Ensuring Business Continuity During This Challenging Time COVID-19

Presently this is a challenging situation due to COVID-19 for every enterprise all over the globe. It’s a crucial time to switch for remote services for every business procedure. Many companies have decided for employees to work from home.

Vitel Global Communications comes up with the best options for all the companies of every scale to assist their business to run consistently and smoothly without any interruption. With our services, you can work from anywhere at any time. However, we provide the best business phone features that can transform your devices into a single integrated office extension with all the required elements in it. With our business solutions, you don’t need to worry about any disturbance or discontinuity of your company’s workflow.

Our services enable you to connect for any meeting or business process remotely at any time. We aim to provide the best VoIP business solutions to our customers that can enhance business productivity. By using our hosted services, you can eliminate the need to buy complicated and expensive equipment, our business phone system and cloud communications helps customers to connect instantly with their global teams and their customers. We provide a unified solution for all your business needs, such as voice, data, chat, software, and presence, ensuring the consistency of your business.

Our services include the best cloud PBX with all the advanced features, unified communication, SIP trunking, which can help your phone to become a VoIP phone with constant internet connectivity. Our phone system features include mailer servers, automated attendants, and cloud extensions. We have also introduced plugins and web applications that provide functionalities like click to dial or screen pop-ups etc. Hence, with our advanced business solutions and flawless technology and hardware equipment, there is no need to worry about the discontinuity of any business process. Moreover, our services will undoubtedly upgrade business levels, increase productivity, and improve employees’ performance.

Save Your Office Phone Bills

We always look for the services that can worth our spendings, and that can be turned into an investment for the business. Vitel Global Communications, as a worldwide host of Cloud PBX and VoIP services, offers a reliable, high-quality phone system that helps you to focus on your business enhancements. Our cloud-based technology will certainly assist you in managing all your call requirements at a reasonable cost. Scalability is always a concern when we approach any business process.

Vitel Global Communications offers the best SIP Trunking solutions that are flexible for any scale of business as well. It holds cost-saving VoIP features and unlimited or metered calling plans. Our high-end phone system provides all of the required elements. It includes auto attendants, mailboxes, and cloud extensions.

The whole framework is easy to manage, along with its cost-effective features. With our tools, you can reduce up-front capital expenditure, and you can eliminate system management expenses as well. We offer all-inclusive business phone features at a low cost that can save your office bills and increase your productivity. Hence, we have a solution that meets your every business need, provide excellent phone system features that can eliminate costs of traditional phone closet along with full PBX capabilities having an easy and user-friendly interface. Allover the best solution that can give you low monthly phone bills without compromising your business performance.

Run Your Business In Profits With Our CLOUD BUSINESS PHONE SYSTEM

Every business person initiates his business with the purpose of Profit earning. And Profit is not a single attribute that can be achieved as a sole entity. But it acts as a dimension of business that can be generated with flawless technology, productivity, management of cost, seamless quality services, and advanced tools for employees to give their best at work.

Vitel Global Communications offers the best cloud PBX system with advanced hardware equipment and impeccable technological optimizations. We are successfully providing our world-class PBX features to our users at very affordable prices. Hence, you can see your business raised to the heights with our 60+ business phone features. When a business requires a reliable, high-quality phone system with a simple interface solution is Vitel Global Communications.

With our services, you can reduce the undesirable management expenses and eliminate the cost of a traditional phone closet. We provide seamless unified solutions for voice, data, chat, and applications along with other technologies that can boost up your business productivity. The best feature of our services is our consistent in-house connection or connectivity for staff working remotely. Our cloud-based telephone solution provides superior sound quality, conference bridging, call recording, and click to call feature with which you can integrate your browser with our phone system. Along with all the options, we also provide an integrated solution for email server services with its reliability features.

Collaborate With Your TEAMMATES Remotely in this CRUCIAL Time

In the current situation of COVID-19, every company wants their employees to work from remote locations. It becomes necessary for a business to have appropriate business tools to connect with their customers as well as their teammates.

