Carry Your Business Communications in Your Palm

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Every business requires an appropriate phone line system for effective communication. Vitel Global Communications is a cloud-based business phone system provider, particularly for the organizations that require professional communication features. We provide Cloud PBX system that comes up with a variety of cost-effective phone features needed for a well-organized and consistent communication system in a business environment. With our communication tools and features, you can carry your entire business communication in your palm. Then all you need is to focus on your tasks required to perform, and we have the communication part for you.

With our communication platform, you can maintain your current phone number in VoIP system also. With active communication channel and most convenient access from your home will certainly help your business to run smoothly even in adverse circumstances of COVID-19. The tech support of Vitel Global Communications allows your remote staff to be a part of the office without any hard efforts. The best features of our solution is its accessibility and affordability.

Hence with Vitel GlobalCommunications its more for less, you can get a variety of advantages at your reasonable price. You can access a range of call management features while working from home. Thus, increasing user productivity and make response time quicker to every market requirement. By simply scanning a QR, you can easily set up your account. However, you don’t have to face difficulties anymore to connect with your clients or office staff, Vitel Global Communications as a service provider gives the best feature to cope up remotely.

Think Big Anytime, Anywhere

Communicate with customers and clients

When it comes to choosing how to Communicate with Customers and clients, Organizations realize the importance of having a mobile app.

Communication is the crucial dimension in the field of any business. As it is necessary for its stability, productivity and growth. To achieve a successful and appropriate communication within the organization, proper communication tools are compulsory to implement. Vitel Global Communications provide the advanced communication platform through which you can communicate to your clients and customers at anytime from anywhere.

Establishing a strong phone line is very important to maintain a well-organized communication system. As Vitel Global has come up with SIP enabled softphone that will comfort employees to use Wi-Fi or cellular network to stay connected with your business and maintain the communication link while working from home. We provide cost effective phone features that will help you to connect with your customers whenever required. As it uses WLAN and mobile data networks to reduce mobile calling and roaming charges.

The telephone system we provide is of superior sound quality along with other features of call recording and conference bridging. Its user interface is easy to understand that delivers all productive features that lowers communication delays and certainly enhance the speed of communication and collaboration with office persons and customers.

The Vitel Global Communications soft phone supports multiple languages. Collectively it is a complete solution having all the key features such as call transfer, phone book synchronization, voice mail access, call forwarding, echo cancellation, noise suppression, hd voice quality and many more.

Improve Your Employee Performance

Efficiency is the vital attribute for the growth of a business. 

You can monitor your employee call from anywhere and is done to improve your business and communications with customers or clients in customer service. 

This technique is used mostly in Customer Service Centres to help and decrease agent briefings/training time and to deliver high-quality support and a great experience.

Call Monitoring can also be called or referred to as quality monitoring.

 In this system, calls are recorded and picked up randomly by the quality leaders, and they analyze and report.

Vitel Global Communications provide the best tools for call monitoring that can undoubtedly enhance the performance of your employees. You can implement these tools according to the role of employee or on the department basis. 

For example, you can use our call monitoring tools within your sales department to better analyze the work. With the help of call monitoring technology, every variation comes along can be highlighted very quickly and can be controlled in minimum time, if needed. Our technology includes the advanced call monitoring features which can allow you to evaluate from every small to primary criteria as a whole. Any department within your organization that regularly engages with clients and customers can be upgraded with appropriate supervision. By analyzing and controlling the calls of your employees, you can increase productivity along with a decrease in resolution time.

Urgent Meetings ? Access your meetings from Remote Locations

Vitel Global Communications make tech so effortless that you can do more in every sphere of your business. Nowadays, it’s impossible to conduct meetings due to the lockdown. It became a little bit complicated to communicate the new policies or introducing any recently formed procedure in the business.

There are a lot of meeting software available in the market. We look for a platform that provides the tools designed to make our meetings productive. Vitel Global is providing such a platform that has superior technology along with its reliability features. With our tools, you will be able to engage in great calls with high-quality audio, high-quality video and a robust connection. These tools are easy to use, have easy access and can be used as the native apps, which can quickly run on our all smartphones effectively. We come up with all the necessary features such as screen sharing, inline chart and record the calls along with its affordability. You have all the control over its functionality, as you can switch off or on your video or audio easily.

