Global’s all plans are market-driven, competitive and ROI based. We have been providing superior calling quality and data services for a decade so you will be served with the perfect communication features that will fit best in your business requirements and give you the freedom to communicate and collaborate from any place.

Most Reliable Communication System & Powerful Communication Tools That Fulfil All Your BUSINESS Needs

Reliable Communication Tools are considered to be a boon for a business or enterprise. A well-organized communication system can boost a business’s growth, expand a business from places to places, and, at a time, the business can spread globally. It just needs to have an accomplished communication system.
Vitel Global Communications gives you the most reliable Communication System and provides you with powerful communication tools that fulfill all your business communication needs. We have the cutting edge technological advantages with our 10+ years of operational business experience all over the world that has allowed us to build strong relationships with technological partners across the world. Our cutting edge technology focused on fulfilling all the needs of your business communication.
In engineering and art, Vitel Global’s communication system has proved to be a product of excellence. Our network sits among sophisticated and extremely secured data centers. Our system has made promising efforts from time to time after working together with multiple power resources and service providers. You can carry your business communication in the palm of your hand with our business communication solutions. Our Business Communication tools are capable of comprising every part of an organization to make a robust business model.
We are providing our services to almost 60+ countries, including the USA, Canada, and India. We have gained the trust of our customers from all over the world by establishing a reliable network for their business communication. Our team is always ready and available to help you out. Our support system staff is always reachable. You can quickly get any help from us by Phone, E-mail, and Fax during all the working hours. Our helpful support team can quickly solve any technical issue with the PBX system or VoIP system.

Robust Desktop App with User Friendly Features for Convenient & Frictionless Business Communication.

Vitel Global Communications is the Best Business Communication and Collaboration Platform and has designed so many features to connect your business with the world. Vitel Global has unified abilities to renovate employee’s productivity about business communications. With the modern technologies and ideas integrated with our ideology, it is now easy and inexpensive to install and deploy a robust communications network that you always wanted to work with.
Vitel Global Communications has created a robust desktop app that includes User-friendly features for convenient and frictionless business communication.
You can easily place VoIP calls with a simple Ethernet or Wireless connection if a computer system is equipped with a chat microphone, speaker, sound card, and an internet connection. But with our desktop communication app, you can do much more. Here you get all essential options like Dial pad, Contact list, Call history, Recent chats on a single window of the application. You can immediately initiate a new conversation, either a chat or call, by a single tap on a phone number directly in your Desktop Application.
Our desktop application comes with a presence monitoring. Now you don’t have to waste your time checking whether a contact is available or busy, just simply have a glance on your favorite sidebar to see if they are on the phone or not. You can organize your corporate directory into a favorites bar, and add new contacts for easy access.Making a video call/Video conferencing is very convenient with the desktop app. You can easily communicate via a video call and present your ideas in front of your clients, and that can be more effective than a voice call or chat.

Most of all, our desktop application sets a new way to stay in touch with your employees and customers anytime and anywhere, as you can access all your business information.
Vitel Global Communications give you fast and flexible communication options. Our desktop application works with Mac, PC, Linux, and Chromebook.

Try The Best Unified Communications Of Vitel Global Communications During #COVID-19


Vitel Global Communications empower your business with a complete collaboration and cloud solution in time of COVID-19. We understand how important a unified solution is for every company to provide an effective and satisfying resolution. With our flawless technology, we are offering a complete business phone communication solution. Hence, everything integrated at one place. Keep your employees and customers connected from anywhere with our world-class communication system.

Vitel conference enables you to enjoy the authentic experience of virtual meetings with high-quality audio and video your business communication ever required. Our smart IVR system assists you in having an agentless solution to attend all incoming calls. The IVR system is designed with intelligent features to manage the high-volume calls and smart routing that can eliminate long call queues. With unlimited call recording options, you can keep an organized record of every customer that results as an improved conversation with every interaction.

Enhance collaboration with our state-of-the-art applications that allows every communication feature, including messaging, presence, unlimited calling, task management and more, everything as a unified solution. Our unified communication provides world calling and the best CRM integration. You can integrate your CRM for Click to Autodial. Empower your mobile workforce with our cloud PBX system that allows them to work from wherever they want. All your teams, customers, and partners can be accessed within a few seconds from anywhere or any device.

Vitel Global’s conference bridging allows you to stay connected with maximum flexibility. Attend, manage, or host an unlimited number of conference calls with a single communication platform. As this lockdown continues, don’t let your business be interrupted by any means as the ultimate cloud business communication solution is with us. Vitel Global thrives on these challenges by providing unified communications.

Now no IT Engineer Required to DEPLOY

Vitel Global Communications consistently works for the ease and convenience of the users. We always strive to deploy the best services by developing powerful applications and advanced integration solutions. Now we have made all installation processes very easy without any complications. With our high-tech tools, you can set up your Vitel Global Phone system easily in very less time. And this easy to deploy package meets every single business requirement feature, as you plan we execute.

