How Do Business Phone Solutions Address All Industries

With the advent of technology, it is clear that the conventional business phone solutions cannot meet the modern business needs. Analog phones have gone to a high maintenance point that includes wires impede sales and support efforts. Many businesses even in the present day find it impossible to replace the traditional phones with the new […]

VoIP Business Phone Service

Top 7 VoIP Business Phone Service Trends We Should Know

VoIP Business phone service is the new communication mode and it is the widely accepted medium to communicate with customers, and teams, to organize meetings and all. Due to the on-demand VoIP services prevailing in the current business market, there will be no replacement that could dethrone the VoIP technology. We all know exactly how […]

VoIP Phone

What to Do When Your VoIP Phone Fails to Make Any Call?

VoIP Phone can fulfill any communication requirements. And, many organizations have communication challenges. But most fail to meet or address them due to internal issues. For small businesses, it is a huge task to deal with the extra equipment and the costs for the establishment of the latest technology and there will be many proposals […]

Business Phone Systems

SIP Vs VoIP Functions in Business Phone Systems: Differences

Modern business phone systems go far beyond conventional voice calls in order to accommodate new levels of communication technology. Let us get straight to the point; VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the internet calling technology. Whereas SIP (Sessions Initiation Protocol) is the protocol that facilitates the service. Professionals communicate using various technology, while phones […]

Voip hacking

VoIP Hacking: Is it Possible?

Does VoIP hacking work? Or is it just a myth? Anything online is vulnerable to hacking. Before the subject, one must understand that there are ethical hackers that do the operation with the organization’s knowledge to find and troubleshoot the issues. On the other hand, unethical/ black hat hackers do the same for additional purposes […]

VoIP CRM Integration

What are The Benefits of VoIP CRM Integration?

Businesses can benefit from VoIP CRM integration by focusing on the overall customer experience. One of the biggest advantages of using VoIP services in firms is maintaining and achieving good customer relations through excellent customer service. Certainly, our readers get uncertain about the statement that VoIP increases companies’ productivity through integrations. The answer is straightforward, […]


Are Landlines Outdated?

Landlines are our childhood friends! How many of your friends’ home numbers do you remember? Very few or not at all! Recall those pay phones where we used to go with a book of written numbers! Maybe the past 2 decades were the era of landline telephones.  But that was a time when digital technology […]

VoIP Services

The Future of Telephony is Dependent on VoIP Services

What are VoIP services? VoIP Services is a technology that uses the Internet to make and receive calls. Unlike conventional telephone networks, it transforms a voice into digital signals or packets sent over the Internet. Before reaching its destination, the signal from dialing a standard phone number is transformed into a regular telephone signal or […]

Get The Team Together with Vitel Global Communications Video Conference Bridge Feature

While conference bridges and other business phone system solutions work well in many situations, sometimes you just need a face-to-face meeting. Video Conferencing Bridge solutions for businesses have many uses in the modern office, some of which are unexpected. Many in-person meetings and tasks can actually be accomplished with similar results using video conferencing, which […]

Find A VoIP Phone Service With Multiple Features & Options

Every business needs a VoIP phone service. You have customers to call, vendors to bargain and teams to coordinate. Sure, you can use email, smartphones, and messaging apps. But nothing really comes close to a perfect business phone system, always-on phone service purposely designed to optimize voice-based communications and help your business keep in touch […]

How Business VoIP Service Will Look in 2023

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How Do Business Phone Solutions Address All Industries

Top 7 VoIP Business Phone Service Trends We Should Know