It’s a super reliable platform that’s dependable and got all the meeting tools you probably require. You can invite the number of participants. You want to. You can even record the meetings, and then you can share it with your team members. There are different views available with which you’ll get incredible convenience and can choose according to the requirement. So Vitel Global Communications provide the complete package with all required qualities of meeting platform that you can use to organize and attend the meetings remotely.

Difficulty in Reaching Your WorkPlace ?


Due to the uncertainties raised of Corona Virus, sudden lockdown was announced. In such a situation it become a major responsibility for all the companies to provide work from home option. So that clients don’t face any difficulty to access the services they desire.

Although Vitel Global Communications came up with the solution useful to cope up the office work remotely. Rather than having regret of unable to reach office, access, manage and control every office activity from any place.
With our tools to remote access there is almost zero interference during the connection.
We have the potential to give high- quality, remote desktop monitoring system. Its abundant services for multiple agents to work and real time tech tools are considerable among business users.
Work form often raises question of proper data security and its integration but Vitel Global also promises powerful security through data encryption. It allows even small business to do tasks that usually only big organizations are able to do, such as offer voicemail, faxing, auto attendants, more. And the best part is that it is extremely easy installation and start using. Our services also includes Web-based Office apps and business services such as email, file sharing and storage, meeting and conferencing capabilities, data location controls, instant messaging along with unlimited web-based video meetings. Hence, the entire distance to office can be covered using your desktop or mobile apps.

Stay Connected with your CLIENTS from Remote Locations


business effected with COVID-19

In such a situation when COVID-19 is spreading throughout the world. It is affecting the business of various companies. Even every country’s economy is being affected. Then there comes the emergency for work from home. Vitel Global Communications is providing the best assistance with the right tech tools to run your business smoothly. You can stay connected with your clients from remote locations as well, maintaining the consistency and productivity of your business. With our remote services, let your clients get the best services from anywhere at any time.

Every business requirement can be fulfilled in minimum time with online technical support and timely alerts and notifications. Your clients will not only appreciate ease to access the remote services but the convenience they will find, get them more engaged with their daily work. Our services ensure the agent productivity during a remote working environment by enhancing the agent correlation feature.

The Vitel Global mobile app helps you stay connected and stay on top of the tickets even when you are with your family. So working with the remote services is easy also if you are going to give it a fresh start with remote support. As its tools and interface are user friendly, and all the data can be organized efficiently and effectively. The tools transform our desktop and mobiles into a fully-featured office extension. It provides a convenient call experience and offers powerful collaboration features like instant messaging and CRM integration.

Get The Team Together with Vitel Global Communications Video Conference Bridge Feature

While conference bridges and other business phone system solutions work well in many situations, sometimes you just need a face-to-face meeting. Video Conferencing Bridge solutions for businesses have many uses in the modern office, some of which are unexpected. Many in-person meetings and tasks can actually be accomplished with similar results using video conferencing, which can save time and money by reducing the need for employee travel. Here are five uses for video conferencing that can help your business become more productive, spend less time and money, and place less emphasis on physical locations.


One-on-One Conversations

Whether they are scheduled months in advance or are done on the fly, one-on-one meetings are a valuable part of being in a physical office. Video Conferencing can not only provide this, but it can also open the door for businesses to place less importance on physical locations. Video conferencing products are also offering the option to have a “room” open at all times so that coworkers can drop in without notice and talk to whoever is online for a quick chat.

Group Meetings

Most of the Small Businesses Prefer Traditional telephone conference calls for group meetings, but they have their own drawbacks. For people who have trouble identifying people based on their voices, following along with conference calls can be nearly impossible. Group Meetings using video conferencing give participant’s various visual aids to improve communication and allow for greater productivity. Some video conferencing products have features which makes clear cut to which individual is currently talking and visual learners can gain much more from video conferences than traditional conference calls.

Recruiting Efforts

One of the most valuable aspects of video conferencing for business growth is its use in the field of recruiting. With video conferencing, recruitment staff can schedule informational meetings, interviews, and pre-hire assessments, all without the potential employee having to travel. This not only streamlines and humanizes the recruiting process, but it also allows employers to cast a wider geographical net in order to recruit top talent.

Design Reviews, Sales Presentations and More

Many video conferencing features and products allow users to share their computer screens, which is most useful for things like design reviews and sales presentations.