We provide over 30+ features for voice and data services that upgrade productivity and ride expectations of your business communications high. Moreover, you don’t have to waste your time scrolling through the voice mails. With our smart Voicemail system, you receive an email as soon as a voice mail arrives. You can stay in touch with your subordinates and clients anytime and from anywhere with our high-quality applications as our services focus on unified solutions for chat, voice, data, applications, software, hence one integrated service source for your requirements.

Our services make it easy for you to set up or install any of our tools in a few simple steps. You don’t have to worry about the presence of an IT engineer for any installation process. As there is no IT engineer required. Vitel Global lets you avail top-end features enhance your business productivity and provides excellent communication tools with attractive features your business deserves. Additional and the best feature that VoIP business phone service offers is its unique billing software that allows the users to see the amount being charged monthly.

Our VoIP phone system for small business also reduces the cost of ownership along with options of unlimited local and long-distance calls. Vitel Global proved that for all your business needs, your investment is justified with impressive prices, high-end quality service, and high integration solutions along with ease of use that certainly raises business productivity.

Increase Employee Productivity by Enabling CLICK TO CALL

As one of the top service providers, Vitel Global Communications is continuously stepping towards the best voice and data service plans. We understand every business needs and provide services based on the client’s constraints and requirements with which you can achieve expected outcomes.

With our latest integration tools, you can certainly increase sales effectiveness and support productivity. With our CRM link, your experience will enhance by linking our Vitel Global Solutions to your CRM systems. With our services, you can go beyond voice and integrate your CRM, ATS, and browser to increase employee’s productivity by enabling click to call. As with our click to call feature your sales efficiency will improve, as its accuracy will help to do more number of calls per day.

Hence, with our best technology, we provide powerful integration and seamless communication along with superior calling quality, all in one place as every enterprise needs something to maintain all of the millions of candidates that will be flowing through their business. There comes the need for a tracking system to keep track of clients, with whom you want to do business, and the process that candidates are going through should be accurately tracked. Vitel Global has come up with the best technology, the Applicant Tracking System.

We provide the robust solution that gives you the ability to start small and to grow into your business. Our interface is very innovative as well; it’s easy to interact and use. And with our CRM integration, you have advanced features such as inbound screen pops that let your agents know the identity of the person who is calling. Our service provides automatic entry of call notes, and that will help your team to be more focused on customer interaction. Moreover, our built-in capabilities and integration solutions for the Candidate Relationship Management system (CRM) and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) certainly help you to increase the productivity and velocity of your business.

Track and Manage your AGENT’S Calls Effectively

Vitel Global Communications services provide enhanced insights to customers of all around the world. The reports that lead to improved customer satisfaction reduced operational expenses and enhanced agent satisfaction as well. Vitel Global, as a service provider, believes that every small improvement in management can upgrade the business effectively. Vitel Global provides world-class call center monitoring and reporting system that focus on data protection along with data integrity. Scalability can never be an issue. You can even start with a few numbers of agents leading toward thousand more live agents calls monitoring. Our live call monitoring system tracks the live status of queues and campaigns.
Along with tracking calls, you can perform certain more functions such as start chats, view the number of calls connected, you can listen to the ongoing calls, and also see the calls waiting to connect. There must be specific considerations you want to be included in the services of VoIP and DID provider. Hence, we can standardize those considerations very well.

There are various DID features available with us, i.e., caller id (Inbound & Outbound), FAX, SMS, and local as well as international DIDS. And control is the most basic requirement for management. In our interface, there is a dashboard available when we log in, and the detailed data is visible that describe the types of usage, how many DIDs are there, incurring tickets, and how many ports are in process. With such a broad and single view, it is easier to organize every unique detail of clients and groups accurately. There are numerous options available for billing also. You can opt for whichever seems convenient for your business and sales.

Improve Your Employee Performance

Efficiency is the vital attribute for the growth of a business. 

You can monitor your employee call from anywhere and is done to improve your business and communications with customers or clients in customer service. 

This technique is used mostly in Customer Service Centres to help and decrease agent briefings/training time and to deliver high-quality support and a great experience.

Call Monitoring can also be called or referred to as quality monitoring.

 In this system, calls are recorded and picked up randomly by the quality leaders, and they analyze and report.

Vitel Global Communications provide the best tools for call monitoring that can undoubtedly enhance the performance of your employees. You can implement these tools according to the role of employee or on the department basis. 

For example, you can use our call monitoring tools within your sales department to better analyze the work. With the help of call monitoring technology, every variation comes along can be highlighted very quickly and can be controlled in minimum time, if needed. Our technology includes the advanced call monitoring features which can allow you to evaluate from every small to primary criteria as a whole. Any department within your organization that regularly engages with clients and customers can be upgraded with appropriate supervision. By analyzing and controlling the calls of your employees, you can increase productivity along with a decrease in resolution time.