The Future Of The Cloud Business Phone Services Is Here….

the future of the cloud business phone services

Technology is impacting almost everything day by day. It’s a dynamic factor that cannot be separated from our daily life. Unlock the power of premium business phone systems with Vitel Global Communications. We have designed and have incorporated abilities to empower your employees with robust communication networks and high-tech tools to amplify their productivity. Our dedicated team of experts has packed the smart communication features into a single platform. We strive to deliver quality services to our clients. It is the platform that lets you enjoy all premium features of a hosted PBX system, cloud communication, and Voice over IP. Our smart IVR system is based on high Intellect. It saves time to analyze where a call needs to be routed. It is done automatically and saves effort and customers will get the right person from the right department to answer their queries.

The future of cloud business phone services is here. There is uncertainty in the phase of change and if you are also not sure if you should switch to a modern phone system. Let us know your queries. Our team will be more than happy to help you in this technological transition. Get the consistent and seamless CRM integration to empower your sales force and get the most out of a single call.

With our unified communication solutions get integration of voice, presence, chat, data, applications, and other technologies. Our services support rapid enhancements to the communication system and result in business profits. Our mobile and desktop applications enable you to access your account and seamlessly incorporate our high-value cloud communication services. Our communication system offers disaster recovery tools for the rapid recovery of data if any disaster occurs.
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Opt For The Best Cloud VOIP System To Meet All Your Business Needs

Cloud VOIP Solutions

Every business in this digital world needs to meet every single criteria of digitalisation to stand out from cutthroat competition. Vitel Global Communications provides the best cloud VoIP system that is efficient to meet all your business needs. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 all businesses have moved remotely. The transition is not easy as it requires an intelligent communication system along with all set support and integration solutions.

However, we have made it easy with a dedicated team and are still working to make every process more convenient for our clients. VoIP technology has transformed complex business tasks into simpler ones.

Our cloud VoIP system provides all necessary features to increase business productivity. It supports mobility, working remotely has never been so convenient. You don’t need to worry about your mobile workforce, you can access every insight of their performance. Hence, a proper communication can clearly converse the objectives and feedback, that can help your employees to perform better. You can arrange effective calls or conduct virtual meetings. Our communication system offers a strong and consistent collaboration. High quality audio and video conferencing will allow you to connect people from two different departments and countries. Our high-tech business communication tools provide you the features of conference bridging.

Our services are scalable and customisable. You can select any plan according to your business requirement and suitability. You are welcome to adjust your plans as your business grows. We offer reliable services to every size of business, from small sized to large ones. We are capable of providing you the features that can help your business to grow and be productive. The best cloud VoIP system is certainly in your budget. You can see and control how your charges are generated. However, all the communication solutions are budget friendly and can eliminate extra costs.

Advanced Business Phone System For Every Business To Fulfill Every Business Need

Business Phone System For Every Business

Have you ever wondered that an intelligent business phone system allows you to establish your business anywhere?

The fantastic tools developed by Vitel Global Communications are specially designed to fit for every size of business and promote remote accessibility. The VoIP products we offer are designed to produce enterprise-quality phone services. Our customizable plans are truly painless as every client is important to us. You can get your plan adjusted as your business grows. Our mobile application is packed with all the significant elements of a cell phone app for business phones. We have redefined the standards of telecommunications networks in business. 

Our business phone service is curated with more than 60+ features. These are designed to help small businesses to run more efficiently and effectively. Our business communication tools can help to gain the highest productivity with low cost. You can manage your business just from anywhere. Our sole purpose is to make your business ever ready to overtake every technical advancement in business communication. We have a wide range of office extensions along with virtual extensions. We have simplified every business communication process either it be extension dialing or call transferring. We offer amazing features including ring groups, that lets you route a call to multiple extensions at the same time. 

Vitel Global Communication is the leading provider of cloud based phone system solutions. We can effectively transform the way you currently communicate with your customers, vendors and co-workers flexibly with less cost. The virtual receptionist can route the calls where they meant to be.

Hence, it saves time and effort consumed to understand where the particular call needs to be routed. The reliability and security we offer can easily maintain your business activities remotely. The advanced business phone system is for every business to fulfill every business needs.

Choose The Best To Be The Best.


no 1 business phone system
The increasing number of customers and a consistent top position are the official declarations of the quality service we are offering. 
Vitel Global Communications has been renowned as the Best Business Phone Service Provider For 4 Consecutive Years. Our team of experts puts their efforts into making your business calls, meetings, and interaction with customers along with your business partners so proficient and effective that it can empower your business to achieve the business goals within the stipulated time frame. If you are looking for a reliable and the best business phone service provider, then the Vitel Global Communication will be the right choice for you. 
With the best telephony features, we offer the best business communication service. As we are capable to meet every single business requirement. Our plans are budget-friendly, collaborative, scalable, and support mobility. Our services are available in different countries across the globe. We will be happy to be a part of your business journey towards productivity. Hence, either it is a small, mid-size or large business, our business communication tools are capable of taking your business to magnificent heights. 
Gain more Visibility and Insights into your business with our Cloud Business Phone System. Our business communication services stand out as the best in the whole telecommunications industry. With our Communication Tools, users can enable a remote workforce along with an assurance of reliability and security. Save your office phone bills and enjoy state-of-the-art 60+ business phone features. As we offer all-inclusive business phone features at a low cost. However, designed to increase your business productivity. Embrace the top cloud business phone system with the best remote working solutions. Add versatility to your business communication to gain the expected profits goals. 