Vitel Global Communications offers world-class business phone services that include certain excellent features such as video conferencing, text messaging, IVR system, call recordings, conference bridging, mobile extension, CRM and ATS integration, world calls, and many more. With our communication services, you can easily collaborate with your teammates and stay connected with customers remotely.

We provide the best voice and data solutions that make it so easy for your employees connected to a central system. All the plans come up with flexibility that helps you to customize the projects according to your requirements. Hence, remote locations can never be any interruption in your business.

With our modern phone system, you can enjoy absolute control over every business-related process even from your home. Our hosted cloud PBX service provides the best quality features that also at affordable prices. As our unified services enable you to maintain accurate visibility across the business by using view extension presence, monitor and manage call centre features along with click to dial feature, regardless of the size of business.

However, Vitel Global Communications is the best solution to manage and control business activities, collaborate with your teammates and enhance productivity by maintaining business continuity.

Are You Working From Home ? So You Need To Go Through Our Unified Features

Appropriate Remote services hold the utmost importance in these days of lockdown to run your business consistently. Vitel Global Communications offers the complete package of solutions useful to perform office tasks from any remote location. By choosing our cloud-based technology and unified communication solutions, you can manage all your office works by sitting at your home.

Vitel Global Communications is the best option which enables you to access your account and other business processes from anywhere at any time and access our high-quality cloud communication services without any interruption or difficulty. With our services, you will be able to maintain VoIP and premium cloud PBX capabilities that you can customize the way you want to do the calls and receive them along with an unlimited configuration that can be implemented appropriately.

Our services provide a platform where you can organise your data, have access to its backups, you can manage it the way it is required along with its rapid recovery. With our unified communications, you don’t need to bother about different units or devices required. Still, with our integrated and robust solution, your single device can be transformed as an entirely fictional office extension with all the critical features necessary to perform the office work at home.

However, you can eliminate the unwanted cutting down cost of charges on a per-customer basis. Hence, with a single application, you can have absolute control over your business activities, you can enjoy the unified experience with our excellent feature click-to-dial, call control management, and administer conference bridges.

Enjoy 60+ Business Phone Features

Being a top provider of VoIP business solutions, Vitel Global Communications aims to make the customers or users more productive in every phase of business. Instead, it is a small, mid-size, or large business. We consistently work to help our customers to increase their productivity by connecting them with our world-class yet affordable VoIP telephone systems. Our team is expertise in IP and IP Telephony solutions.

Our business phone system has been built to enhance customer service and help them to connect instantly with their global teams and customers. With Vitel Global Communications, you can enjoy next-generation Cloud Business Phone System along with features of unlimited calling.
You can do an amazing transformation of your employee’s devices into an advanced extension of their office phones or standalone cloud phones. With our phone system, you can facilitate secure and consistent communication along with collaboration between employees, clients, and suppliers. We provide access to a range of call management features, even while working from home. Our tools hold the excellent features required for seamless customer services such as Corporate Directory Integration, Conversation recording, Phone book synchronization, Push notifications, Multiple language support, Echo cancellation, Noise suppression, HD voice quality, conferencing, instant messaging, video calling and many more.

Vitel Global Communications gives the integrated and the best solution for phone system requirements that can undoubtedly upgrade your business levels.

Track and Manage your AGENT’S Calls Effectively

Vitel Global Communications services provide enhanced insights to customers of all around the world. The reports that lead to improved customer satisfaction reduced operational expenses and enhanced agent satisfaction as well. Vitel Global, as a service provider, believes that every small improvement in management can upgrade the business effectively. Vitel Global provides world-class call center monitoring and reporting system that focus on data protection along with data integrity. Scalability can never be an issue. You can even start with a few numbers of agents leading toward thousand more live agents calls monitoring. Our live call monitoring system tracks the live status of queues and campaigns.
Along with tracking calls, you can perform certain more functions such as start chats, view the number of calls connected, you can listen to the ongoing calls, and also see the calls waiting to connect. There must be specific considerations you want to be included in the services of VoIP and DID provider. Hence, we can standardize those considerations very well.

