Live Chat vs Phone Support: Which is better for your business?

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The different communication services to reach the customers: Live chat, phone support.

What is Live chat?

Live chat is the process of calling customers with the businesses instantly through a website or mobile application.

Benefits of LIVE chat

  1. 24/7 customer support
  2. Improves efficiency
  3. Handles multiple customers at a time
  4. Time-saving
  5. Cost saving
  6. Instant response
  7. No repeated calls are gained from the customers
  8. Time-saving process for the customers avoiding the contact details of the business
  9. Time-saving for business that avoids handling waste calls.
  10. Easy monitoring
  11. Easy to integrate into the business website
  12. Provides security to the customer

What is phone support?

Phone support is the process of handling customer issues through the phone. This is the best procedure for handling customers as issues or product related queries are handled in a better way compared to live chat.

Benefits of phone support

  1. Helps in resolving complex issues
  2. Call recordings
  3. Call monitoring
  4. Personal connections are maintained easily
  5. Immediate response to the customers
  6. Gives information in detail
  7. Easily accessible
  8. Boosts productivity
  9. Positive customer experiences
  10. Easy to use

There are both pros and cons for every technology, similarly, both live chat and phone support when integrated with the business communication system helps in increasing the productivity of any business as the chance of resolving customer issues increase by double. So, we suggest integrating both the communication tools that need to be implemented for your business for good results.

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