Choose the best to be the best. You can give us a call anytime for a free consultation.

7 Cloud VOIP Trends To Look For In 2021

As most of the businesses have faced huge loss in their productivity in the year of 2020. So you would want to start this year with an increase in productivity to reimburse the loss you have faced in the past year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Researches have proved that Cloud VoIP solution is the best way for business communication and collaboration as it empowers your business to fight against any disaster including the Covid-19 and with this you will not have to worry about the continuity of your business communication in any circumstance.

Undoubtedly, Cloud VoIP solutions get your business ready for future conditions and gives you the versatility to communicate effectively and collaborate remotely. Here are 7 Cloud VoIP trends you need to be aware about:

The First One is the mobility and flexibility that your business communication needs the most during such a crisis like Covid-19 where you have to engage your employee’s from various locations. So mobile communication is the best thing for your business so that your employees can be available on their work all the time.

Second thing is the reliability and security which can be made sure only with the Cloud VoIP in this crisis time as when you are communicating with the Cloud VoIP, you are using the internet network which ensures a continuity for your business communication.

The Third one is the unified communication. Cloud VoIP avails you the unified communication services at a single platform where you can use the most advanced business communication tools in the palm of your hand.

The Fourth quality, which gives your customers another option to reach out to your representatives and your employees to collaborate seamlessly, is chatting services.

Integration is the Fifth one quality of Cloud VoIP Communication. Integration services enhance your employees performance & efficiency and your customers’ experience as well.

Next quality of Cloud VoIP Communication is being a user friendly business communication solution. With this you can use your different devices including mobile phone, desktop, laptop for your business communication which make it a user friendly communication solution.

Last point is what every business organization or enterprise would be looking for in a business communication system during the current situations i.e. the business communication system which help them to cut down their business expenses and a Cloud VoIP Communication really a low cost business communication solution with the numerous of business communication tools to fulfil all the requirements of any business organization during this crisis so it is the best communication solution which every business organization or enterprise should adapt.

Increase Quality & Double The Productivity Of Your Business With Vitel Global Communications Smart & Customized Business Communication Plans

The huge impact of Covid-19 can not be denied in any way. It has impacted every single business organization and enterprise in various ways including their employees collaboration, Interaction with the customers, sharing of the knowledge and eventually it had badly affected the efficiency and productivity of the business communication which led the businesses to a huge loss.

Now it is the time to overcome all the circumstances caused by the Covid-19 whether it is the collaboration between your employees, interactions with your customers and all the things that are affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

When your business is in huge loss because of the impact of Covid-19, you would want to cut your business expenses as much as possible so that your business could overcome the economic crisis.

Vitel Global Communications provides a business communication system for every type of business organizations or enterprises within effective prices. We understand that those small or mid size business organizations which are affected by the Covid-19 crisis can not afford the expensive business communication system from the huge voice and data market during this economic crisis, thus we provide those small or mid size business organizations low cost customized business communication plans which they can easily catch up on.

Our Low Cost Customized Business Communication Plans are ROI based Business Communication Plans for all small and mid size business organizations and includes unlimited communication feature including unlimited voice, chat and conferencing capabilities so that you can have that uninterrupted business communication for you business to improve its scalability by promoting the efficiency of communication with your customers and collaboration with your employees.

Vitel Global Communications smart and customized business communication plans just cut your business expenses in terms of increasing the quality of your business communication it doubles the productivity of your business and helps your business to overcome the economic crisis.

Faster Business Communications Improves The Reliability Of Your Business

Where there is a will, there is a way! If we have a difficult hurdle in our way and we have the desire to cross then there must be a way to pass it. In this way, if we have a tough situation of Covid-19 then on the other hand we have the latest technologies to fight against the crisis and do our things easily.

With the faster integration of latest contemporary technologies within the past few years business communication has been cultivated vastly. And if there is another reason behind the upgradation of business communication, that must be because of the requirement of the current circumstances. The 21st century is a digital age where technologies are changing day by day and rapidly changing the trends and modalities. Where on the other hand the Covid-19 crisis is demanding different ways to get the business communication done.

In both the ways you need to update your business communication as per the requirement of the Covid-19 crisis and with the adaption of latest technologies.