There are various DID features available with us, i.e., caller id (Inbound & Outbound), FAX, SMS, and local as well as international DIDS. And control is the most basic requirement for management. In our interface, there is a dashboard available when we log in, and the detailed data is visible that describe the types of usage, how many DIDs are there, incurring tickets, and how many ports are in process. With such a broad and single view, it is easier to organize every unique detail of clients and groups accurately. There are numerous options available for billing also. You can opt for whichever seems convenient for your business and sales.

Integrate Your Browser with our Phone System

Vitel Global Communications gives excellent integration features that can boom up your business productivity effectively regardless of any time and any location. You can click to call and integrate your browser with our phone system. We have a one-stop solution for all the functions required to perform like business voice, data, mobility, conferencing, and email hosting. We offer the best cloud-based phone system that entitles your business with unlimited calling to various countries regardless of the size of your workforce devices and location.

We provide flexible user features such as presence, flexible call protocols, call recording, text messaging, unlimited extension dialing. And mobile workforce are all delivered with maximum uptime, and with conference bridging, you can connect more than 10,000 users more accessible than ever before. With our mobile and desktop apps will never let any interruption to affect your productivity. We will consistently integrate your phone system with any CRM you require.

Vitel Global Communications provides various integrated tools to create and manage unlimited email accounts, with your domain name using our supreme hosting solutions, with which you can do all your works from anywhere and anytime, by just integrating phone system with your browser. With all these options you can always be convenient from any device, any location. It becomes more comfortable with our integration tools to schedule calls on time and complete your tasks on time.

UNIFIED Experience while Working From Home with Vitel Global Products and Services

Work From Home Softwares

Our proven VoIP Cloud Business phone system comes up with all the premium business features to serve your office requirements at your home and positively enhance the telecommunications. Vitel Global Communications has come up with many such features that will lead the productivity and expectations of your business communications high. Our products enhance your business to be more productive than ever before. It consists of all the excellent office extensions on your device only. It allows you to enjoy a unified experience while working from your home.

Our solutions include advanced features such as HD voice quality, business SMS, call forwarding, IVR system, and unlimited call recording, most accessible for remote employees, cost-effective communication, and CRM integration along with zero maintenance cost. Once the implementation is done, you can observe your business number increasing across the world, as you can never miss an urgent call.

Our phone system features allow you to add unlimited extensions as your business grows. You can set up your priorities according to your convenience, as there is a simultaneous ring feature on a mobile, softphone, or any desired extension. As you will avail of all the unified features at your home, not only the communication part but receiving and managing your email has also became so easy. Hence, with our flawless technological optimizations and supreme phone features, you and your business can take advantage of an integrated experience that allows you to work from anywhere.

Carry Your Business Communications in Your Palm

Online business Solutions

Every business requires an appropriate phone line system for effective communication. Vitel Global Communications is a cloud-based business phone system provider, particularly for the organizations that require professional communication features. We provide Cloud PBX system that comes up with a variety of cost-effective phone features needed for a well-organized and consistent communication system in a business environment. With our communication tools and features, you can carry your entire business communication in your palm. Then all you need is to focus on your tasks required to perform, and we have the communication part for you.

With our communication platform, you can maintain your current phone number in VoIP system also. With active communication channel and most convenient access from your home will certainly help your business to run smoothly even in adverse circumstances of COVID-19. The tech support of Vitel Global Communications allows your remote staff to be a part of the office without any hard efforts. The best features of our solution is its accessibility and affordability.

Hence with Vitel GlobalCommunications its more for less, you can get a variety of advantages at your reasonable price. You can access a range of call management features while working from home. Thus, increasing user productivity and make response time quicker to every market requirement. By simply scanning a QR, you can easily set up your account. However, you don’t have to face difficulties anymore to connect with your clients or office staff, Vitel Global Communications as a service provider gives the best feature to cope up remotely.