IT Screen Sharing and Remote Access

One of the reasons that many IT professionals love video conferencing products is that they help IT departments do their jobs easier and faster. Rather than trying to explain an issue over the phone, a staff member can simply video chat with the IT department and share their screen so that IT professionals can see the issue firsthand. When this is paired with remote access software, an IT professional can quickly and easily fix the problems of an employee from anywhere.

Business Phone System Solutions from Vitel Global Communications

Want to learn more about the ways we can help improve your business? Vitel Global Communications can satisfy all of your Business Phone System needs, whether you need help with your new VoIP Phone System or just want to change or streamline your existing business phone system network. We have the experts and products to fulfill all of your business phone system and service needs. For more information, contact us at 1-908-818-1535 Visit:

Find A VoIP Phone Service With Multiple Features & Options

Every business needs a VoIP phone service. You have customers to call, vendors to bargain and teams to coordinate. Sure, you can use email, smartphones, and messaging apps. But nothing really comes close to a perfect business phone system, always-on phone service purposely designed to optimize voice-based communications and help your business keep in touch with people who matter.

No two businesses are alike and there is no such thing as a “one-size fits all.” In general, cloud PBX business phone system and hosted VoIP phone system solution and a more traditional on-premises phone system each have its own strengths. Depending on your business needs can you determine the best answer as to whether cloud or an on-premises installation will be the best choice.

For any business phone communications, there are two types of business phone systems: an in-the-utility-closet traditional phone system and a cloud-hosted phone system solution. Each has specific benefits and understanding your own needs will help you decide which is right for you. To determine which type is the best for your business, start by considering these questions.

How many locations does your organization reside?

If you are located on more than one premise or are likely to be in the near future, consider a cloud-hosted business phone system for added flexibility and features such as free calls between sites.

How many employees in your organization will need a desk phone?

If less than 20 extensions, a cloud-hosted business phone system may be the most affordable option. Generally, the more seats you have, the more investing in a traditional business phone system makes financial sense. However, that isn’t to say the cloud-hosted business phone system is not suitable for larger organizations. We would recommend looking at both options and seeing which features or benefits suit your organization before making a decision.

How you prefer to finance a new cloud business phone system?

Perhaps one of the most significant differences between a traditional business phone system and a cloud-hosted business phone system solution is the way in which they are financed. Traditionally, because with a traditional business phone system you have to purchase all of the equipment upfront, it is handled as a capital expenditure. Whereas with a cloud-hosted business phone system, all of the hardware is rented by your provider, so you pay a lower upfront initial cost and a competitive monthly operational cost. Simply pay for what you use.

Do you have any plans to expand or move your business or organization in the next three to five years?

If you already have plans to expand your business or organization, then you will need to take this into consideration when choosing a new business phone system. Cloud-hosted business phone systems are more affordable and flexible; you can add and remove handsets as your business changes and since they require little hardware on-site, can be moved easily.

Traditional business phone systems require you to take the maximum number of desk phones you will need from the outset and since you have all of the hardware on your premises, can be more expensive to move from one place to another place.

The above gives you a rough flavor of the differences between the types of business phone services. Simply call us to Vitel Global Communications discuss all of the available and affordable cloud business phone system and services or simply fill out a quote request from the menu above and we’ll call you.

Best Hosted VoIP and Cloud Business Phone System for Modern Business Communications

Business Phone System and Service Providers today operate much differently than they did a few years ago, due in large part to the proliferation of the cloud and virtualization. If your company is considering upgrading or installing a new cloud business phone communications system, Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great option. The benefits of using this kind of system extend far beyond features, affordability and many businesses or organizations continue to be surprised by the ways this Business Phone Communication Services can help them. Vitel Global Communications believes in finding the right business phone system for your company and we will work with you every part of the installation to figure out the best business phone system solution for your business. Here are some features that will be your favorite benefits of Our Hosted PBX and VoIP Phone System and Services.


If you have a legacy business phone system, it takes a lot of time and effort to add features beyond basic functionality. These extra features can also require costly new hardware or additional business phone services. More often than not, these small upgrades can be time-consuming and involve costly service charges.
With our hosted VoIP, features like caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, and conferencing are already integrated with most of the plans and features automatically included, you won’t have to worry about your ever-expanding business phone bill or be surprised by the cost of extra hardware installations.