Vitel Global Communication’s unified Cloud Business Phone System is empowered with the latest technologies and enriched with numerous efficient business communication tools, so we make it possible for you to take advantage of the latest technologies and of the robust business communication tools that enable remote communication for your business.

Faster business communication’s improves the reliability of your business for which we are providing cloud VoIP solutions and web or app based configurator to configure your employees device (mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet) and transform them into a powerful extension of their office to make your business communication potentially viable for remote work. Faster and continuous business communication helps you to boost the efficiency of your business communication so that you can increase the productivity of your business.

Vitel Global Communication’s various communication features are bound together within our Cloud Business Phone System to make your business communication faster, mobile and more efficient.

Missing Your BUSINESS CALLS ? No Need To Worry Now…

Sales of a business products or services depends upon the efficiency of its calls. The more frequent business calls you are able to make, the more chances you will have for the new business opportunities. But just like making a call it is necessary for your business to receive every call you get as these calls may include those business opportunities which can be more profitable for your business and can increase your business productivity and reliability. Missing any of these business calls can be harmful for your business growth, can lead you to a huge loss and affect the reliability of your business amongst your customers.

In this way, for increase in business growth, productivity and reliability, it is necessary for your business to make efficient & frequent business calls as well as receive every single call as soon as you get it.

Your business communication system is liable to make your business calls effective and efficient, so it must have the tools to increase your frequency to make business calls and to let you never miss any business call. If you are missing your important business calls then it shows that your business communication system has the lack of essential business communication tools which allow you to receive every single call. That seems like you need to select a more productive business communication system which gives you all the required business communication tools to increase your business calls efficiency and productivity.

Vitel Global Communications gives you the customized Cloud Business Phone System which includes all the basic to advanced business communication tools including “click-to-dial”, “call transfer”, “auto attendant”, and “virtual receptionist”. These all highlights are programmed in the Cloud Business Phone System to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business calls. Whether it is to make more business calls or to receive every single call, now your concern is resolved with Vitel Global’s advanced business call management tools.

How HAPPY Are Your CUSTOMER’S During This World Crisis

To earn valuable and positive feedback from the customers is one of the priorities of a business organization or enterprise because that comment or compliment from the customer decides the ratings of the services and products of the business and it helps the organization or enterprise to evaluate their services, marketing techniques, investments and employee’s efficiency which are important for the productivity and profitability of the business. In this way customer feedback plays really an important role in the growth of a business and to decide its future.

A positive customer feedback depends upon the satisfaction of the customer which further depends upon, Interaction with your representatives, Quality of the products and services provided by you and Response on the concerns regarding the products or services if there’s any. Suppose your company provides the best products and services in the market but you unfortunately outperform because of the lack of effective correspondence or communication framework, in this case you might get a lot of unwanted negative customers feedback which can lead you to partake of a huge loss in your business.

But if you don’t want it to happen ever in your business and especially in the Covid-19 crisis time when an ordinary communication system might fail because of the lack of productive customized tools then you are at the accurate place where you find the solution for your every situation related to business communication.

Vitel Global Communications effective world class business communication tools allows you to customize your business communication according to your business requirements. Our 24×7 uptime network gives your business communication a continuous connectivity so that you can have uninterrupted communication and collaboration all the time.

Most importantly our effective tools tend to increase the efficiency of your employees and your customers have the freedom to raise their concerns anytime as soon as they catch up with it and our effective business communication tools give you the ability to please your customers with the quick responses and effective conversations by your employees in every circumstance whether it is Covid-19 or any other disaster. Along these lines there are more chances for your customers to get satisfied which help you to earn positive feedback from the customers and gain your business productivity.

Vitel Global’s Hosted VoIP Phone System For Your Growing Business

We talk about the basic need of business communication to start up a business whether it is on a small scale or a large one and we know a better business communication helps in its growth as well as it makes your business stronger to perform better in every condition. But what about the business organizations which raised from a low scale and are on the path of being large enterprises. Yes, we are talking about the growing businesses which when get the right platform at the right time can achieve more success. The primary requirements of such growing businesses include stability and strength. A better communication platform helps to get the stabilization to maintain the scale of the growing businesses.

Vitel Global Communications provides the best hosted VoIP Solutions in its Cloud Business Phone System for your growing business where you get the reliable communication network for your business. Our VoIP Solution performs better than any other hosted communication solution because you get unlimited benefits within one platform which includes the software solution for your business communication to optimize the efficiency of your employees and their interactions with your customers.

The consistency and continuity your business gets with our world class hosted VoIP Solutions, you don’t get it anywhere else, as the cloud communication ensures the best connectivity for your business and no breakdowns in your network because it runs over the web or internet.

For sure the growing business may need to have more employees or staff to work from far off places to perform different tasks, ao in this way our VoIP’s software solutions allow you to connect with your remote staff and manage their tasks without any halt.

Call our representative and deploy the Vitel Global’s hosted Cloud VoIP Solution for your growing business and make it more stable on the most unstable stage.