We have seen enormous developments in technology over the last decade. The technology used to be synonymous with “hard to use”–but not these days! Because the culture surrounding technology has adapted toward being user-friendly, you can get the benefits of new technology without struggling to figure out how to use it.
Hosted VoIP is far easier to use than most people think. Your new platform will let you make calls and receive calls very similarly as you would on a traditional VoIP phone system. Hosted VoIP service providers focus on making the set up easy, especially if your company doesn’t have an IT team or a tech guru. When we install a VoIP system in your office, Vitel Global Communications Experts will make sure you understand every aspect of the business phone system before we’re finished.


Hosted VoIP systems typically involve only limited amounts of hardware and a simple setup. In some cases, all you have to do is plug in your phones! Hosted VoIP providers can finish most of the setup remotely with 24/7 support.
Also, because the service runs on the cloud, you won’t need devoted IT employees to maintain the system. Upgrades will be pushed remotely and you can add, change, move, or delete users yourself if you prefer. On the rare occasion that you experience any downtime or issues with the system, reputable Hosted VoIP providers offer 24/7 support at no extra cost.


If you’re already using technology to organize your employees or communications, you would be surprised at how easily Hosted VoIP solutions can actually integrate with your current business communication system. For example, if your organization uses a cloud based CRM platform, your hosted VoIP phone system could be integrated to pull up client records when that client calls in. Voicemail to email functions can streamline communication, making it easier than ever to track clients’ needs and problems. Hosted VoIP systems also scale very easily, because the platform doesn’t exist on-site and won’t be limited by space or resources. When you’re a growing organization and you want a system that can grow with you.


With traditional VoIP and business phone systems, you always need a physical landline to make or answer calls. In order to be productive or client-facing, your employees need to be locked down to desks and locations. Hosted VoIP service integrates with CRMs, Helpdesk and other everyday applications for efficient communication, sales and support.


Interested in any of these benefits? Contact America’s Phone Guys today! We can walk you through all of your options, designing the perfect VoIP phone system that will grow and change with your business communications.

How To Have A Extraordinary Cloud Business Phone System With Minimal Spending

We are happy to announce that more additions to our continued progress in making business phone system calling – experience and quality – flawless.

Any type of Call Centers and Business Enterprises often deal with a lot of calls and clients on a daily basis. With that each of the small interactions and services around, these customer care giants cannot afford to interfere around with sub-standard services and faulty business phone system.

Not to say that any small business would twist with their customer service. Even they cannot afford to lose any customer due to a bad business phone system.

As a business owner, you might want to pick a service that offers consistent tech support and quick easy to manage all shortcomings in the service and when it occurs.

This factor is important for any business to maintain their communication and not lose their customers due to any problem that occurs at the technical end of the business phone system. Also, exhaustive support helps you to streamline the installation process wiring, hardware support, and the programming of software as per the business’s requirements.

As a business owner dealing with customers, you should focus on your customer and not on the reliability of your business phone system. Once you have selected a good support based service for your business, you would have to extract your requirements.

This step is important as it will form the basic functionality that your business phone will provide. Here are a few questions that this step will help to find out the answer:

What kind of features do you need for my business phone system?

How can you increase your staff’s efficiency?

Which business phone system would be suitable for the size of your team?

What are the insignificant features and services that you won’t need?

Is it scalable?

Does the business phone system offer flexibility?

Customer experience is the most trending and go-to aspect of any brand wanting to exploit in the market for profit. Therefore, it is not extremely surprising or impressive that businesses are growing increasingly fond of cloud business phone system for all their communication requirements. Now, cloud-based business phone systems are used by people for just about everything from the storage of data, apps and software services to Analytics and the replacement of large and bulky systems.

These services do provide many advantages, so it is not surprising that cloud systems are useful for business communication as well. There are several aspects to a Cloud business phone system that would warrant a steady investment, but before we study reasons to invest in the best Cloud business phone system, let us look at some of the basics of Cloud business phone services.

They are customer-oriented and user-friendly and offer a bundle of features with really affordable plans. Factoring the demands of businesses, cloud business phones are often consolidated with several different business softwares (CRM’s) to provide a seamless business phone system solution for several different requirements.

They’re cheaper, more flexible and provide more features. A cloud business phone system can replace an entire network of wires, hubs and desk phones and let you go on about your calls using computers or even smartphones.

Apart from these major updates, we have optimized a lot of things behind the scenes and continuously working hard to improve call quality, speed and user experience.